Unlock Taobao's new driving posture: full link play of through train AIPL

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unlock taobao new driving posture

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Let's explain what is AIPL: cognition - Interest in - Buy - loyal

Among our operating principles is : La Xin - Want to buy - harvest - buy-back

 Unlock Taobao's new driving posture : Through train AIPL Full link play

AIPL link

1. Layout a single item , Applied formula principle AIPL Model , Deeply understand the essential function model of through train . Don't mess with yourself , Trapped in nutrients , Forced pull search and other operational misunderstandings

2. Single product data analysis , From the perspective of the car , First do drainage and pull new , Promote Click , Precise keywords . You can do some weight lifting in the early stage , In order to activate the weight of the car , High click through rate The form of the first page of the card ,2-3 God ; Then add keywords for drainage , Consider drainage cost and click through rate feedback , Optimize control flow accuracy .

Practical steps

1、 Get on the bus and buy traffic , Smart bid selection promotes click , All regions are launched , Time discount options 0-8 spot 35% rest 100%; The keywords I choose are accurate keywords , If your customer unit price is very low , Go pop mode , You can add big words directly , Similar to adding words , But the offer is not a low price , Just buy traffic !

If your car is new , Low weight ,PPC high , You can consider the weight mode . There are two kinds :

1) expensive , Few words , Card high ranking Get a high click through rate ; The daily limit can 300-500

2) Middle price , Multi word ,15-30 individual , The cost of time in exchange for the cost of capital ; The daily limit can 100-200

2、 Consider the problem of optimizing flow accuracy , Look directly at the click through rate This step only depends on the keyword click through rate .

3、 Consider optimizing the collection purchase rate , The core of this purpose is to improve the direction of collection and purchase , Whose data is good to optimize , And constantly add... According to the good purchase direction word , Adjust the word ; Match through train crowd intervention .

 Unlock Taobao's new driving posture : Through train AIPL Full link play

After the pull-up , Consider planting grass . Want to buy = Add to the collection , Just focus on this point .

Look at the keyword collection and purchase rate , Consider the six part intervention of the through train crowd ( That is, the test of the population , Screening , Combine , Zoom in , Reduce , Disappear in six steps ), Synchronous check through train crowd . Of course, the classification of words here , Some keywords have their own crowd attributes behind them, so there is no need to add crowd testing and promotion . For example, brand keywords , Obviously directional keywords can be ignored . another , Look at the additional purchase rate through data optimization , The click through direction has been optimized , That is, the accuracy of incoming traffic .

4、 Keyword matching runs through the whole process , Extensive or precise control PPC And Collection Plus purchase rate , Traffic cost and accuracy , The whole process does not consider the active pull-up search problem :

Like women's wear , There are precise and extensive . There is no difference between good and bad in essence ! The core is to see how much fragmented traffic you have , Collection and purchase ability is not strong ! This step even ROI It doesn't matter if the data is poor , As long as I collect and buy well ! As long as the rate is stable , You can zoom in , There is no need to consider whether the transformation can keep up , There must be some in the back , Their true transformation and ROI The performance of the , It's just a matter of height ! Some have transformation cycles inside , You can go through , regional , The crowd , Keywords can be adjusted ROI.

 Unlock Taobao's new driving posture : Through train AIPL Full link play

5、 Consider the conversion direction , Apply the optimization model of conversion , Start with the harvest of the crowd ; The key words and people of planting grass in the front collection remain the same , Do a good job in the collection and purchase of store behavior and the harvest of hot money redirection .

6、 Rich product labels , Super recommendation can be implanted +DMP Harvesting of market leaf categories and competitive products in competitive stores in the form of combination , And do a good job in the maintenance of regular customers and fan operation of products ;

The above is a through train AIPL The rudiment of full link , Every merchant can promote and test the effect of through train . There is no need to stare at whether the through train can drive the search , Through train suppression search , How to raise weight and other details disrupt driving thinking . What to do at each stage , There are detailed processes in this link . This is the standard drainage plan for the through train , I hope I can help you !

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 Unlock Taobao's new driving posture : Through train AIPL Full link play

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