When the "new infrastructure" is on fire, how should enterprises get on this special dividend bus?

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new infrastructure enterprises special dividend
watermark,size_16,text_QDUxQ1RP5Y2a5a6i,color_FFFFFF,t_100,g_se,x_10,y_10,shadow_90,type_ZmFuZ3poZW5naGVpdGk= All people talk “ New infrastructure ”, Enterprises should consider how to participate “ New infrastructure ” became angry , How can enterprises get on this special dividend bus ? lately “ New infrastructure ” became angry , Mainly because 3 month 4 A meeting held by the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China . At this meeting , The decision-makers stressed , We should accelerate the construction of major projects and infrastructure that have been clearly defined in the national plan , One should speed up 5G The Internet 、 Data center and other new infrastructure construction progress . Just this short sentence , Give Way “ New infrastructure construction ” Instantly become a hot word . With the multi interpretation of experts and scholars and the in-depth reports of various media , Look at “ New infrastructure ” The market prospect has risen all the way from hundreds of billions , It's almost here now 50 One trillion . Everyone saw “ New infrastructure ” Huge market prospects , And many industries 、 industry 、 Enterprises and even individuals can benefit from it . This time, driven by the government “ New infrastructure ”, The return on investment is much greater than traditional infrastructure , At the same time, private capital is encouraged to participate in , Many enterprises and investment institutions have investment opportunities . Related enterprises also catch up with “ New infrastructure ” The market value of trains has increased greatly , This has also stimulated more investors to start thinking about “ New infrastructure ” Stocks have a special preference . watermark,size_16,text_QDUxQ1RP5Y2a5a6i,color_FFFFFF,t_100,g_se,x_10,y_10,shadow_90,type_ZmFuZ3poZW5naGVpdGk=“ New infrastructure ” It is also of great economic significance , In the eyes of economists, it is a response to “ The new crown disease has accelerated the downward trend of China's economy ” A powerful medicine for the condition . The point is “ New infrastructure ” Can continue to drive employment in the future , Ensure and even improve people's consumption level , Stimulating domestic demand to promote sound economic operation . Under the general situation of digital transformation of the whole industry , For this project that the government will promote in the future , Why not follow ? In the face of opportunities and interests , Any organization wants to get on this bonus train . At that time , Talk about everything “ New infrastructure ”. but , What exactly is “ New infrastructure ”? How to participate ?

What exactly is “ New infrastructure ”?

Traditional infrastructure refers to railways 、 highway 、 The airport 、 port 、 Water conservancy facilities, etc , abbreviation “ Iron and base ”, But these can no longer meet the development of contemporary society . therefore , The concept of new infrastructure construction came into being . To say , “ New infrastructure ” It's not a new concept .2018 end of the year , The central economic work conference has made it clear “5G、 Artificial intelligence 、 Industrial Internet and other new infrastructure construction ” The positioning of . And then , Relevant departments began to deploy gradually “ New infrastructure ” .2020 year 1 month 3 Japan , The executive meeting of the State Council proposed the introduction of “ Investment support policies for new infrastructure such as networks ” Resolution of . And then , Many government work reports put “5G Network construction, etc ” As 2020 Investment focus in 2010 , Some provinces and cities have also made it clear 5G The construction goal of the base station . until 3 month 4 The meeting was held on the th ,“ New infrastructure ” Completely become a hot spot . that “ New infrastructure ” What do you mean specifically ? Xinhua said ” New infrastructure ” Mainly referring to 5G、 Artificial intelligence 、 Industrial Internet 、 The new information digitization infrastructure represented by the Internet of things , It can support traditional industries to network 、 Digitization 、 Intelligent information infrastructure . According to this explanation , Big data center 、 Cloud Computing Center, information and network security facilities, etc , yes “ New infrastructure ” The core is . CCTV's Chinese international channel will ” New infrastructure ” It is defined as infrastructure construction focusing on science and technology , It mainly includes 5G infrastructure 、 uhv 、 Intercity High Speed Railway and Intercity Rail Transit 、 New energy vehicle charging pile 、 Big data center 、 Artificial intelligence 、 Industrial Internet and other seven fields , Communication involved 、 Electric power 、 traffic 、 Digital and other key industries for people's livelihood . watermark,size_16,text_QDUxQ1RP5Y2a5a6i,color_FFFFFF,t_100,g_se,x_10,y_10,shadow_90,type_ZmFuZ3poZW5naGVpdGk= stay ” New infrastructure ” Specific fields and industries involved , Three nets and four levels are more vivid . Three nets , Refer to ” New infrastructure ” The framework is mainly around three nets : watermark,size_16,text_QDUxQ1RP5Y2a5a6i,color_FFFFFF,t_100,g_se,x_10,y_10,shadow_90,type_ZmFuZ3poZW5naGVpdGk=
  • One is that 5G As the core information network , It mainly includes big data cloud computing 、 Artificial intelligence 、 Industrial Internet, etc. ;

  • The second is the energy network with electricity as the core , It mainly includes UHV 、 Photovoltaic wind power and nuclear power 、 New energy charging pile and hydrogen fuel hydrogenation station, etc ;

  • Third, high-speed rail 、 Transportation network with urban rail as the core .

Some securities and consulting institutions , It will also be based on the importance of technology and application ” New infrastructure ” It is divided into four levels from the inside out . This is the fourth floor ” New infrastructure ” Each layer of the model is as follows :
  • The first 1 layer : The kernel is for numbers 、 The six pillars of the information economy ( namely 5G、 big data 、 Artificial intelligence 、 Cloud computing 、 The Internet of things 、 Blockchain ) Provision of infrastructure , Such as 5G The base station 、IDC Data centers, etc ;

  • The first 2 layer : electronic 、 Intelligently transform the traditional infrastructure of the existing city , Like a smart city 、 Intelligent transportation and other projects ;

  • The first 3 layer : Developing new energy in cities 、 Supporting application facilities for new materials , For example, charging piles that support the new energy industry 、 Photovoltaic 、 Garbage power generation, etc ;

  • The first 4 layer : Outermost layer , In fact, it can't be called “ New infrastructure ”, More is to make up for weaknesses in infrastructure construction , Such as the development of science and technology parks 、 Connecting the intercity high-speed rail within the urban agglomeration 、 Light rail, etc .


watermark,size_16,text_QDUxQ1RP5Y2a5a6i,color_FFFFFF,t_100,g_se,x_10,y_10,shadow_90,type_ZmFuZ3poZW5naGVpdGk= Some of the above “ New infrastructure ” Definition and elaboration of , It explains what is “ New infrastructure ”. Current big Multimedia , They are all interpreted according to seven fields . From these definitions , We see the core importance of digital information infrastructure . in fact ,“ New infrastructure ” Of “ new ” It is also mainly reflected in the new technology represented by information technology . thus , Wang Jiwei channel thinks “ New infrastructure ” There are two main parts : First of all , It is the support of data center 5G、AI The underlying digital infrastructure for the circulation and operation of Technology ; second , It is a traditional infrastructure with new life after integration with new information technology , For example, smart city 、 Smart hydropower and so on . In a word ,“ New infrastructure ” It's new technology 、 The new material 、 New infrastructure supported by new energy , At the same time, these are digital 、 Intelligent 、 New infrastructure for Automation , It will also bring about the innovation of business model and the transformation of industrial chain integration .

say something “ New infrastructure ” Of “ new ”

Old infrastructure is what people usually understand as building bridges, roads and houses , Specifically including railway 、 highway 、 bridge 、 Water conservancy projects and other large buildings . The old infrastructure is mainly to support the economy and ensure employment . watermark,size_16,text_QDUxQ1RP5Y2a5a6i,color_FFFFFF,t_100,g_se,x_10,y_10,shadow_90,type_ZmFuZ3poZW5naGVpdGk=“ New infrastructure ” It is based on the infrastructure construction of science and technology , It is both infrastructure , At the same time, it is also an emerging industry . Compared with the characteristics of heavy assets of old infrastructure ,“ New infrastructure ” More light assets 、 High tech content 、 High value-added development model . Most of the fields involved are the short board of China's future economic development . To be specific ,“ New infrastructure ” The new side can be reflected in the following points : First , New areas involved .“ New infrastructure ” Infrastructure construction based on science and technology , Involved 5G、 Artificial intelligence 、 Scientific and technological innovation fields such as data center , And education 、 Infrastructure in the field of upgrading people's livelihood consumption such as medical treatment .” New infrastructure ” It's infrastructure , It is also an emerging industry . Compared with the characteristics of heavy assets of old infrastructure ,“ New infrastructure ” More light assets 、 High tech content 、 High value-added development model . It covers areas , Most of them are short boards for the future development of China's economy . secondly , New investment model . According to Tang Jianwei, chief researcher of the financial research center of the Bank of Communications , Compared with the past, infrastructure investment was mainly dominated by local governments , stay “ New infrastructure ” The strength of private capital in China is growing , A considerable number of projects have been driven by the market , More is the result of the joint efforts of the market and the government . A lot of places “ New infrastructure ” Project fund raising , Part comes from the government or its investment and financing platform , The other part comes from state-owned enterprises, central enterprises and private enterprises . In the Middle East: , Government funds are “ Guide funds ”, It just acts as a lever , Investors are showing the characteristics of diversification . Third , More strategic . If it's in the past “ Tie Gong Ji ” Such old infrastructure is to improve the national initiative , Now integrate new technologies 、 The new material 、 New energy, etc “ New infrastructure ” More emphasis on the role of science and Technology , Data analysis 、 intellisense 、 Energy conservation and environmental protection while improving the efficiency of new infrastructure , Make the new infrastructure have more follow-up value , At the same time, it is more strategic . meanwhile , these “ New infrastructure ” It's also intelligent 、 automation 、 An effective carrier of digitization , It can effectively drive the digital transformation of various industries , It is also the guarantee for the development and innovation of various organizations . Based on technological innovation ,“ New infrastructure ” Can create jobs and growth in the short term , It can also promote the transformation and upgrading of organizational structure , And then drive the medium and long-term healthy development of the economy . watermark,size_16,text_QDUxQ1RP5Y2a5a6i,color_FFFFFF,t_100,g_se,x_10,y_10,shadow_90,type_ZmFuZ3poZW5naGVpdGk= Fourth , Pay more attention to “ use ” On the level of . Compared with the past, the old infrastructure simply aims at pure construction , obviously “ New infrastructure ” It's not just that it's finished , Because how to apply it later is the focus . meanwhile , because “ New infrastructure ” It involves the integration of a lot of information technology , In project bidding, it will inevitably involve factors such as how to give full play to the maximum efficiency and future expansibility , That means “ New infrastructure ” Will pay more attention to “ use ” On the level of .“ New infrastructure ” It can not only optimize the power supply , At the same time, it can also further guide and meet consumption upgrading . The fifth , There will be more market space in the future . As an important basic industry and emerging industry ,“ New infrastructure ” One end is connected with huge investment and demand , Leading the escalating strong consumer market , It will become a new engine for China's economic growth in the future .“ New infrastructure ” Drive the future market space created by relevant industries , Now the statistics have reached billions , This is unprecedented in the old infrastructure . According to the 《 China economic weekly 》 Statistics , end 3 month 10 Japan 24 The future announced by provinces, autonomous regions and cities 2.2 m ” New infrastructure ” project , The total investment has reached 49.6 Trillion yuan . Just 5G For network construction , By fostering a prosperous Internet economy 、 Artificial intelligence 、 Digital economy and other new technology industries , It will indirectly drive the total economic output of billions of yuan .

How to participate “ New infrastructure ”?

So much has been said before , Facing the great potential of the future “ New infrastructure ” market , There must be many enterprises and organizations that want to take a share , I believe this is what we really care about . that , How to participate in this “ New infrastructure ” Bonus feast ?


Picture source : Orient Securities first , The most direct way is to invest . stay “ New infrastructure ” Project investment , The government, experts and scholars are advocating the construction of a diversified investment and financing system . Some under construction “ New infrastructure ” project , It has indeed attracted many investments .“ New infrastructure ” Through the industrial guidance fund 、 Guarantee fund and other ways to attract market capital to participate in “ New infrastructure ” The project is under construction , This means that organizations and individuals have the opportunity to invest directly in projects . secondly , Buy stocks and funds .“ New infrastructure ” Seven hot areas , There are many outstanding in every field “ New infrastructure ” Related stock , for example 5G Communication base station 、 Data Center 、 Industrial Internet 、 Cloud computing has performed well , Investors can choose to buy . meanwhile , You can also choose “ New infrastructure ” Related theme funds , There will be good returns in the future . Third , Are engaged in “ New infrastructure ” Related business enterprises , The best thing to do is to seize the opportunity . For example, in Cloud Computing 、 Data Center 、5G Other industries , We need to understand the policy and follow up steadily and quickly , Optimize and enlarge your business , Strive to achieve large-scale expansion on the basis of the original business through the east wind of policy , In order to further improve the business . And some distance “ New infrastructure ” Enterprises not far away , Without consuming too much resources and energy , You can also enter a certain field selectively , Taking advantage of this opportunity to realize transformation and upgrading is also a good choice . Fourth , Enterprises outside the seven fields , Also have the opportunity to do some ” New infrastructure ” Things about . in fact , stay “ New infrastructure ” Driven by policy , Each industry needs to build its own new infrastructure . The enterprise can take the lead in doing ” New infrastructure ”, You can also participate in some “ New infrastructure ” Investment and financing , Both upstream and downstream of the industrial chain have opportunities . The fifth , For more enterprises , The use of good “ New infrastructure ” Than trying to get in “ New infrastructure ” It is more important . The use of good “ New infrastructure ” It is not simply to introduce technology and facilities into the enterprise , Instead, integrate new infrastructure capabilities into the enterprise , Build the new infrastructure of the enterprise itself and form the digital capability , So as to better serve customers . this , It is also the ultimate goal of digital transformation . watermark,size_16,text_QDUxQ1RP5Y2a5a6i,color_FFFFFF,t_100,g_se,x_10,y_10,shadow_90,type_ZmFuZ3poZW5naGVpdGk= At the end of the day ,“ New infrastructure ” The essence of is to support traditional industries to network 、 Digitization 、 The construction of information infrastructure in the direction of intelligence , Accelerate the digital transformation of the whole industry , To promote the integration of modern information technology and industrial economy , Make the economy produce new qualitative changes with the help of digitization , The global economy will benefit . From the perspective of industrial upgrading , Any industry, any industry needs “ New infrastructure ”. Digitization 、 Intelligent 、 Automation is the main melody of global industrial development , To follow the trend is to actively participate in it . investment 、 Building 、 Applications are adapting to trends , Those who have the ability will choose it and follow it . But if your enterprise has not even improved informatization so far , You might as well make good use of ” New infrastructure ” Let's get started .


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