Aerodynamic upgrade Pagani huayra special edition official map

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aerodynamic upgrade pagani huayra special

[ Car home New car official map ]  Before you know it , distance pagani Huayra( Parameters | inquiry ) The first release has passed 10 year . But nonetheless ,Huayra and “ Big brother ”Zonda It still maintains a fresh heat and continues to rise in the appreciation rate , As if they were all new cars released only last year . Curious ? pagani “ rehash ” Why is the realm of so high ?Huayra BC Pacchetto Tempesta Maybe it shows us a new “ Wealth code ”.

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Of course , So-called “ Wealth code ” Not the car itself . Pagani's Zonda and Huayra Why it's so valuable , The reason lies in the limited sale of the vehicle itself and the ultra-high degree of customization , such “ unique ” The vanity brought about by it can't be bought by the rich with much money . therefore , Keeping the suite up to date is Zonda and Huayra The biggest reason for hedging ―― If your Huayra Buy in 10 Years ago , You don't have to worry about it going out of date , Because oracio ・ Pagani will always be in Italy waiting for you to take your old car back to the furnace and rebuild it .

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therefore , Pagani launched a new Huayra BC Pacchetto Tempesta The purpose is obvious , Of course, the official announcement is to celebrate the birth of the model 10 The anniversary is one of them , The new suite is more important for Huayra Bring new appreciation space , And the cost and profit of the transformation .

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As an upgrade , The new car is equipped with new front spoiler components 、 Top air inlet 、 Carbon fiber rear spoiler 、 Six out rear exhaust and with “ Comfort mode ” New suspension, etc . motivation , The new car will be equipped with upgraded 6.0T Twin turbocharging V12 The engine , The most powerful 827 horsepower , Peak torque 1100 cattle ・ rice , Compared with the basic version, it has been greatly improved .( writing / Car home Ma Aijun )

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