The 24th Chengdu International Automobile Exhibition was postponed

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24th th chengdu international automobile

[ Car home information ]  In recent days, , We learned from the authorities that , In response to the government's requirements for the prevention and control of the current epidemic situation , Originally scheduled for 2021 year 8 month 27 Japan -9 month 5 Held in Western China International Expo City “ The 24th Chengdu International Automobile Exhibition ” It will be postponed , Specific date to be notified . The full text is as follows :

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Dear exhibitors 、 Partners and audience : Recently, novel coronavirus pneumonia cases and asymptomatic infections have emerged in several provinces including Sichuan. , The situation is grim . Sichuan should respond to New Coronavirus disease emergency command. 17 The announcement , Reduce aggregate flow , We will spare no effort to prevent the spread of the epidemic .

Inconvenience caused to you by the change of exhibition delay caused by epidemic situation and force majeure , We apologize for ! We will pay close attention to the development of the epidemic , Keep close communication with relevant departments , Do a good job of coordination . As China's four major A As one of the first-class auto shows, the Organizing Committee of Chengdu International Auto Show always adheres to the principle of safety first .

Here it is , The organizing committee thanks exhibitors at home and abroad 、 partners 、 The media 、 Understanding and support from the audience and friends from all walks of life . May we work together to overcome the epidemic , Gather with you at Chengdu International Auto Show after the storm , Spend a grand event in the car industry !( compile / Car home graduation )

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