HK $118 / share ideal automobile intends to raise HK $11.6 billion

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hk share ideal automobile intends

[ Car home New energy ]  recently , Ideal automobile issued an announcement on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange , Set the offering price of its Hong Kong shares for the international offering and the public offering in Hong Kong, China as 118.00 The Hong Kong dollar , Equivalent to approximately... Per American depositary share 30.36 dollar ( With 7.7746 Hong Kong dollar exchange 1.00 The exchange rate of the US dollar ). By 8 month 6 Closed yesterday , Ideal auto U.S. stocks closed 30.35 dollar / stocks .

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The ideal car is expected to be in 2021 year 8 month 12 Japan ( Thursday ) Start listing and trading on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange , The stock code is 2015. This time in Hong Kong , The ideal car will be released 1 Billion companies A Class A Common Stock , After deducting the underwriting fee 、 After commission and estimated offering fee , Financing is expected to be realized 116 Million Hong Kong dollars .

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According to the announcement of ideal car , The financing will be used to develop high-voltage pure electric vehicle technology 、 Platform and future models 、 Intelligent vehicle and automatic driving technology 、 In the future, there will be more electric models ; Expand capacity 、 Expand retail stores and delivery and service centers 、 Launch high-power charging network 、 Marketing and promotion ; Working capital and other general corporate purposes .( writing / Car home Sun Yichao )

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