Throw the red flag of FAW behind the ten million yuan to give the champion a car

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throw red flag faw million

With the increasing popularity of the Tokyo Olympic Games , A round of high-quality sports IP The battle for resources has quietly begun .

8 month 5 Japan , faw The red flag Announced through the official microblog , One for each gold medalist of the Tokyo Olympic Games The red flag H9 Parameters picture ), Because every medal , It was a red flag flying . meanwhile , FAW red flag also said , Will get silver 、 Each athlete with a bronze medal presents The red flag H9 Right to use the product .

 Throw more than ten million <a href= Behind the yuan FAW red flag gives the champion a car " src="//" />

picture source : Sina weibo (@ FAW red flag )

actually , Enterprises sponsor top events 、 Signing famous athletes, etc “ Sports marketing ” Cases are common . Take the Tokyo Olympic Games as an example , According to the public data released by the IOC ,2020 There are only Japanese domestic sponsors for the 2008 Tokyo Olympic Games 66 home , The amount of the contract signed between the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee and it exceeds 33 Billion dollars ( renminbi 213 One hundred million yuan ).

FAW red flag gift car , Throw more than ten million yuan

“ The Tokyo Olympics , The athletes of the Chinese Olympic delegation dare to fight 、 Dare to surpass , Show China's high spirited and enterprising attitude to the people of the whole country and the world , Let the red flag rise again and again in the Olympic Stadium , This is the same as the Red Flag brand idea There is a deep fit ; The ultimate pursuit of athletes in sports , And Hongqi's ultimate pursuit of products , Also reached a high degree of fit ; Chinese Olympic athletes show unprecedented vitality and positive energy , We not only have good grades , And the magnanimity of a great power in the new era 、 The mind of a big country , This is the flagship of the red flag C+ Class car red flag H9 The style of our products is a perfect fit .” The relevant person in charge of FAW red flag told 《 The daily economic news 》 The reporter , For these three reasons , The red flag made the decision to give cars to the athletes , Pay tribute to the fighting spirit of the athletes .

As the representative of the high-end image of the Red Flag brand , The red flag H9 Positioning medium and large cars , Price range: 30.98 ten thousand ~53.98 Ten thousand yuan , For standard audi A6L Mercedes E level BMW 5 system Models such as .

 Behind the grand throw of more than ten million yuan FAW red flag gives the champion a car

picture source : Each by the reporters Zhang Jian taken ( Data figure )

The relevant person in charge of FAW red flag disclosed that , The model given this time is red flag H9 2.0T  Zhilian Qichang version , The official price is 36.98 Ten thousand yuan . As of press release , The Chinese sports delegation has won... At the current Tokyo Olympic Games 34 Gold MEDALS 、24 Silver medal 、16 Bronze medal . If you don't consider group events and double events , Only one gold medal corresponds to one athlete , The total value of the vehicles donated by red flag has exceeded 1257 Ten thousand yuan ( Excluding the value of the right to use ).

There is a view that , FAW red flag's move not only increases its own exposure , It also won a reputation for the brand , Over ten million yuan “ Advertising fee ” It's worth it .

The data of the ride show , The red flag H9 The monthly sales volume is basically maintained at 2000 The level of left and right cars , This year, 1~6 The cumulative monthly sales is about 1.36 Thousands of cars .

at present , FAW red flag is owned by H5、HS5、HS7、H9、E-HS9 The product matrix , Cover 15 ten thousand -70 The consumer market of 10000 yuan . According to the latest data released by FAW red flag , This year, 1~7 month , FAW Hongqi has sold more than 17 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 95%.

Car companies tap the Olympic Games “ gold ”

Faced with hundreds of millions of dollars of upfront costs , What inspires the investment enthusiasm of auto enterprises is undoubtedly “ Olympic ” The huge return behind it . In the past classic marketing cases , Including the public 、 nissan 、 Hyundai and many other auto companies are on the list .

“ The Olympic Games is a ‘ gold ’, For enterprises, it is a once-in-a-century business opportunity .” At the time , Volkswagen Group ( China ) The person in charge of the market once said , With sponsorship 2008 The Beijing Olympic Games bring the opportunity of brand reputation , Volkswagen will usher in a new starting point and beginning .

 Behind the grand throw of more than ten million yuan FAW red flag gives the champion a car

picture source : Vision China

As predicted by the above people , Relevant information display , As 2008 Volkswagen, the official auto partner of the Beijing Olympic Games , In its 2008 Before the Beijing Olympic Games, the sales volume in Huayue failed to break through 10 Thousands of cars . And in the “ Beijing Olympic Games ” Under the blessing of heat , Volkswagen is not just 2008 In, he achieved 102.4 The annual sales of 10000 vehicles in China , Exceed the established sales target , But also in 2018 In, the sales volume in a single month exceeded 35 The performance of 10000 vehicles . Take sponsoring the Beijing Olympic Games as a watershed , In the next ten years , Volkswagen is developing in China and driving into the fast lane .

The same situation also appears on Nissan cars . As 2016 Rio Olympics 、 The paralympic games 、 The official car sponsor of the Olympic Torch Relay , Nissan's sponsorship is about 2.5 Billion dollars , More than most of the events previously sponsored by Nissan , And this has also brought an immediate driving effect to its sales . Disclosure of information ,2017 Years and 2018 year , Nissan's sales in Brazil are 7.47 Thousands of cars and 9.11 Thousands of cars , An increase of 30.5% and 22%, Market share is from 3.4% Promoted to 4.3%.

Besides , cost 7000 Million dollars to sponsor 2012 The BMW group of the London Olympic Games is after the game “ It's a good harvest ”. BMW at that time ( China ) Xu Zhijun, President of Automobile Trading Co., Ltd., once said publicly , From the end of the London Olympics to 2012 year 9 End of month ,2012 London Olympic Games 47 Chinese gold medalist , More than four fifths of athletes buy BMW and MINI models ; And the Chinese Olympic delegation 103 A medal winner , More than two-thirds chose BMW and MINI models .

To become “ The choice of the champion ”, It also reflects BMW to a certain extent “ Olympic marketing ” Deep in the hearts of the people . Mei Xiaoqun, then vice president of marketing of BMW Brilliance Automobile Co., Ltd., also said in an interview with the media ,2012 Year of “ Olympic marketing ”, Make the audience aware of BMW Zhiyue's understanding goes a step further . Thanks to this ,2012 year , BMW Group's car sales in China exceeded... For the first time 30 Than mark , achieve 32.73 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 40.1%, The growth rate of the global market is the first ;2013 year 1~5 month , BMW's cumulative sales volume in China is 14.83 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 9.8%.

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