Domestic medium-sized SUV interior grand horizontal evaluation, after a comprehensive comparison, domestic really rose!

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domestic medium-sized medium sized suv

The development of domestic cars in recent years is obvious to all , Especially in compact SUV After initial success in the field , Domestic brands are in the middle SUV Many models have also been launched in the market . therefore , If only judged by the beauty and ugliness of interior design , Which model can impress you more ? Let's take a look at , These are made in China SUV Whose interior is more luxurious and whether it conforms to your aesthetics and preferences . By the way, let's verify , Whether domestic cars have really risen .

BYD Tang's interior is no less eye-catching ,12.3 Inch full LCD dashboard with a piece of 12.8 Inch center control screen , And its big screen can rotate , Downloading a game to play is also a good choice . The steering wheel is also an eye-catching element of the interior , Modeling three-dimensional 、 It feels good , So I can give high praise on the whole .

changan CS85 COUPE The interior is equipped with 10.25 Inch full LCD Meter and 12.3 Inch center control screen , The screen resolution is also relatively high , The image display is clear 、 Exquisite .360° Panoramic images also support three-dimensional real scene display , The functionality and practicability are good . in addition , In addition to the conventional atmosphere lamp design in the whole car , The front grain of the co pilot is also backlit , There are many options in the settings , This is impressive , It also improves the sense of grade and Technology .

The kei GS8 After the mid-term modification, the improved interior was used , As a whole, it seems that he has changed from an uncle in his forties to a young man in his early thirties , I'm ten years younger . The function of the full LCD instrument panel is very comprehensive and the logic and level of operation are clear ,10.1 The interface of the inch central control screen has been redesigned , It looks more simple and refreshing , The reaction speed and use experience are not upgraded . General statement , This interior can be said to be both suitable for business and home , And highly original , Worthy of praise .

The red flag HS5 Two pieces in the car 12.3 The inch large screen is the most eye-catching part of the interior , And it's all standard , Some are like Mercedes Benz , But it is undeniable that the improvement of the sense of interior technology is quite obvious . Multimedia of Chinese brand models is a common Internet of vehicles 、 speech recognition 、OTA Upgrade and other mainstream functions are the same . The interior is covered with a lot of leather , The rhombic pattern is very classy , Integrate many popular elements , Aesthetically speaking, it is relatively mild , And in terms of atmosphere , It has no specific style orientation , Took the golden mean , So it can also meet the preferences of most middle-aged people .

VV7 The luxury of the interior can surprise the user , Strong sense of design , The materials are also very high-grade . The display effect of all liquid crystal instrument has been improved to a certain extent , The central control system is more concise , More smooth operation , To my credit 360° The definition of panoramic image is very high , The picture stitching is good and the distortion is very small , in addition , Support CarPlay It should be great news for many people . On the whole ,VV7 The interior design is original enough , And it looks very fashionable and simple , Therefore, it is also in line with a domestic luxury medium-sized machine SUV The positioning of .

Haoyue's interior also pays attention to the sense of hierarchy , The straight line design looks very atmospheric , Soft materials and leather are widely used above the center console , Good sense of class . The large LCD screen is reserved , In addition, a large number of physical keys are reserved , The convenience of operation is guaranteed . overall , Haoyue's interior is also quite atmospheric , It can be regarded as an innovative domestic medium-sized TV on the plateau SUV.

Tiggo or dingle 8PLUS The design level of the center console is distinct , Excellent horizontal visual effect , Linked dual screen + The air conditioner below 、 The seat setting screen forms a new three screen pattern , In terms of luxury and sense of Technology , Tiggo or dingle 8 PLUS It can be said that we have achieved the same level of leadership , As a cost-effective domestic medium-sized SUV, It's really worth praising to have such an excellent performance .

WEY Mocha's interior design is also very simple , Horizontal and vertical 、 A simple , Black and silver are also cool . The details of some trim panels are decorated with lines , Exquisite feeling can be done .14.6 Inch screen is particularly eye-catching , Full touch operation is indeed today's trend , For the future OTA The upgrade provides the necessary hardware support . The use of various materials in the car is better than... In terms of vision and touch VV7 More luxurious , The texture goes further . General statement , Although the interior of this Mocha is not very luxurious , But it looks atmospheric , So you can also get a high score .

Rapid way X70 PLUS The interior is mainly black and red , The design of dual screen is also in line with the current mainstream aesthetics , Has a good sense of Technology , At the same time, the ornament of silver trim , It adds a bit of refinement to the overall interior . Leather wrapped flat bottom three spoke multifunction steering wheel , The materials are relatively exquisite , At the same time, the punching process on both sides is adopted . Pick up the 10.25 Inch touch LCD screen , Exquisite design , And equipped with satellite navigation system 、 Navigation traffic information display 、 Road call for help 、 bluetooth / Car phone and other functions . Last , This set of interior design has a good sense of Technology , Therefore, it is also suitable for young consumers .

changan UNI-K The interior design is very young and distinctive , The tone is mainly black , At the same time, it is decorated with orange suture , Vibrant style is well received . Leather flat bottom three spoke multifunction steering wheel , Good material , At the same time, the distribution of multi-function keys is also very regular . The central control screen gives people a sense of beauty with sharp edges and corners , Suspended design is adopted , The whole looks like the interior of a fighter . Last , This set of interior has been greatly praised by people before , So it can also be regarded as one of the brilliant domestic car interiors .

The way TXL The car also adopts a dual screen design , It highlights a certain sense of science and Technology , At the same time, the overall interior color of the car is mainly black , Decorate with silver ornaments , It also has a somewhat elegant taste . Multifunctional steering wheel made of leather , The materials are exquisite , At the same time 12.3 Inch full LCD dashboard , Exquisite design , Excellent visual effect . Pick up the 12.3 Inch touch LCD screen , The display effect is excellent , On the whole , The way TXL The interior and Ruihu 8 PLUS、 Rapid way X70 PLUS There is little difference in the design of , Therefore, the homogenization phenomenon is more serious .

Wei to ES6 The interior upholstery is overall and ES8 No difference ,8.8 Inch LCD meter has no advantage at present , There are few changes in the display style on the instrument , The good thing is UI The design is not ugly , Will not reveal a sense of cheapness . In vehicle 80% The above settings need to be through 11.3 Inch central control screen to adjust , The operation is simple , Easy to get started , However, the implementation steps of some common functions will be slightly cumbersome . It looks good , The overall color is mainly cold , It also has a certain sense of grade . All in all , image ES6 Such interior design is in line with the characteristics of a new energy vehicle , So it can be seen through .

Okay , That's all 12 Domestic medium-sized SUV Great horizontal evaluation of interior decoration , For these domestic medium-sized enterprises SUV Interior design of , Whose interior design do you think is the most pleasing 、 What moves you most ? After a comprehensive comparison , Do you think domestic cars have risen ? Leave a message below , Let's talk about .( writing / ATV   Da Zhuo )

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