LG: look at this battery. It's long and wide, just like my ESG. It's sustainable and environmentally friendly

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lg look battery. battery long

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Netease car 8 month 6 Reported Wednesday

1、LG: Besides selling cell phones , I still have many identities

You are right about LG What's your impression ?

It's a monitor that makes men expensive and happy ?

Or because 23 Quarterly loss , already R.I.P The mobile phone ?

all the time ,LG What impressed us most was LG Electronic mobile phone ( It's cold )、 Display screen and other digital products . But in fact LG As a family, there are 74 Years old Korean company , It's not just men who are interested LG Electronics !

He also makes women's money ! These cosmetics are also LG Of !

His family actually sells toothpaste .

and LG Inheriting the enterprising spirit of the founder Ju Renhui , In the last year 12 month , Split its LG The battery business of Chemistry , Newly established LG New energy , Mainly used for electric vehicles 、 Batteries and energy storage devices for consumer electronics (ESS) production , Now it has become a global EV One of the battery giants , still tesla Supplier .

2、 Tesla is inseparable LG New energy

LG  New energy , Aimed at “  Provide more element Chemical energy solutions , Create a better future . Plan in 2024 Annual sales 30 Trillion won or more , Become the world's leading provider of energy solutions .LG  New energy is expected to 2021 Years ago , Increase the annual output of batteries from 100GWh  Add to 120GWh , Expected to supply 240 Ten thousand new energy vehicles need .

As a new energy vehicle battery supplier LG New energy except Tesla , There is also the Korean market modern kia 、 GM in the U.S. market 、 ford , And Volvo in the European market 、 Renault et al .

In recent days, ,LG As a global leader in battery technology, new energy , In order to build a global green battery industry ecology and create sustainable social value ,LG New energy was officially launched ESG business , And released to “ Empowering a better future ”(We CHARGE toward a better future) Of ESG Business vision and specific implementation strategy .

3、 You this ESG Is it cooked ?

ESG What is it? ? Simply speaking ,ESG yes Environmental( Environmental Science )、Social( social )、 and Governance( government ) Abbreviation , It is a concern for the enterprise environment 、 social 、 The investment concept and enterprise evaluation standard of corporate governance performance rather than traditional financial performance . By observing enterprises ESG Rating to evaluate the investment object in green environmental protection 、 Contribution to fulfilling social responsibility , Judge whether the enterprise meets the requirements of long-term investment . What people say is long-term sustainable development , Be a responsible and conscientious enterprise !

In global business ESG Under the background of operation ,LG New energy will revolve around “CHARGE” structure ESG Business strategy , From the environment 、 social 、 Three dimensions of governance , cover 8 Big ESG Focus areas and 4 Key elements .

LG New energy CEO Jin Zhongxian said :“ESG Operation is LG New energy is an important opportunity to explore new business , It is through coexistence and win-win and creating an ecologically recyclable benign structure of the battery industry , A new milestone in creating sustainable social value . We set this year as ESG The first year of operation , Will accelerate ESG Business activities , Contribute to greatly improving human life .”

4、LG: Look at the green battery now ?

So LG Development of new energy ESG The strategy shows a more specific course of action , In order to achieve “2050 In 2010, we will achieve carbon neutrality in an all-round way ”、“2030 Global use of green electricity ” 、“2025 Build a resource closed-loop system in ” Wait for the goal , Put forward “ Medium and long term emission reduction and management of greenhouse gases ”、”100% Use of renewable energy (RE100)” etc. 7 Big core topic .

In the context of global climate change , The core topic is naturally around “ Fully realize carbon neutralization ”, Carbon neutralization can be simply understood as how much carbon dioxide I emit , I'll plant how many trees to offset my carbon dioxide emissions !

and LG New energy by actively promoting the conversion of renewable energy 、 Improve energy efficiency through process improvement and introduce high-performance equipment , Plan to reduce carbon emissions from 2019 Year of 96 Ten thousand tons are gradually reduced in stages , until 2050 Carbon emissions will be completely reduced to zero in , Achieve true carbon neutrality .

Here's the thing to watch “RE100 Initiative ”,RE100 yes “ Renewable energy 100%” The abbreviation of , It's an international initiative , The goal of the initiative is to 2050 year , With the wind 、 Photovoltaic and other renewable energy sources replace the traditional electricity used by enterprises . As a leading enterprise of green energy ,LG New energy promises ahead of schedule 20 The year is 2030 The goal of the initiative is to be completed by . Through the use of green electricity pricing and the purchase of renewable energy certification (REC) Methods such as ,LG New energy has been in factories in Poland and the United States 100% Green electricity is used , It is expected that its new energy lithium-ion plant in Nanjing can also expand the proportion of green electricity .

In addition to using green electricity at the source , With the vigorous development of new energy vehicles in recent years , With the surge in demand for power batteries , The disposal of waste batteries has become the focus . and LG New energy will begin to cover battery raw materials through construction 、 production 、 consumption 、 Waste and other resources closed-loop system of the whole supply chain , Minimize environmental pollution . At present, a localized battery resource life cycle closed-loop system has been established in China , By selling the used waste batteries and the waste products generated in the battery production process to recycling enterprises , And the nickel extracted from the waste 、 Cobalt is used as the cathode material for batteries .

Use green electricity from the source , Then to the disposal of waste batteries ,LG The efforts of new energy in achieving comprehensive carbon neutrality are obvious to all . And with the ESG The rise of business philosophy in the world ,LG As a global leading enterprise in the field of new energy , Take the lead and stick to ESG The pace of operation . future ,LG The business activities of new energy will take full account of the environment 、 Social and governance , Committed to providing customers with sustainable energy solutions , Give back to the society better in the future 、 Give back to the public , With leading ESG Business creates sustainable long-term value for enterprises and society .

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