On a year-on-year basis, Lingke officially announced the sales volume in July 2021

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[ Car home information ]  In recent days, , Lingke officially announced 2021 year 7 In sales , data display , Link car 7 Monthly sales volume is 18225 car , rose 18.88%, Sequential rise 6.72%, The cumulative total sales volume of all Lingke models reached 556046 car . at present , Lingke automobile has a total of 6 A car line , Lingke 01、 Led the g ( Parameters | inquiry )02、 Led the g 03、 Led the g 05、 Led the g 06 And get g 09, And link 09 It's going to be 2021 It was officially launched in the fourth quarter of .

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 Led the g Led the g 05 2021 paragraph 2.0TD 05+ Basic type

『 Led the g 05+』

For now , Led the g 01 And linker 03 The model is the main sales force of Lingke cars , After changing the model, the product power has been further improved ; And link 02 The model has been launched recently HB edition , It is associated with 03+ In the segment market of domestic performance vehicles, the popularity is gradually improved ; Besides , Led the g 05 The model is also about to be launched 05+ edition , Further enrich its performance vehicle series .

 Led the g Led the g 09 2021 paragraph Basic type

『 Led the g 09』

Last , The upcoming link 09 Is based on SPA The first medium and large-scale built by the architecture SUV, At the same time, it is also the flagship model of Lingke brand ; Power on , New cars will carry 2.0T A variety of power combinations including the engine , It includes 2.0T+48V+8AT Equipped with mechanical 4WD ;2.0T+8AT PHEV Electric four-wheel drive ;2.0T HEV Light hybrid electric 4WD, etc , The maximum power will be from 252 Horsepower to maximum 431 horsepower , The mechanical 4WD comes from Borg Warner's sixth generation 4WD Technology .( writing / Car home graduation )

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