Toyota also has unsalable cars, with a starting price of 225800. It only sells 400 units in half a year, which is rarely known on the road

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toyota unsalable cars starting price

When it comes to Toyota , As we all know, it is the largest car enterprise in the world 、 Global auto sales giant . In the domestic automobile market , Toyota also has many popular models , Like Carola 、 ralink 、RAV4 Rong Fang 、 camry 、 Asian dragons 、 Hannanda, wait , It is precisely because there are many models 、 Reliable quality , So when people need to buy a car , These Toyota models are often considered .

however , Today we are not talking about Toyota's best-selling cars , But I want to talk to you about Toyota's unsalable models . After all , As a global auto sales giant , Toyota's unsalable models must be concerned by many friends , There is not much to say next , Let's see what model it is .

I'm sure you won't feel strange about this car , It is GAC Toyota C-HR EV. As a model based on Toyota C-HR A pure electric model from the fuel version ,C-HR EV In this year 6 Only sold out in January 73 A new car , This year, 1-6 month ,C-HR EV In total, only 400 The sales data of new cars show , It can be said that it is a little-known model on the road . therefore , In terms of such sales performance , obviously C-HR EV It has also become the most unsalable model of Toyota in China this year . In that case , Why Toyota C-HR EV It can't be sold ? Let's analyze .

aesthetic ,C-HR EV The overall shape and fuel version C-HR The model is similar , At that time, when the new car was first launched, it was generally considered to have personality 、 High beauty value , But the whole car still focuses on young consumers , And young people are generally difficult to consume, like C-HR EV So on 20 Ten thousand yuan small SUV models , So even if C-HR EV The appearance and shape are more personalized , Only a handful of people can buy it .

Come into the car ,C-HR EV It's hard to find something new . The whole is basically the same as C-HR Same familiar design , In terms of shape , The interior feels very compact , Good visual impact , But compared with the appearance , The exaggeration is much weaker .

12.3 Inch full LCD dashboard is an eye-catching configuration , But only on the top can you see , The price of the top model has come 25 Ten thousand yuan range . Besides , The instrument panel with medium and low configuration is also better than the fuel version C-HR To be brilliant , In the center is a piece of 7 Inch color screen , Than the fuel version C-HR Configured 4.2 The inch screen effect is much more eye-catching .

Configuration of central control panel and fuel version C-HR equally , The same is 9 Inch Touch screen . But personally, I think , The attraction of this screen is not strong , First, the design is not dazzling , Second, there are not many interesting functions , Compared with many new power models now, there is a long gap , So it's hard to impress now “ love to play ” Young people of .

Of course , As a model, the price is at 20 More than 10000 pure electric models , The configuration should be natural, or be kind enough , and C-HR EV And basically achieved this . Like Toyota's Zhixing safety system , In addition to the minimum configuration models of the whole series, they are also equipped , It contains a pre crash safety system 、 Adaptive cruise system 、 Lane keeping and auto high beam functions , It's very helpful for the driver . in addition ,C-HR EV The whole line is equipped as standard 10 airbag , This is also the embodiment of relatively guaranteed security .

Space is still C-HR EV Of “ Indifference to ”, Limited by small body size , height 175cm The experimenter's head space performance in the back row is very poor , After measurement, the head space is only 2 finger , The overall feeling is very depressed . As for legroom , On the whole, there are 1 The distance between the four fingers of the fist , Barely enough to meet the family . If the middle platform , The bulge is relatively high , And it's not very comfortable to put your feet , It is recommended to take seats on both sides as far as possible .

Configuration , Toyota C-HR EV There are also some unkind places , For example, the price 22.58 and 22.88 ten thousand 、23.28 There is no front and rear parking radar for WAN's medium and low configuration models 、 The steering wheel is plastic 、 The seat is also made of fabric 、 The headlights are all halogen , This makes the buyer very embarrassed . in addition , except 23.28 The ten thousand yuan version has a window , Most of the other models don't have a power sunroof , For those users who usually want to open a sky window and look up at the sky , This is also a big failure .

Dynamic part ,C-HR EV Equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor , The maximum output power of the motor is 204 horsepower , Maximum torque 300 cattle · rice . The data is good , Compared with some models at the same level , It also has an advantage . however , The battery capacity of the whole car is only 54.3kWh,NEDC The endurance mileage under comprehensive conditions is only 400 km , Obviously , Such data is not much , It can only be called barely passing . Charging time , Full of one C-HR EV To 75% The electricity , Using fast charging requires 50 minute , Slow charging requires 6.5 Hours , The overall performance was no surprise , It doesn't arouse much interest .

Last , By looking at the chassis, we will find that ,C-HR EV My battery pack is a big piece protruding out , This makes its trafficability better than that of the fuel version C-HR The model is worse , And it increases the safety risk when driving .

In addition, in terms of price ,C-HR EV The price is as high as 22.58-24.98 Ten thousand yuan range , For a battery life only 400 km 、 Poor spatial performance 、 The configuration is not rich enough, and the chassis is not strong SUV For the model , Such a price is obviously not very attractive to users . Need to know , Now flowers 23 At a price of million, you can buy the endurance of nearly 500 Kilometers of Tesla Model 3, So in such a market environment , Toyota C-HR EV Can only sell for half a year 400 The sales data of cars is normal .

however , It should also be noted that , Toyota may not want to rely on such a model at all C-HR EV How much sales does the model bring . After all , Unlike Volkswagen, which has invested a lot of technology and capital in the pure electric vehicle market , In Toyota's view , Hydrogen fuel technology route is the only destination of future vehicles , And before that , All technical routes are just a transition . therefore , Even Toyota symbolically launched a so-called pure electric SUV, It's just a formality , It doesn't matter whether the sales are good or bad , The point is to have such models .

in general , For Toyota C-HR EV The car , Personally, I definitely don't recommend you to buy , First, the price is too expensive , It's not worth spending so much money on it . Second, its product power is not very good , Whether it's range 、 Charging speed is still configured 、 Space 、 power , This car didn't reach 20 10000 class new energy SUV The right level .

In addition, Toyota's launch of this car is a transition , There is not much application of new technology and determination to vigorously develop pure electric vehicles , So now spend 20 I'm going to buy C-HR EV This car , That's no doubt to be a proper mouse . It is suggested that those who have a crush on this car must start with caution , Don't buy it and regret it in the future . Last , For this Toyota C-HR EV, What are your opinions and opinions ? Leave a message below , Let's talk about .( writing / ATV Da Zhuo )

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