Why not recommend Toyota Asian lion? The top model is 179800 yuan. Isn't accord fragrant?

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recommend toyota asian lion model

Faw Toyota - Asian lion , As a compact car in the family , Since its launch , Its sales performance is not very ideal , Why is that so ? Logically speaking , The Asian lion is backed by FAW Toyota , And then from TNGA framework , It has obvious advantages in security and configuration , The sales volume should be easy, and the monthly sales volume should be more than 10000 , However , The fact proved that , even so , We still have a large number of Chinese people who don't buy it .

Faw Toyota - Asian lion , The official price is :14.28-17.98 Ten thousand yuan , For such a price range , I don't know what you think , Anyway, from a personal point of view , You are nothing more than a Carola , But the width of the car is also 1780mm It's the same width as Carola's car , Why should the top model be sold to 17.98 Ten thousand yuan ? Where does courage come from ? Why should I choose you ? I'm going to buy an accord “ sweet ”?

There is also the increase in the number of cars , It will also affect the overall handling stability to a certain extent . As for the interior atmosphere , Xiaobian doesn't know what to say , Anyway, I personally don't like this interior atmosphere , It looks very moderate , It is estimated that many young friends should not like , This point , It is suggested that Asian lion can learn from our domestic models of the same level , See what luxury and technology are .

motivation , Faw Toyota - The Asian lion carries a 2.0L Naturally aspirated engine , Transmission in , And what matches that is CVT Stepless gearbox , The maximum horsepower can reach 171 horse , The lowest comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 km is :5.7L, Such power performance and fuel economy , It's really good . however , For such a price range , Xiao Bian's personal suggestion , You really have a limited budget and can't afford a joint venture B Levels of car , Then you might as well buy a Carola , A friend with a good budget , Don't get tangled up , Top models 17.98 Ten thousand yuan. , You go straight to the accord / The music / passat , Isn't it better than the Asian lion “ sweet ”? Regarding this , What do you think ? Welcome to communicate and discuss below .

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