It is expected to deliver 100 BYD Tang EVs to Norway in September

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expected deliver byd tang evs

[ Car home   New energy ]  recently , We learned from overseas media that , stay 7 Late in the month , The first 100 car Byd tang ( Parameters | inquiry )EV It has been transported from Shanghai to norwidlamen port , Due in 9 Monthly delivery to local users . It is reported that , BYD plans to (2021 year ) Deliver... In the Norwegian market 1500 A new car .

 Car home

 Car home

Byd tang EV The biggest highlight is the blade battery , Its battery capacity is 86.4kWh, Depending on the model version ,NEDC The range under working conditions is 505km、565km Optional . Byd tang EV The price after subsidy in the domestic market is 27.95-31.48 Ten thousand yuan , The price of the car in the Norwegian market is 599900 Norwegian krone ( About us 44 RMB 10,000 yuan ).

 BYD Tang new energy 2021 paragraph EV 4WD high-performance version of Chuangshi flagship

This Tang EV Listed in Norway , It is a milestone for BYD to enter the overseas market , This also means that this product will compete with overseas brand models , It is a great test for the strength of products . besides , Wei Lai automobile 、 Xiao peng car 、 Aichi automobile is also actively laying out its overseas market . Which of these brands do you think is more competitive , You might as well discuss... In the comments area .( writing / Car home Hou Minghao )

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