Geely Automobile sold 99275 vehicles in July, with a year-on-year increase of 15% from January to July

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geely automobile sold vehicles july

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Netease car 8 month 6 Reported Wednesday  8 month 6 Japan , geely Automobile Holding Co., Ltd (HK.0175) published 2021 year 7 Monthly sales data :7 In sales 99,275 car , Year on year decrease of about 6%.1-7 Total monthly sales 729,512 car , Up about 15%. among , Led the g automobile 7 Monthly sales volume is 18,225 car , Up about 19%、 The month on month increase is about 7%. The cumulative total sales volume of all Lingke models reached 556,046 car .

 Geely 7 In sales 99275 car ,1-7 Monthly sales increased year on year 15%

Overseas exports ,7 The monthly export volume is 7,054, Up about 56%. This year, , Geely's pace of internationalization continues to accelerate .7 month 20 Japan , Geely brand officially opened the Lao market , First product COOLRAY and AZKARRA.7 month 26 Japan , Geely Automobile Group and Inchcape group (Inchcape Group) Officially reach a global strategic partnership , And signed a cooperation statement on jointly developing the Chilean market .

 Geely 7 In sales 99275 car ,1-7 Monthly sales increased year on year 15%

7 month , Geely's car sales are 37,829 car ,SUV Sales of 60,738 car .

This year is the product year of Geely Automobile , It is also a key year for scientific and technological transformation and sustainable development .7 month 20 Japan , Chinese star · The flagship SUV The more stars L Parameters picture ) list , At the same time, Geely Automobile officially released “ Geely brand CMA High end series ”—— name “ Chinese star ”. Geely Automobile also released on the same day “ Great because of happiness ” New brand value proposition .

 Geely 7 In sales 99275 car ,1-7 Monthly sales increased year on year 15%

With the steady growth of domestic sales , Lingke's “ European plan ” Also accelerating .7 month , The shipment volume of Lingke brand cars exported to the European market is 1,400 car ,1-7 The total monthly shipment is 5,046 car , In this year, we have delivered... To subscribers in the European market in an innovative subscription mode 495 car . Lingke plans to open another... Before the end of the year 5 home Lynk&Co Club Experience shop , Located in Antwerp, Belgium 、 Berlin, Germany 、 Barcelona, Spain 、 Paris, France and Milan, Italy . Antwerp and Berlin offline experience stores are planned to be in 8 Officially opened in .

Besides , stay 7 month 11 Japanese 2021 WTCR RV World Cup Spain race , Lead the caravan to 141 Total team points of points , Lead the leaderboard , Defend the glory of the team champion again , Continue to promote the development of Chinese automobile sports culture .

In the field of new energy , The geometric A The geometric C emgrand EV emgrand GSe And other new energy and electrification products ,7 The total monthly sales volume is 7794 car . It is worth mentioning that , The geometric automobile 7 Monthly order quantity 7127 car , Year-on-year increase 318%,7 The monthly delivery volume also exceeded 5000 platform .

2021 In the second half of , Geely said , Focus on GHS2.0 Hybrid technology 、 Intelligent plug-in hybrid with long endurance and extended range 、 The pure electricity market and other aspects comprehensively promote the new energy plan , General link brand 、 Geely brand 、 Geometric brand 、 Baoteng brand has rapidly formed a strategic cluster , Create value for users , Let users have a more perfect consumption experience .

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