At the end of the pre research stage of Jidu automobile engineering, it signed a contract with Continental to accelerate the mass production of products

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end pre research stage jidu

8 month 6 Japan , Jidu has officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Continental , The two sides will work on smart electric vehicles 、 Intelligent networking and automated driving are closely cooperating , And will promote the accelerated landing of Jidu's first product .

Xia Yiping, CEO of Jidu 、 Tang en, President and CEO of continental China, attended the signing ceremony .

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Based on the agreement , Jidu and continental will form a comprehensive technology alliance , On autopilot 、 Under the background of intelligent networking and intelligent transportation , Jointly explore and practice innovative business models , Accelerate the landing of intensive products , Create a comprehensive 、 System solution .

Xia Yiping, chief executive of Jidu, said :「 Set self 3 Since its establishment in January, it has been 158 days , At present, our project pre research will end this month , The next stage will enter the mass production R & D process . We hope to create a product that belongs to the benchmark in the industry from experience to intelligence to automatic driving . Hope to cooperate with Continental , Let such an exciting product create surprises in the market .」

Tang en, President and CEO of continental China, said :「 Intelligent networking ,  Automatic driving and intelligent transportation are the development trend of China's automobile and travel industry , Continental has a sound technical layout and advanced system solutions in these core areas . We believe that through the comprehensive cooperation of both sides , It can further promote the electrification of China's travel market , Intelligent 、 Networking 、 Sustainable development in the field of automation .」

Jidu's cooperation with Continental , It marks the efficient promotion of the layout of Jidu in the intelligent ecological supply chain . future , Jidu will fully carry out in-depth exchanges and cooperation with all partners .

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