Summer test of six electric vehicles

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summer test electric vehicles

[ Car home   Professional evaluation ]  Compared with traditional fuel vehicles , Electric vehicles are more sensitive to ambient temperature . For cold environments , The car house is an annual 《 Winter lab 》 The column , To show you the performance of electric vehicles at different price segments in this environment . So how will the hot summer environment affect the performance of electric vehicles ? With this question , We've revamped the car house 《 Summer electric travel 》 The column , Bring you dry and full test content !

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We hope to pass 《2021 Summer electric travel 》 The column solves the following problems for you :

1: In hot summer , The endurance of electric vehicles in the scenario of long-distance travel is different from NEDC What is the difference in endurance ?

2: When the car is exposed to the sun , The temperature in the car is as high as 40 When the temperature is above , How long does it take for the air conditioner to adjust the temperature in the car to a comfortable temperature ? What is the impact of turning on air conditioning and refrigeration on endurance ?

3: In high temperature , Whether the rapid charging of electric vehicles will have potential safety hazards due to the high temperature of the battery ? Will the charging speed be affected ?

With the above questions , We are 7 In June, he came to the province closest to the equator of the motherland ―― hainan , Here is the endurance of the latest six popular pure electric vehicles launched in the past six months 、 Test of air conditioning and charging . The models we choose are : tesla Model Y、 Shanghai Volkswagen ID.4 X( Parameters | inquiry )、 Polar fox alpha S(ARCFOX αS)、 Biadiqin PLUS EV、 EULA good cat and GAC AIAN AION Y. I don't say much nonsense , Let's get to the point !

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■ Endurance test under long-distance travel conditions ( Run the electricity dry )

■ Summer charging speed test

■ Test of cooling effect of air conditioning in summer

by the way ! Except for pictures and texts , We also have 《2021 Summer electric travel 》 The video positive is presented to you :

More videos , On the car home video channel
《 Car home 2021 Summer electric travel part 1 》

● Model introduction :

This time 《 Summer electric travel 》 There are four main dimensions of new car selection , They are newly listed 、 The market is doing well 、 High attention and sales nationwide . besides , These models should also meet the standards of new cars , Ensure good test conditions . Next , Let's take a look at these six cars .

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Biadiqin PLUS EV 600KM Flagship

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BYD Qin is already proud of the new energy Jianghu “ veteran ” 了 , This year, BYD added a new model Qin PLUS, On the basis of maintaining the high cost performance of Qin series models , The appearance and interior have been greatly upgraded , And the proud blade battery . We chose the top model this time ,NEDC The range has reached 600km, Even in those 20-30 In front of the players in the 10000 price segment , Its endurance performance is also true .

GAC AIAN AION Y 70 Yuexiang Technology Edition

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AION Y It is a new model launched by gac-e'an this year , The first thing to praise is that the car has a really large riding space , For a compact car , It's not easy to perform like this . More Than This , The appearance of this model is also innovative , Fully meet the needs of consumers for youth and personalization . Unfortunately , This time we didn't get the longest mileage of the car 600km edition , But got NEDC life 500 The second top configuration version of KM , The subsidized selling price is only 13.56 Ten thousand yuan .

Shanghai Volkswagen ID.4 X 1st Edition ID. First edition

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ID. Series models are strategic models for Volkswagen to rise to group level , and ID.4 yes ID. The first model of the series launched in China , The importance is self-evident . Fashionable appearance 、 Rich configuration 、555km Of NEDC Range plus Volkswagen's LOGO bonus , Make this car very eye-catching among joint venture models of the same level , And its price is less than 24 Ten thousand yuan , Cost effective .

tesla Model Y Long range all wheel drive version

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As the model with the highest selling price in this electric line , tesla Model Y There is no overwhelming advantage in parameters . What does it rely on to be so hot in the market ? I think the answer should be equilibrium , No matter how you ride / Storage space 、 performance 、 Both endurance and auxiliary driving performance are very eye-catching , As for appearance and interior design , The car maintains a simple and smooth design idea .

Euler is a good cat 500km Long life Poseidon version

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Since the launch of Euler's good cat , The praise for the appearance design of the car has never stopped , The naive appearance is really popular , Especially female consumers . The models participating in this electric exercise are top equipped version , Have 501km Of NEDC recharge mileage , For a small car , This performance is pretty good .

Polar fox alpha S (ARCFOX αS) 708S+

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Finally, the model brought to you is extremely fox alpha S (ARCFOX αS)708S+, Although the car is not top equipped ,NEDC Range but have 708km It is the highest in the whole department , At the same time, it is also the model with the highest endurance in the audience . So can the car show its long-range strength in the next endurance test ? Let's turn to the next page right away , Go and find out !

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