Some Bentley Continental GT with hidden dangers in front seats were recalled

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bentley continental gt hidden dangers

[ Car home   information ]  recently , Volkswagen ( China ) Sales Co., Ltd. according to 《 Regulations on recall management of defective automobile products 》 and 《 Measures for the implementation of the regulations on the recall of defective automobile products 》 The requirements of , The recall plan was filed with the State Administration of market supervision . It was decided that from now on , Recall some imports Bentley Continental ( Parameters | inquiry )GT automobile , total 1622 platform .

Recall scope :

 bentley continental 2020 paragraph 4.0T GT V8

2019 year 9 month 20 solstice 2021 year 6 month 28 Partial import of production between dates 2020-2021 Bentley Continental GT automobile , total 1622 platform .

Reason for recall :

The vehicles within the scope of this recall are due to the software design of the seat control module , The front seats are in automatic adjustment mode ( Convenient / Get off function ) Runtime , If the seat height needs to be lowered, the seat will move backward at the same time , It may squeeze the legs of rear passengers due to excessive backward movement , There are safety risks .

terms of settlement :

Volkswagen ( China ) Sales Co., Ltd. will through authorized dealers , Upgrade the software of the front seat control module for vehicles within the scope of recall free of charge , In order to eliminate potential safety hazards . The new control software limits the rearward movement of the front seats , Reserve sufficient legroom for rear passengers .

Emergency measures : Before the vehicle is recalled for repair , If the user encounters the above risk situation , The automatic adjustment mode of the seat can be cancelled by pressing the seat quick adjustment key or any seat manual adjustment key .

Volkswagen ( China ) Sales Co., Ltd. will notify the relevant car owners by registered letter, etc . Users can use Volkswagen ( China ) Sales Co., Ltd. Customer Service Hotline :400-119-8880, Learn more about this recall . Besides , You can also visit the website、, Pay attention to WeChat public number (SAMRDPAC), Learn more , Reflect defect clues .( compile / Car home Xue Lian Zhang )

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