Volkswagen square battery will be manufactured by Samsung SDI

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volkswagen square battery manufactured samsung

[ Car home   information ]  We learned a few days ago , Samsung, a battery manufacturer under the SamSung group SDI A battery contract has been signed with Volkswagen , future , samsung SDI Will be responsible for the public “ Unified square battery ” Manufacturing work . samsung SDI At present, the automobile customers we cooperate with are BMW 、 ford 、 Volvo, etc , meanwhile , It includes China 、 South Korea 、 Hungary and other countries have built battery factories .

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before , Designed by the public “ Unified square battery ” The mystery has been lifted , With the signing of the contract , samsung SDI The future will be responsible for making this battery “ to ground ”. According to a source , Volkswagen will provide Samsung with the specifications and functions of the new battery SDI, The latter will complete the subsequent production and manufacturing work , But so far , We still don't know Samsung SDI Are there any other helpers .( writing / Car home Andy du )

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