High Speed Rail: limit boarding and ticket replacement during rush hours

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high speed rail limit boarding

You are going to take the high-speed rail from Shanghai to Guangzhou , Once checked, there are no tickets , What do I do ? Change date ? No way. , We have something urgent . This is the time , You can buy a short trip first ( For example, to Hangzhou ), Make up the ticket after getting on the bus . Then you breathe a sigh of relief : Finally, I can go on a business trip . I've done this several times , It doesn't matter if you don't have a replacement ticket .

During May Day , Many people buy a short trip first , Make up the ticket after getting on the bus . As a result, there are too many people , So that people at other stations can't get on the bus . This is extremely annoying . What do I do ?

Some people say that the fare will be increased when making up the ticket , Personally, I don't think it's appropriate . Why? ? Because this is a special period , No problem at other times .

The best way is during busy times 、 Restricted ticket replacement . What kind of restriction ? Increase ticket replacement fee ; Ask to get off at the station . The former is easy to implement , The latter is not easy .


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