Dongfeng Fengshen Yixuan Max postponed its listing, with a pre-sale price of 97900 yuan. Are you excited?

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dongfeng fengshen yixuan max postponed

In our domestic auto market ,B Class car has always been the first choice for many families to buy a car , meanwhile , It is also a must for many car companies , There is even a saying in the car circle :“ have to B First class marketers , To the world ”, thus it can be seen , The importance of this field to automobile enterprises . Next , Xiaobian will take you to talk about our domestic B Levels of car - Dongfeng Fengshen Yixuan MAX, It is worth mentioning that , The new car was originally scheduled to go on sale this month , According to official information , Due to the epidemic situation, the listing will be postponed .

Dongfeng Fengshen Yixuan MAX, The pre-sale price is :9.79-11.59 Ten thousand yuan , As a B Class sedan , For such a pre-sale price , Xiaobian has to say that it is very cost-effective . According to the official pictures , I felt something for a moment “ shock ”, Unexpectedly 21 Million blind fans , Regarding this , I don't know what you think ? In modeling design , Yi Xuan MAX Adopted “ Sonic boom number ” The air intake grille , among , To distinguish it from the fuel version , The front face of the hybrid model also adds red and fluorescent green trim strips and “MAX” identification , The whole looks very young and dynamic .

As for interior decoration , Yi Xuan MAX The design style is simple , Even if the price is close to the people , however , In materials and workmanship , But not careless at all , This is worth praising , The central control area looks very simple , And slightly to the driver's side , Ergonomically ,D The three spoke multi-function steering wheel , Add the electronic handle , To a certain extent, it has improved the due sports breath , Decoration of a large number of chrome trim strips , And the stitching of details , So that it looks very advanced as a whole .

motivation , Yi Xuan MAX The fuel version is equipped with a 1.5T Turbocharged engine , Transmission in , And what matches that is 7 Wet double clutch gearbox , Maximum power is 204 horsepower , Peak torque is 320 cattle · rice . In general , Yi Xuan MAX As our domestic model , Undeniable? , In modeling design and interior atmosphere , The power seems to be fairly balanced , Plus the price close to the people , It's really cost-effective , If it's you , Would you choose to buy ? Welcome to communicate and discuss .

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