Encounter a lot of water soaked cars again? Torture after flood in Henan

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encounter lot water soaked cars

[ Car home Deep evaluation ]  The heavy rain in Henan in recent days has worried the hearts of the people all over the country , The whole society has made concerted efforts to help the affected areas in Henan make a smooth transition to the post disaster recovery stage . The number of cars in Zhengzhou, which was seriously affected, exceeded 400 Ten thousand units , How to reasonably dispose of a large number of water soaked vehicles has become a problem of great concern in the industry .

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According to the data disclosed by the Information Office of Henan provincial government , By 7 month 28 Japan , Henan insurance industry has received a total of claims reports 41.23 Thousands of pieces of , Preliminary loss estimation 98.04 One hundred million yuan ; among , Henan property insurance industry has received a total of auto insurance claims 22.64 Thousands of pieces of , Loss estimation 64.12 One hundred million yuan , The proportion of estimated loss of auto insurance exceeds 65%.

In view of the large number of water soaked vehicles caused by the urban waterlogging , The insurance company and the local traffic police department jointly rescue , Centralized rescue and disposal of wading vehicles , Simplify the claims process , Introduction “ Three exemptions have been ” service ( Free from site survey 、 No weather proof 、 Free rescue 、 After determining the loss, make a direct compensation to the store ), Set up a rescue center in Zhengzhou alone 11 individual .

The vehicle is soaked in water , It usually faces two situations: repair and scrapping . After the original owner disposed of the vehicle , It will cause a large number of soaked vehicles to flow into the second-hand market . So how do you define a bubble car ? And how to deal with it correctly ?

■ be visible before the eyes : Struggling in the storm

7 month 20 Japan , Zhengzhou suffered a torrential rain . At midday , The rain is falling fast , The owner Zhang Ning specially found a high-lying area near the company to park . His Range Rover Sport model started in less than a month , Although it is one, it was manufactured in 2019 Second hand cars in , But more than 60 Wan's purchase price makes him cherish his usual use .

On the day 16 when , The rainstorm intensified , The rainfall in an hour reaches 201.9 mm , The main roads in the city were blocked by rain . On the way home, Zhang Ning immediately turned around and drove to his unit , Some family cars with lower chassis around have been anchored in the water . As the rain continued , Zhang Ning realized that the situation was serious , If the road ponding deepens , Will not be able to return home .

immediately , Zhang Ning drove to explore Dongfeng Road, which he used to drive in his daily commute , It is found that the ponding depth in this section has exceeded 1.5 rice . The wading limit of the vehicle he drives is 0.9 rice , Unable to pass normally . Then , Zhang Ning drove the vehicle to Xinyuan road with shallow ponding to jingsan road , Difficult traffic . At that time, the water level in this section was close to 1 rice .

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7 month 22 Japan , Zhang Ning just contacted the insurance company , After the other party drags the vehicle away, the loss will be determined 5 Ten thousand yuan , The repair time is from the original 10 The day is extended to 30 God . Affected by heavy rain , Zhangning's Land Rover is like most water soaked vehicles , The three-way catalyst of the exhaust system needs to be replaced .

The other side , Li Hui is undoubtedly one of the busiest car dealers in this rainstorm .7 month 20 At noon , The rain increased . When the rain pours , Li Hui is in the store , The water level of the Academy river not far in front of the gate is urgent , It's close to the bridge deck . Many vehicles rush downstream with the water from the upstream section , The asphalt of the pavement is soaked by rain, resulting in cracking , The broken down vehicles were parked on the road .

In order to deal with the possible danger caused by heavy rain , Li Hui's 4S Some employees of the store 20 Day off . Increasing number of road rescue cases , Let the only maintenance and rescue personnel and towed vehicles in the store fully enter the overload operation state . to 21 Day in the morning , The shop has been completed in succession 40 Rescue of more than vehicles .

Li Hui said , Road rescue work is extremely difficult . Many water soaked vehicles are stuck in low-lying areas , The staff had to work hard in waist deep water , If you are careless , It is likely to cause secondary accidents .

7 month 21 Japan , The flood has entered a receding stage , Li Hui and several maintenance technicians cleaned up the sediment blocked by the drain . Simply, the decoration time of the store is short , Good drainage facilities . The deepest ponding in the store caused by rainstorm shall not exceed 2 A centimeter , It didn't cause the showroom to 、 The vehicle in the parking lot has a water immersion accident .

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■ What degree of flooding is a water car ?

Zhengzhou is the main passenger car consumption area in Henan and even the central region , After the rainstorm, a certain number of water soaked vehicles will flow to the second-hand market . At present, some used car dealers from all over the country have sought the transaction of the affected vehicles .

It is reported that , The vehicle is soaked in water according to the degree , The degree of potential use hazards is also different . Some slight soaking scenes , The maintenance and adjustment of the vehicle will not affect the subsequent use , But some situations can cause serious security risks . For car dealers , The water soaked vehicle means that the residual value of the vehicle decreases significantly . Even an unregistered new car , After being seriously soaked in water, you can only face scrapping or price reduction 70% Sell around . At present, there is no specific authoritative classification standard for water soaked vehicles in China , This has also become the circulation link of the bubble car “ Talk about the color change ” Important reasons .

2013 year 12 month 31 Japan , AQSIQ 、 The National Standards Committee has officially issued 《 Technical specification for used car appraisal and evaluation 》( abbreviation 《 standard 》), This marks the official introduction of norms and standards for the used car industry , Used car assessment has “ National standard ”. according to 《 standard 》 requirement , It is necessary to evaluate whether there are water bubbles in the used car appraisal . thereafter , There have been “ Insurance standards ” And “ Industry standard ” Two ways to define .

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Industry standards are relatively specific , It is divided into three grades according to the degree of water inflow .

Immersion truck , That is, the water immersion trace reaches the bottom of the front seat sound system . Although such vehicles have no major potential safety hazards after repair , But after rain erosion and preparation , The splicing firmness of vehicle carpet decreases ; The gap at the bottom of the vehicle is difficult to repair , It is easy to cause secondary corrosion . For pure electric vehicles , There is the possibility of damaging the battery .

Bubble car , Usually, the water level in the engine exceeds the engine cover and enters the cockpit , The water level reaches the lower end of the traditional shift lever . The water soaking of the vehicle to this extent has seriously affected the operation of the audio-visual equipment and fresh air system in the vehicle , It is easy to cause cavities in the engine assembly 、 Irreversible damage to vehicle electronic equipment 、 The engine connecting rod and other parts are broken 、 Irreparable corrosion occurs in the structural parts of the vehicle . After repair and servicing , On the road again, the engine will shut down ; Because some sediment cannot be fully treated , In extreme cases or when the timing belt breaks .

Drowning car , It means that the water level is below the top of the vehicle . These vehicles are the most endangered , Almost impossible to repair . It is very easy to have potential safety hazards on the road after repair , It is usually scrapped directly .

Compare the two standards , It is difficult for ordinary consumers to understand the difference literally . So as to blindly identify in the actual transaction process “ Having an accident record means that the vehicle has a water immersion accident .” For this understanding , Song Yahui, an auto insurance loss adjuster, gave an explanation , The standard formulated by insurance companies is the claim settlement standard based on insurance liability ; The standards implemented by the vehicle manufacturer are based on the safety standards for normal use of vehicles . Simple understanding , The consumer reports the case to the insurance company for vehicle damage or engine wading , After screening by the insurance company, whether or not it is determined that , The above reasons must appear in the accident records of relevant vehicles .

■ How to properly dispose of the water soaked vehicle ?

After this round of disaster , There are bound to be a large number of bubble cars flowing into the used car market . The disposal of water soaked vehicles is mainly maintenance 、 resale 、 Scrap . among , Insurance compensation is an important source of funds for the disposal of water tankers , Therefore, the attitude of the insurance company largely determines the direction of the bubble car .

Hi tech digital gathering CEO Cheng Jie said , The insurance company follows the principle of “ Pay all that should be paid ” Principles . therefore , For some vehicles that will not affect their continued use after relatively simple maintenance , Often advocate maintenance ; And some vehicles whose maintenance price is far greater than their own value , The insurance company will decide “ Total loss ” Put on an auction . Although the insurance company's disposal of water soaked vehicles is relatively standardized , However, the attitude of the used car trading end towards the bubble car is still chaotic 、 The problem of disorder .

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Cheng Jie said , At present, the state has no regulations that water tankers cannot be traded . The value of the bubble car should be subject to the auction price , Mechanized pricing is difficult to achieve cost performance , Auction means with publicity and public trust is the premise of transparency . Many third-party query platforms on the market can provide relatively complete insurance records of vehicles , The insurance loss determination is mostly realized according to the vehicle zero integer ratio data . Such a price strategy , This is the relatively credible valuation measure of the bubble car . At present, the relatively standardized used car auction platform , A relatively standard used car transaction process has been formed , It can also play a role in increasing credit for circulation .

For reaching “ The water is drowning ” Level , Vehicles that cannot be repaired . Cheng Jie thinks , The vehicle can be disassembled , And recycle the parts that still have use value . But the disassembled parts should also be clearly informed of the soaking situation at the time of transaction .

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Cheshang Changjian said , The profit of bubble car is relative to that of used car 6% The gross profit of the transaction is much higher . For some cars with a shorter age , The car outside is in good condition “ Quasi new car ”、“ Short life car ” Consumers can preliminarily judge the degree of vehicle soaking by querying insurance data . But for some original vehicles, the condition is poor , Older vehicles , It is difficult to identify .

The maintenance of these vehicles 、 Insurance data is difficult to verify because of the long time . In addition, some parts show signs of natural aging , It is difficult to judge whether it is caused by soaking in water or long-term use . And some water tankers didn't get out of danger , Direct trading , Even practitioners are difficult to easily judge whether they have encountered a bubble .

Based on this , Henan second-hand car related institutions United nearly 300 A business enterprise issued a proposal : Call on local enterprises to operate in good faith , Make vehicle condition information transparent ; Seeking truth from facts , False reports are not allowed ; Stick to the rules , Maintain the healthy development of the industry .

Cheng Jie suggested , In the near future, consumers who need to exchange should give priority to reputable used car e-commerce platforms and large used car trading markets , Even if there is a transaction dispute , The car owner's request can also have a relatively good settlement mechanism .( writing / Auto House Industry commentator The black ship sails )

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 There are a lot of water soaked vehicles ? Torture after the flood in Henan Car home
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