Austrian action cooperates with Sinopec to replace the power of the air outlet, and the layout is expanding rapidly

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austrian action cooperates sinopec replace

 Austria and Sinopec jointly occupy the position The territory of power exchange has expanded rapidly

The power exchange territory of Aodong new energy is expanding rapidly . Following the recent landing of the first batch of cooperation stations with Sinopec ,8 month 4 Japan , Aodong new energy has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with flash delivery, a domestic real-time distribution company .

According to the agreement , Aodong new energy and flash transmission will be based on Aodong's technology all over the country City Level exchange service network , Cooperate to promote the commercial application of power exchange in the commercial logistics scenario , Include as “ Flash ” Provide power change service support 、 Joint development with vehicle enterprises, including two wheeled and light four wheeled tram models .

This year, 4 month , Aodong new energy and Sinopec officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement . According to the cooperation consensus reached by both parties , Austrian new energy will surpass 3 Ten thousand Sinopec gas stations are arranged in the network .

Aodong new energy is the largest power exchange commercial operation platform in China . China ev charging infrastructure promotion alliance data show , By the end of this year 6 End of month , Austrian new energy exchange power station has covered the whole country 23 city , Put into operation 338 Tower in power station , Cumulative power change times 1622.3 Ten thousand times . add 7 The two new cities opened up in the second half of the month and put into operation 7 Tower in power station , The number of cities covered by Aodong new energy exchange power station has increased to 25 seat , Put into operation 345 Tower in power station .

Two cities in half a month 、7 Individual station , It reflects the acceleration of Aodong's new energy expansion strategy .

This year, 5 month , Cai Dongqing, chairman of Aodong new energy, said , Olympic action is now associated with faw 、 baic 、 saic 、 changan dongfeng etc. 14 Cooperate with a host factory ,2025 Years ago , Olympic Games will build 10000 More than one replacement station , Create to meet 1000 Multi brand models sharing power exchange platform for power exchange and energy supplement services of more than 10000 new energy vehicles .

While expanding rapidly , Aodong new energy and the whole power exchange market are facing many industry problems . for example , The standardization of battery packs is progressing slowly 、 The application scale of power exchange mode is still small 、 The operation efficiency of the replacement power station is low and it is difficult to make profits .

“ Government ministries and commissions generally encourage the strengthening of infrastructure construction of new energy vehicles , There is no tendentious support for charging and power exchange modes . Because the charging mode has wide compatibility with various brands of electric vehicle products , External investors have the enthusiasm to do . In contrast, the power exchange mode is far from compatible , Any single brand is far from enough sales and social retention , External investors need time to wait and see , Often car companies have to invest and build stations by themselves .” Zhong Shi, a senior analyst in the automotive industry, told the economic observer that .

Beyond these questions , Aodong new energy will also face Wei to 、 Fierce competition from competitors such as State Grid .

Austrian air outlet

Austrian new energy can achieve today's results , Thanks to the company in 20 A game of chess played years ago .

The data shows , Shanghai Dianba New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aodong new energy, is located in 2000 In, he proposed E-Station( Energy station ) The concept of .2005 year , Dianba new energy has built the world's first experimental charging and exchange power station in Lanzhou .

thereafter , The new energy pure electric commercial vehicle replacement station of Dianba new energy began to realize commercialization in specific scenarios , But because the global auto industry had not yet entered “ New four modernizations ” Stage , The application of power exchange mode is also in its infancy , Slow development .

2009 Years later , especially 2014 Since then , With the development of domestic automobile industry “ New four modernizations ” The acceleration of the process , The rapid popularization of new energy vehicles , But the related infrastructure construction has not kept up with . In these infrastructures , Charging pile, as a mainstream energy supplement, has developed rapidly , But the construction situation is not ideal .

Chuancai Securities Research Report shows , By 2021 year 5 month , China maintains public charging piles 88.4 Ten thousand units , The vehicle pile ratio of public charging pile is only about 6.7:1, And 1:1 The reasonable vehicle pile ratio is far from .

On the other hand , Austrian new energy 、 Enterprises represented by Weilai automobile and Hangzhou Bertin have made great efforts in the power station replacement mode . Among them, Aodong new energy's power exchange station is the largest .

Austrian new energy was founded in 2016 year 6 month , It is mainly committed to electric vehicle replacement service 、 Battery life cycle management and commercial operation of power exchange station . At the beginning of its establishment, the company signed a strategic cooperation agreement with BAIC new energy . Both parties are based on the electric taxi produced by BAIC new energy , Cooperate in vehicle energy supplement .

This innovative business model had a short range of new energy vehicles at that time 、 In case of imperfect construction of charging facilities , It can meet the needs of taxis 、 Online car hailing and the use needs of some specific groups , So as to solve the long-distance problem 、 24 / 7 charging system .

Besides , Vehicle electricity separation business model under power exchange mode , It can also reduce the purchase cost of new energy vehicles to a great extent ( Batteries account for... Of the cost of new energy vehicles 40% about ), Promote the popularization of new energy vehicles .

Get on board BAIC new energy “ A great ship ”, Let Aodong new energy get development blessing . But due to the lack of policy support , The status of power exchange mode has always been on the edge of the new energy vehicle industry chain .

2020 year 5 month , The replacement station is included in “ New infrastructure ” Category , The country will the previous “ Build charging piles ” Expand to “ Add charging point 、 Replace power station and other facilities ”, Charging and changing electricity are written together 2020 Government work report . here we are 11 month , Issued by the general office of the State Council 《 New energy automobile industry development plan (2021—2035 year )》 Once again, refer to the contents related to charging and changing electricity , It is required to vigorously promote the construction of charging and replacement network .

The introduction of the policy also indirectly detonated the capital market .A Shares of companies that are involved in power exchange business , Share prices have ushered in a wave of rise .2020 year 8 month , A subsidiary of Softbank group of Japan —— Softbank Energy announced that it is optimistic about the power exchange mode , Officially reached strategic investment cooperation with Aodong new energy . Together with the capital, there are also cooperation from major automobile enterprises . There is no lack of FAW 、 saic 、 changan 、 Dongfeng and other major domestic car enterprises , Austrian new energy is on the fast track of development .

The business model has not yet run through

Although the policy has played a great role in promoting the development of the industry , However, the early investment cost faced by the power exchange mode is high 、 The power exchange standard is not uniform 、 There are few tram models 、 Profitability is difficult 、 The unclear development route and other problems have not disappeared because of the introduction of favorable policies .

Lu Yi, deputy general manager of Beijing Aodong New Energy Investment Co., Ltd., once calculated an account with the media . Cost , With an Austrian new energy 3.0 Take the power station as an example , Power exchange equipment 、 The battery 、 Power capacity increase 、 artificial 、 The cost input of site leasing is about 500-600 Ten thousand yuan , Equipment depreciation, etc 10 Annual calculation , The annual depreciation expense is about 50-60 Ten thousand yuan .

income , The power exchange station is equipped with 28 A standard battery , Time for one power change 3 minute , One day 24 Hour full load can be changed 420 Time , Each power change is about 40 degree . Utilization in 60% Calculation , Change the power every day 250 Time , Equivalent to selling 1 10000 kWh . Suppose it's in Beijing , The cost of one kilowatt hour electricity 1.75 element , The annual income of the power station is about 600-700 Ten thousand yuan .

In an ideal situation , Remove from income 1/3 About the cost of electricity 、60 The depreciation cost of 10000 yuan , And manual 、 Rent and other expenses , The annual income of each replacement station exceeds 300 Ten thousand yuan .

But the actual situation is not as beautiful as expected .

Qi Haizhen, President of Beijing Teyi sunshine new energy, told the economic observer ,“ At present, the power exchange standards in the market are not unified 、 The construction speed of the replacement power station is slow due to the problems such as less tram replacement 、 Small number of operations , Insufficient profitability .”

in addition , Mr. Zhong believes that the cost of replacing the power station is high 、 The turnover power battery pack occupies a large amount of capital, which is also a major problem faced by the industry .

meanwhile , Aodong and the whole power exchange business are still facing the problem of promotion route . Qi Haiyu thinks , Power exchange business can be launched from areas with relatively high concentration of power exchange demand , New energy operation commercial vehicles and other subdivided fields “ Vehicle electric separation ” It may become a trend , A car is a car 、 Electricity is electricity , Power exchange can be used as a new business form of innovative service or charge upgrading development .

“ Of course , Power change mode is not a ‘ Phasing 、 Transitional ’ The product of , It mainly depends on the improvement speed of energy density of lithium battery and the development of fast charging technology , If the future 3-5 The range of electric vehicles exceeded 1000 Kilometers ,10 In a few minutes, the mileage of single charge is up to 500 Km above , The power exchange mode will be restricted to a certain extent .” Qi Haiyu said .

An Guangyong, an expert of the credit management committee of China Association of mergers and acquisitions, holds the same view . He thinks that , Whichever of the two is dominant , Will not let the other disappear . Both will coexist , Because different methods have suitable application scenarios .

Intensified competition

Due to the existence of a large number of outstanding problems in the industry, Aodong new energy is only in Xiamen 、 Guangzhou and other regions with relatively developed power exchange market have achieved profitability . However, the utilization rate of power exchange stations in most cities is lower than 60%.

This also forces Aodong new energy to constantly seek further breakthroughs on the cost side . Lu Yi once said to the outside world , The power station can be changed through in-depth learning in the background , Adjust the charging strategy of each replacement station , Make full use of the electricity price difference between peak and valley levels , On the basis of meeting the power exchange needs of users , Charge the battery with the cheapest electricity .

On the other hand , The cooperation with Sinopec, an oil giant, may help Aodong new energy reduce the cost of building stations .

This year, 4 month 15 Japan , Austrian new energy signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Sinopec . Both sides said , It will focus on the construction and operation of power exchange stations throughout the country 、 Energy supplement technology upgrading and business model innovation , Carry out all-round and in-depth cooperation , By accelerating the layout of the national power exchange network , Build together “ oil 、 gas 、 hydrogen 、 electric ” Diversified comprehensive energy service platform . Both parties plan to 2025 year , The national replacement power station has reached 5000 seat , make 100 A city level power exchange service network .

“ This can greatly improve the speed of large-scale network layout of Austrian new energy exchange power station in the country . Broad market space based on the development of new energy vehicle industry , Cooperation between Aodong new energy and Sinopec , Gas stations and power exchange stations will be formed ‘1+1>2’ effect .” Aodong new energy said in the press release .

The rapid popularization of power exchange stations will in turn reduce consumers' concern that there is no place to supplement energy in the use of new energy vehicles , So as to promote the increase of changing tram types . This will also promote the industry to form a virtuous circle , Promote the rapid development of domestic new energy vehicle market .

The accelerating power of Aodong's new energy layout not only comes from the rapid development of new energy vehicle industry , And competitive pressure from powerful competitors , at present , Both Weilai and Geely are actively laying out power stations , Especially Wei Lai , Very high profile in power exchange marketing .

“ By 7 month 31 Japan , Weilai has laid out power exchange stations all over the country 340 seat , Basically covering major cities and trunk roads in China . Wei to 2021 The completion goal of the power exchange station in is 700 Above the seat ; from 2022 - 2025 year , New in China every year 600 Tower in power station ; to 2025 end of the year , The global total number of Weilai replacement power stations will exceed 4000 seat , Among them, the replacement power stations in markets outside China are about 1000 seat .” An insider of Weilai automobile said , Weilai will be fully open to the industry NIOPower Charging and changing system and Baas service .

This also means that it is fully open to the industry NIOPower After charging and changing the power system , Wei Lai already has 340 Tower in power station , It will become a direct competitor of Aodong new energy .

On the other echelon , Up to now , The national team is still in the water testing stage . A State Grid Electric insider told economic observer ,“ We are all experimenting with changing electricity , Just started , Not very mature , There is no overall layout .”

Regarding this , President of quanlian car dealer Investment Management Co., Ltd 、 Auto industry analyst Cao he said ,“ In the field of charging and changing electricity , petrochina 、 sinopec 、 The State Grid has always been the potential main force , There were layout requirements in this area many years ago . But the original number of new energy vehicles is small , They're not very involved . Now the conditions are met , This kind of cooperation will have a great development .”

The lag in the electric action of the State Grid gives Aodong new energy 、 Weilai and other private enterprises have the opportunity to try and run first . In the process , Who can form their own strong moat , Who can be the winner who laughs last .

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