Savage growth of subsidiaries of automobile enterprises, accelerating financing and seizing soft and hard ecology

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savage growth subsidiaries automobile enterprises

 The subsidiaries of automobile enterprises grow savagely Accelerate financing to seize the soft and hard Ecology

2018 year 2 month , The Great Wall Automobile founded a wholly-owned subsidiary, honeycomb energy . Now three years later , After equity penetration , The share of Great Wall holdings in honeycomb energy has been reduced to 46%, Less than half .

This is the most direct manifestation of honeycomb energy after three rounds of market-oriented equity financing . In recent days, , Honeycomb energy held B Round of financing closing ceremony , Total financing 102.8 Billion element RMB . New shareholders in this round of financing 25 individual , thus , The number of shareholders of honeycomb energy has reached 50 individual . After this round of financing , The proportion of Great Wall holdings decreased accordingly to 46%.

Another independent car enterprise BYD There is a similar situation , Its subsidiary BYD semiconductor is in 2020 The year of A round 、A+ Round of funding , The total amount of financing is 27 RMB 100 million , Shareholders include SMIC 、 Xiaomi Tech 、 SAIC investment 、 BAIC industrial investment 、 Redwood Parameters picture ) Capital, etc. . Disclosure of information , At present, the proportion of BYD shares in BYD semiconductor is 72.3%.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for car companies to spin off their subsidiaries for independent operation , With the increasing competition in the automotive industry , More and more subsidiaries of automobile enterprises seek more capital 、 More cooperation and larger sales market , And split up to operate independently .

“ Czech hydrogen has announced that it will go public , Including zhonghaiting 、 Lianchuang electronics, etc , We should also complete the preparation for spin off and listing in the near future , Other companies are on the way .” stay 6 SAIC Group... Held in June 《 Zhicahui 》 On , Vice president of SAIC President 、 Chief engineer Zu Xijie said , SAIC has 14 Technology companies , Among them is 3 Home is already preparing for independent listing .

Unlike Great Wall Motors and BYD , Shanghai automotive industry corporation “ big ” Take out 14 Technology companies , It covers more than hardware parts companies , It also includes software companies specializing in smart car solutions . The data shows , this 14 This company includes intelligent Internet connection 、 Three electric system 、 Information security 、 Intelligent driving and other fields , This shows the attitude of China's largest auto enterprises towards the spin off and listing of their subsidiaries .

“( Except for companies that are ready to finance ) In the future, others will gradually open capital to the society , I also hope they become stronger and bigger , Serve the industry on the basis of serving SAIC , Even some technologies I think can be trillions .” Zu Xijie said in an interview with reporters including the Economic Observer .

In the spin off of many subsidiaries of automobile enterprises 、 Behind the independent trend , The new business model is gradually reflected , The model revolves around the industry “ make ” And “ application ” It's good to be a car company . In terms of industry building , The opening of capital 、 Multi party cooperation helps enterprises better 、 Develop faster ; In application , More open supply is considered to be one of the future development rhythms of automobile enterprise subsidiaries .

Spin off boom

Honeycomb energy was completed not long ago B Round of funding , It is also the last round of financing before its listing . According to media reports ,B After round financing , The valuation of honeycomb energy is about 362.8 One hundred million yuan .

It's not just honeycomb energy , Spin off and list the subsidiary independently , It has become the common strategy of some auto enterprises . Zheng Lipeng, CO chairman of Great Wall Motor honeycomb e-tron, also worked in honeycomb power No 1000 10000 engines said at the off-line ceremony , The future positioning of the engine sector must also be spin off , In the future, the proportion of the Great Wall in the power supply of honeycomb will be as low as 50% within .

BYD's power battery company Freddie battery has a similar strategy , Li Yunfei, general manager of BYD brand and public relations department, said in a media interview recently , Freddy battery will be gradually introduced into the capital market in the next year or two , Want to do “ Everyone's Freddy ”, instead of “ BYD's Freddy ”.

According to media reports , Great Wall's Honeycomb energy and BYD semiconductor 、 BYD and Freddy batteries have the potential to enter the capital market IPO The plan for . This year, 6 month , BYD announced that , It is proposed to spin off its subsidiary BYD semiconductor to be listed on the gem of Shenzhen Stock Exchange . at present , Yadi semiconductor gem listing application has been accepted . This year, 4 month , Li Yunfei said , BYD's ferdi battery will also be listed in a year or two .

If the Great Wall 、 BYD on power batteries 、 Independence and spin off of semiconductor subsidiaries , Just its opening to the hardware industry , Then SAIC's separation of independent subsidiaries is more comprehensive .

SAIC has 14 Technology companies , In an interview with reporters including the Economic Observer , Zu Xijie introduced the categories and positioning of these technology companies .

Shanghai automotive industry corporation 14 The camp of a technology company is formed around electrification and intelligent networking , Electrification includes three electricity ( The battery 、 The motor 、 Electronic control system ), The currently known hydrogen jet technology is responsible for the battery ; In the field of intelligent networking, there are zero beam companies and “ cloud ” The company . Besides , It also includes zebra, a joint venture between SAIC and Ali 、 Zhonghaiting company specializing in high-precision maps 、 The upcoming network information security company 、 Intelligent networking platform company 、 Intelligent driving company, etc .

“ First, these companies are trying to solve the problem of new mechanisms , The other is to solve the basic consideration of serving the industry .” Zu Xiangjie explained , The practice in the industrial chain is that the enterprise only invests part of itself , You can even invest in subsidiaries with competitors , Competitors can also become partners .

On the independence of software companies , SAIC, led by zero beam company, has another set of cooperation methods .“ I believe in us ( Zero beam and other enterprises ) Will find a path of cooperation , Whether they hold shares or invest in us in the future , Or adopt a more flexible business model . not always ‘ Family bucket ’ Sell it to him , You can sell him some modules and software middleware .” SAIC zero beam software CEO In an interview with reporters including the economic observer, Li Jun said , Software needs the market 、 Operational iteration 、 Scene and polish , The industry needs to be more open .

“ In terms of joint venture brands, we are also actively looking for business opportunities .” Li Jun said , At present, the customers of zero beam are still only the two major electric vehicle brands within SAIC Group —— Zhiji car and R automobile . Disclosure of information , The business scope of zero beam covers almost the whole field of intelligent networking , Including a centralized electronic architecture 、SOA Software and developer platform 、 The whole stack OTA And network security 、 Four aspects of data factory of intelligent vehicle .

Take the lead

There are two main reasons for car companies to spin off independent subsidiaries , First, from the perspective of financing , After the subsidiary is separated and independent , Sufficient external funds can make the subsidiary develop and expand rapidly ; Second, from the perspective of Supply , Open financing can often bring more customers , Not just to supply the needs of the parent company .

Hive energy 、 Companies such as ferdi battery are in the battery field with increasing competition , The adequacy of funds plays a key role in seizing the market . Media reports said , Honeycomb energy should be in 2025 Annual production capacity reaches 200GWh, The amount of money needed is about 600-700 One hundred million yuan , The subsequent amount of capital needs to be raised through listing .

“ We expect to add... In the second half of this year 1-2 A large base .” Chairman and chairman of honeycomb energy CEO Yang Hongxin is B Said at the closing ceremony of the round of financing , At present, the main contradiction of honeycomb energy is the continuous increase of customer orders and the shortage of effective capacity . Honeycomb energy means , The raised funds are mainly used for new technology R & D and new plant construction .

Background of independent financing of honeycomb energy , It is a rising competitive atmosphere in the battery field . Public data display , In the first half of this year, the installed capacity of domestic power batteries ranked , Beehive energy to 0.84GWh The installed capacity is squeezed into TOP10, Rank No 7. Compared with the same period last year , Byd to 7.65GWh The installed capacity of catch up with LG Chemistry ranks second , The Times of ningde 25.76GWh The installed capacity of the ranks first , Occupy 49.1% Share .

Honeycomb energy has been obtained, including Great Wall Motors 、 Geely 、 Dongfeng motor 、PSA、 joint 、 Jinkang 、 Zero run and other domestic and international mainstream automobile manufacturers 25 A sales point , existing 10 The remaining vehicle loaded with honeycomb energy battery system has completed the announcement Certification . Yang Hongxin said , Next year, the proportion of installed capacity of the Great Wall will drop to 50% about , It will drop to 40% about . That means outside the Great Wall , Honeycomb energy will gradually welcome more other customers .

Compared with the great wall and BYD , SAIC controls the parts supply chain more thoroughly .“ We attach great importance to the construction of industrial chain , At the same time, some key parts systems will also face the problem of supply chain security , In this regard, SAIC will still build its own .” Zu Xijie said , Because some self built parts systems require huge investment , Therefore, SAIC will take a variety of ways to solve , Some are cooperative ways , Even the way of capital , But SAIC will also master the core things .

Outside the parts hardware company , The greater significance of independent operation of software subsidiaries lies in cooperation to build . In all aspects of the automotive industry compete in speed Now , This will be the countermeasure for many enterprises to seize the window period .

“ We made SOA software platform , Invited Baidu 、 Ali 、 tencent 、 JD.COM 、 Huawei 、OPPO、Momneta、 Horizon, etc. join in the creation of automobile Ecology , Can work together to build a soft platform 、 Cross model system , Give Way SOA Become a Chinese standard component .” Zu Xiangjie thinks , In SAIC's competitiveness , Software ecology is an essential part , Need to involve multiple parties .

Zero beam is considered , The intelligent vehicle full stack solution developed by it has strong competitiveness .“ Don't think I'm building a software , Recruit one or two hundred people , Can build a smart car full stack solution .” Li Jun said , Such a full stack solution requires high investment 、 long period , And it needs to be maintained and upgraded throughout the life cycle . The data shows , SAIC has invested up to 3000 One hundred million yuan .

In view of whether Huawei is a zero beam competitor , Li Jun replied , Do not evaluate Huawei , But it also points out , some time , Several similar passenger car solution enterprises will come out in China's passenger car market , There can't be only one .

actually , Parts in auto enterprises 、 Software subsidiaries continue to operate independently now , It is related to the industry “ Aboriginal ” The competition of suppliers may also become a hot spot . Ningde era and in battery field LG chemical 、 The horizon of semiconductor field 、 Huawei in the field of intelligent vehicle solutions ⋯⋯ They will all face the challenge of independent subsidiaries of traditional automobile enterprises . Financing is poured into 、 Cooperation upgrade , More challenges and struggles will be staged one by one in the future .

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