It is expected to release new Fox spy photos in early 2022

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expected release new fox spy

[ Car home   Overseas spy photos ]  recently , We got a group of new models from overseas media Ford focus ( Parameters | inquiry ) Road test spy photos of models . There will be some changes in the appearance and interior design of the new car , Besides, there are rumors that , In terms of power, the new car will return to the four cylinder engine . It is reported that , The new car may be in 2022 Debut in spring .

Friendship tips : I hope enthusiastic netizens can take spy photos of your new car , And send it to our corresponding mailbox, I look forward to hearing from you , And become “ Spy ” A member of the .

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From the spy photos , The front part of the new car is covered with heavy camouflage , The shape of headlamp groups on both sides is more narrow and long , Inside LED The shape of daytime running lights has changed ; The forward air grille adopts polygonal design and banner medium mesh , The front enclosure is covered with a camouflage shell , Can't predict its modeling style very well .

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The body side , The overall shape design of the car washing shop has not changed too much , Relatively flat doors and slightly protruding side fenders at the front and rear , With five spoke rims , Make the new car look sporty .

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The rear part , There may be some changes in the shape of the tail lamp of the new car , Other aspects have changed little , It is still equipped with a small rear spoiler , The back enclosure adopts two-color and double-layer design , It is also equipped with a single side exhaust layout with two outlets .

The interior , We didn't get any pictures , But according to overseas media , Ford may use a larger central control multimedia display for new cars , Size is expected to reach 10 inch , And equipped with the latest SYNC 4 Car engine system .

motivation , At present, there is no official news that the new Fox will replace the four cylinder engine , But according to the dismal performance of domestic fox sales , The return of the four cylinder engine may be imperative .( writing / Car home graduation )

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