In the past, cars and horses were slow, but those stories related to love never stopped for a moment

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cars horses slow stories related

occasionally , Life is like an established trap , You are again careful to get rid of the established track , After all, you still have to step in , But this time I changed my shell , Become another helpless , It seems to verify the curse he blurted out in his extreme anger - that fate will not favor any pair of mismatched lovers .

She said :“ No matter how ugly the speculation is, it is only put in front of our own people to say , In front of outsiders , They don't help each other , Maybe in the eyes of many people , This is a sign of ignorance and backwardness , But sometimes I think , People who are too rational often seem too ruthless .”

When people are in despair , Always eager for someone to pull themselves , Even if it may eventually pull the other party down the abyss .