The stranded oil price adjustment window is expected to open at 24:00 on August 9

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stranded oil price adjustment window

[ Car home   information ]  According to the rules of domestic refined oil price adjustment , A new round of retail price adjustment window of refined oil will be opened on 8 month 9 Japan 24 Turn it on again . According to the trend of international oil price , At present, the oil price is expected to rise 25 element / Tons of , Failed to achieve 50 element / The price increase standard of tons , In the range of grounding adjustment . If the final product oil is not adjusted , It will usher in the... Of this year 3 This time the oil price ran aground .

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For now , Recently, the international oil price has shown a downward trend , If you keep falling , The barrel is about to fall below 70 dollar , So in the next oil price adjustment , It is possible to reduce the price of final refined oil , Of course, we should continue to observe whether there will be a big rebound in international oil prices .

Besides , International oil prices ended at the close of the day , The New York Mercantile Exchange 9 The futures price of light crude oil for monthly delivery rose 0.94 dollar , Increase is 1.38%, Close to a barrel 69.09 dollar ;10 The price of Brent crude oil for monthly delivery rose 0.91 dollar , Increase is 1.29%, Close to a barrel 71.29 dollar .

In fact, according to the current international situation , In OPEC + After reaching the production quota agreement , Oil price fluctuations have been consolidated , But the market is in free fall again . According to the latest EIA data , Crude oil inventories unexpectedly rose sharply . Crude oil inventory shows +360 barrels , And the consensus is -310 barrels , The previous week was -410 barrels . Oil prices are expected to hit their worst trading week in more than nine months . As energy prices rise , Energy stocks usually rise . Despite the recent recession , But energy stocks are still one of the best performing stocks this year .( Source : Oil price network ; compile / Car home graduation )

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