European chip factories paralyzed, BMW sales will be affected

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european chip factories paralyzed bmw

[ Car home   information ] Chip maker Infineon technology said , Two factories have been temporarily paralyzed , This will further aggravate the situation in Germany 30 The worst supply crisis in years . Infineon's two factories , One is located in Malaysia , Closed due to COVID-19 , Another factory in the United States was closed for climate reasons .

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Infineon is a very important chip company in Europe , It is also one of the important suppliers of German cars , This will further affect the sales of German brand cars . It was previously reported that , Volkswagen's factories around the world are seriously affected by chips . BMW said the chip shortage will lead to the overall performance in the third quarter and the second half of this year .

A survey shows that , Germany has 83% Our company is being affected by key components , And before that 4 Companies affected in January accounted for only 65%. In order to solve the current chip shortage , Reduce dependence on foreign chip companies , Billions of dollars of investment plans have been launched .( writing / Car home Qin Chao )

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