Provide car owners with a courtesy car FAW Volkswagen dispatching id.4 crozz to rush to Zhengzhou

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provide car owners courtesy car

Netease automotive integration 8 month 6 Reported Wednesday      In recent days, , Henan suffered extreme heavy rainfall , Tens of thousands of vehicles were seriously damaged , Citizens' travel has been seriously affected . In order to solve the travel problem of car owners with damaged vehicles , faw - The public The first time through its own shared car brand “ Mojie travel ” To FAW, whose vehicles were damaged in Zhengzhou - Volkswagen brand owners open “ Free courtesy car reservation ” Activities , Provide users with distress care .

 Provide car owners with a scooter faw - Mass dispatch ID.4 CROZZ Rush to Zhengzhou

The first batch of 300 car ID.4 CROZZ Parameters picture ) Take a taxi to the store

In this FAW - In the process of public assistance to the disaster in Henan , Mojie travel has played a vital role . Mojie travel was founded in 2018 year 4 month , It's from FAW - The first shared car brand launched by Volkswagen , Committed to providing users with new green intelligent travel solutions , Promote wisdom City Building , Improve the image of intelligent travel in the city . At present, Mojie has become a leading high-quality travel service provider in China , Operating vehicles exceed 9000 platform , Cover Jilin 、 sichuan 、 Henan and other places .

Fight against disasters “ many ” Zhi Chengcheng

In this activity , faw - Mass emergency mobilization 500 car ID.4 CROZZ, For the Volkswagen brand owners whose vehicles were damaged by the disaster, they will provide... Free of charge 10 God ID.4 CROZZ Right to use , Overcome difficulties with Zhengzhou car owners .

 Provide car owners with a scooter faw - Mass dispatch ID.4 CROZZ Rush to Zhengzhou

The first batch of 300 car ID.4 CROZZ It has been delivered to car owners in succession

The first batch of 300 car ID.4 CROZZ Has been in 7 month 31 They arrived in Zhengzhou a few days ago , It has been provided to car owners who urgently need cars in this disaster . in addition 200 car ID.4 CROZZ According to the epidemic situation , Send it to Zhengzhou in due time . According to the plan , This time ID.4 CROZZ The scooter will be recycled 5 Lots , Each batch of customers can use... Free of charge 10 God .

 Provide car owners with a scooter faw - Mass dispatch ID.4 CROZZ Rush to Zhengzhou

The staff of Mojie introduced to the car owner ID.4 CROZZ Car use process

Subsequent batches will be on 8 month 6 Open online reservation on the th , The free car time plan is as follows : The second batch 8 month 11 Japan -8 month 20 Japan ; The third batch 8 month 21 Japan -30 Japan ; The fourth batch 8 month 31 Japan -9 month 9 Japan ; The fifth batch 9 month 10 Japan -9 month 19 Japan .( The specific free use time of each vehicle shall be subject to the actual vehicle allocation time of the dealer )

Besides , Due to limited vehicles , For car owners who do not enjoy the courtesy car service , Can hold FAW - Volkswagen local authorization 4S Shop “ Rain disaster maintenance record ”, Go to the local 4S Shop to get 300 Yuan cash transportation subsidy .

With practical action Practice corporate social responsibility

The disaster is now , faw - The public actively practices corporate social responsibility , With the people in the affected areas 、 user 、 And dealer partners through the difficulties .

since “720” Since the occurrence of catastrophic natural disasters , faw - Volkswagen carries its Volkswagen 、 audi 、 jetta The three brands have donated to the disaster stricken areas 2500 Ten thousand yuan , Make every effort to help Henan flood control and disaster relief work . among ,1000 Ten thousand yuan in cash is used to support flood control, disaster relief and post disaster reconstruction in Henan Province , Through Henan Charity Federation ; Set up separately 1500 Ten thousand yuan special fund , For FAW - Volkswagen's three major brands provide rescue services for users in Henan Province 、 Maintenance and other emergency services . And the one who rushed to Henan this time 500 platform ID.4 CROZZ Mojie scooter , faw - The total cost of Volkswagen is about 1000 Ten thousand yuan . overall , faw - Public donations in this disaster relief 、 The total expenditure exceeded 3500 ten thousand .

besides ,7 month 27 Japan , To solve the repair problem of damaged vehicles , faw - Volkswagen decided to transfer elite soldiers from five places and six factories , It was finalized overnight 86 Assistance list of workshop maintenance technicians . The technicians went to the dealers in the affected areas as soon as they received the notice , Assist local dealers to complete 7000 Repair of more than damaged vehicles .

 Provide car owners with a scooter faw - Mass dispatch ID.4 CROZZ Rush to Zhengzhou

faw - Volkswagen Changchun base rushed to Zhengzhou

 Provide car owners with a scooter faw - Mass dispatch ID.4 CROZZ Rush to Zhengzhou

faw - Volkswagen Tianjin base rushed to Zhengzhou

“ After reaching Zhengzhou , Unconsciously, colleagues are not afraid of hardship 、 Infected by the active work style , I'm also very motivated , I hope I can overcome the difficult working environment and super long working hours like other colleagues , Help dealers quickly complete the repair of damaged vehicles , Let users get on the car one day earlier .” A technician from Changchun base said proudly .

 Provide car owners with a scooter faw - Mass dispatch ID.4 CROZZ Rush to Zhengzhou

Repair the vehicle in high temperature

In the face of disaster , faw - Volkswagen closely unites employees and dealers , Not afraid of difficulties , Cohesion , With maximum strength 、 The fastest speed to assist Henan and the majority of car owners .

Wind and rain go together ,“ many ” Zhicheng City . faw - The public in this “720” In catastrophic natural disasters , Actively cooperate with disaster relief . so to speak , faw - The public practices the sense of corporate social responsibility with practical actions . The disaster has passed , But FAW - The public's active practice of corporate social responsibility will never stop .

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