Front face design greatly updated new BMW X1 rendering

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face design greatly updated new

[ Car home   information ]  recently , We got a brand new picture from overseas media BMW X1( Parameters | inquiry ) Rendering of vehicle model , According to a source , The new car may officially meet us next year . As a very hot in the domestic market SUV models , Many friends want to explore its performance at the design level .

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BMW brand may make a comprehensive adjustment to family design in the future , In the new BMW 7 system 、 New BMW X7 And other models have begun to show signs , however , As an introduction to positioning SUV models , The new BMW X1 We will still adopt the design we are familiar with . You can see from the rendering , Front part , The new car is equipped with a highly recognizable double kidney front grille , meanwhile , The headlamp group will adopt more aggressive line design , The light source layout used in the interior has also been adjusted ; Besides , The new car is equipped with a sporty front surround , The blessing of large-area black grid can make the new car have more youthful attributes .

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before , We also got spy photos of new cars for road test , Although the new car is still in high camouflage , But obviously , The new car will be equipped with a new style of rear surround , At the same time, it was reported that , The body size of the new car will also be adjusted .

motivation , According to the overseas media , The new car will launch a wide range of options , In addition to the conventional fuel version , hybrid 、 Plug in hybrid and pure electric models will appear in the future product list .( picture source :motor1; writing / Car home Andy du )

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