Alpha Romeo may be fully electrified in 2027

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alpha romeo fully electrified

[ Car home   New energy ]  In recent days, , We have learned from relevant channels that ,Stellantis Alpha, a brand of the group ・ Romeo said it would accelerate the pace of electrification transformation . according to the understanding of , alpha ・ Romeo's comprehensive electrification transformation includes Europe 、 North America and China , And or will be on 2027 In, it became a pure electric vehicle brand .

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alpha ・ Romeo. Tonale( Parameters | inquiry ) Concept version 』

since Giulietta After the suspension , alpha ・ Romeo has only Giulia and Stelvio On sale , According to foreign media , The two models may be launched in 2027 Facing the problem of elimination in . So , alpha ・ Romeo began to plan the launch of new products . according to the understanding of , alpha ・ Romeo's new CEO, Jean ・ Philip ・ Inpalato said , alpha ・ Romeo. Tonale A plug-in hybrid version will be introduced , The car is positioned as compact SUV, Will be alpha ・ The first plug-in hybrid model in Romeo's products . It is reported that , New car will be on the 2022 Released in the first quarter of 2013 .

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『 Exposed by foreign media GTV Rendering of vehicle model 』

It is reported that , The brand plans to 2022 In, a new small car was launched SUV, Name or will be Brennero, The car will be based on PSA Group eCMP Platform to build , And pure electric drive , Its size and beauty e2008 similar . Besides , As early as 2005 Discontinued in GTV Or it is expected to become a pure electric vehicle . According to foreign media , alpha ・ Romeo is planning to GTV It is positioned as the flagship product of a pure electric four door sedan , And adopt pure electric drive system , This model may be similar to BMW i4、 Mercedes EQS Become a competitive model . More news about new cars , Auto House will continue to report .( Source :electrive; writing / Car home Cai Sizhuo )

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