The government has to take billions of millet cars, and the six cities have played a game

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government billions millet cars cities

 The government has to take billions Xiaomi automobile is still in the process of conception, and the six cities have played a game

lately , Where Xiaomi automobile headquarters and factories will be located has aroused the appetite of the industry . Xiaomi announced that the car was just 3 More than a month , existing 6 individual City It is reported that it may become the headquarters of Xiaomi automobile . Including Beijing 、 A first tier city like Shanghai , There are also Wuhan 、 Hefei 、 Chengdu 、 Xi'an and other new first and second tier cities . Even though every time “ gossip ” It's all transmitted in a methodical way , But it is still uncertain who the flowers will fall into .

“ This ( Where did Xiaomi settle down ) It's hard to say now , It depends on the policy support given by local governments , Especially for a more pragmatic enterprise like Xiaomi , We should pay more attention to tax 、 land 、 Staff recruitment, Hukou policy and other incentives .” Roland Berger global senior partner and chief executive officer The Chinese District Deputy President Zheng Yun told the economic observer that .

The local government's interest in Xiaomi is undoubtedly high . As early as this year 4 month , Xi'an investment and Cooperation Bureau said when replying to questions online , It will be combined with the development status of Xi'an new energy vehicle industry , Continuous close docking “ Xiaomi makes cars ” project . Same year 4 month , The Management Committee of Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone said , We will attach great importance to the car making event announced by Xiaomi officials , A special working class has been established for the first time , Will take the initiative to 、 Warmly connect with Xiaomi , Striving for cooperation may .

A week ago , Rumors that Xiaomi's headquarters will be located in Shanghai have sprung up , This is the “ Settled in Beijing ” Then another version of Xiaomi headquarters , Just in Shanghai, the rumor has not been confirmed , The news that Xiaomi is talking about cooperation with Hefei came out immediately . Hefei is a newly upgraded city in the past two years that has attracted the most active automobile investment , It's also Wei Lai automobile Investor , And the location of Weilai China headquarters and production base .

Economic Observer learned , Although Hefei clarified that “ No contact with Xiaomi ”, However, insiders of Hefei Investment Promotion Bureau also said in an interview with the media afterwards “ There is a chance to talk ”.

in addition , In addition to Xi'an, which has made a high-profile statement 、 Wuhan and other places , Some insiders said , At present, the competition between Beijing and Shanghai for Xiaomi car building project is still very fierce .

Zhang Junyi, managing partner of Aowei consulting, told the economic observer that , In order to compete for Xiaomi car making project , Next, various local governments may once again appear in the preferential policies for investment promotion “ A secret war ”.

And behind this fiery territorial dispute , The eagerness of local governments for new car projects also means , Whether Xiaomi makes a car , It's Jia Yueting's FF, It will have more choices in production and financing than the first round of new car manufacturers .

Fierce competition

“ Beijing , Shanghai 、 wuhan ( Become the ground of Xiaomi factory ) There is a big chance , Hefei and Xi'an 、 Chengdu, etc .” Zhang Junyi told the economic observer that .

Due to the production and manufacturing, it is expected to bring greater tax contribution to the local government , Where the Xiaomi car building project will land has become a core issue of widespread concern .

According to a person familiar with the matter , At present, Beijing 、 The two first tier cities in Shanghai have fierce competition for Xiaomi automobile project .“ Shanghai's top leaders have come forward . Beijing is also fighting for , In particular, Xiaomi's headquarters is already in Beijing , So Beijing hopes Xiaomi will not move out to build cars , The headquarters must stay in Beijing , And it's the exclusive headquarters .” An insider told the economic observer that .

Zhang Junyi pointed out , The urgency of introducing new energy vehicles in Beijing and Shanghai , It's much bigger than people think . One side , After introducing Tesla made in Shanghai , The latter sales continued to rise , At present, there are no new car manufacturers in Beijing that can compete with Tesla . In new car manufacturing enterprises , Only ideal automobile is headquartered in Beijing , The headquarters of leading Yang Weilai automobile is also in Shanghai . On the other hand , For Shanghai , Affected by China US relations , Tesla development faces some uncertainties . Based on this , The new car building project is quite attractive to both Beijing and Shanghai .

Zhang Junyi believes that the third most popular city is not Hefei, which has been hotly discussed recently , But Wuhan .“ In fact, the proportion of Xiaomi group recruiting in Wuhan was relatively high , Because of the expansion in Wuhan ( scale ) The cost is low , It's not just about building cars .” Zhang Junyi said , Hubei is also the hometown of Lei Jun, the leader of Xiaomi .“ It must be a pity that Wuhan missed Wei Lai , Now such a good opportunity can keep Lei Jun , Why don't you want to do it ? Now Wuhan is not all recruit ( merchant ) Did you Miss Xiao Peng ?” Zhang Junyi said .

According to insiders who once worked in Weilai automobile , In addition to Shanghai and Beijing, I have passed Weilai before , wuhan 、 Anqing and other places have been in 2019 Participated in Weilai's investment attraction around , And they all give their own very favorable conditions . But in the end , Weilai automobile chose Hefei with relatively better conditions when it was in business difficulties .

Why have more than one vehicle factory , Hefei, which is considered to have better industrial supporting facilities, has the second chance to win Xiaomi ?“ The money of Hefei government is limited , Now there are Weilai cars , There will be certain restrictions on the allocation of resources and funds .” Zhang Junyi thinks , Compared with Beijing 、 A first tier city like Shanghai , And more “ rich ” For Wuhan , Hefei and Chengdu 、 Opportunities in Xi'an and other places are relatively small .

But Zheng Yun thinks , We cannot deny the importance of industrial supporting facilities in local investment attraction . He said , In addition to policy stimulus , If the local industrial chain supporting facilities are relatively perfect , It will have certain advantages in competing for Xiaomi car making project .

Mei Songlin, a senior analyst in the automotive industry, said , In addition to the support of the local government , There will be at least the following :1. The overall economic development level of the local area 、 Market potential of intelligent electric vehicles 、 Availability of relevant local talents and production costs , This will determine the suitability of the local R & D Center 、 Factory or headquarters ;2. Capacity and future development potential of local intelligent electric vehicle supply chain ;3. traffic 、 The convenience and ability of Logistics .

In Beijing, 、 Under the wrestling of Shanghai and Wuhan , It may take a long time to weigh where Xiaomi's car landed .“ Now the situation is that everyone is dragging , Don't take a stand .” An industry insider said about Xiaomi's car building and landing .

Millet layer , Except for refuting rumors again and again , Nor did he give any definite information .7 month 26 Japan , Wang Hua, general manager of Xiaomi's public relations department, posted a personal microblog saying ,“ Recently, the information about our company's car manufacturing has become more and more outrageous , Land in Beijing later , Land in Shanghai later , Also deliberately stressed that Wuhan did not introduce success . None of the above is true , All information shall be subject to official disclosure ”. meanwhile , It also denied that Xiaomi opened 2000 News of recruitment with an annual salary of 10000 yuan .

8 month 4 Japan , The reporter of the Economic Observer interviewed Xiaomi publicists about the settlement of Xiaomi automobile , But as of press time, no reply has been received . A number of industry experts said , Xiaomi automobile headquarters 、 Research and development center 、 The factory may be separated , Put it in a different place . at present , Xiaomi has released auto related recruitment positions in Beijing and Shanghai .

Local governments must take billions of real gold and silver ?

So overall , In Beijing, 、 Shanghai and new tier cities like Wuhan , Is it certain that Beijing and Shanghai are more competitive ? Some experts say “ It doesn't have to be ”.

“ In terms of the results , I think Beijing 、 Shanghai and other first tier cities ( Successful introduction of Xiaomi automobile ) It's not very likely , It is estimated that the conditions they give will not be particularly favorable . Instead, it is a second tier city ( notes : Refers to Wuhan ) Is more likely , Because second tier cities may be more ‘ Hunger and thirst ’.” Managing director, Boston Consulting 、 Xu Yang, a global partner, told the economic observer that .

As for which second tier city is more likely , Xu Yang said that it depends on the determination of the municipal government to introduce new industries , How strong are the fiscal and land incentive policies given .“ Now if the local government wants to set up a car factory , The Secretary of the municipal Party committee and the mayor went there in person ( And car companies ) To talk about , The content of the discussion includes tax relief , Even land relief and other conditions , This is true of several recent car factories . So Xiaomi , I think it will talk to every mayor and Secretary of the municipal Party Committee , Then look at the conditions given by various places .” Xu Yang said .

For the amount of local support for Xiaomi , Xu Yang estimates that it may take more than several billion .

“ When Jaguar Land Rover settled in Changshu , Although Changshu is a small place , But at that time, the government had nearly 20 $ . Last year, the Anhui government should invest more in saving Wei . Then Tesla in Shanghai , All the policies given by the Shanghai government are unprecedented . So no matter which local government , If Xiaomi is invited to build a car , The investment must be more than billions , It depends on which place is more determined .” Xu Yang said .

actually , On the landing of Xiaomi automobile project expected by Xu Yang , Or there will be Shanghai and Beijing “ a snipe and a clam locked in combat ”, Second-tier cities “ two dogs strive for a bone , and a third runs away with it ” The situation of , Previously, in new car manufacturing enterprises, Beijing and Shanghai have been replaced by other second tier cities “ Leak collection ” The situation of .

According to the Economic Observer reporter's interview with people who worked in Weilai automobile , Weilai automobile initially planned to set its headquarters and factory in Jiading, Shanghai , The two have already negotiated in the early stage .2018 year 2 month , The news of Weilai's factory in Shanghai came out for the first time . But then “ The black swan ” appear ,2018 At the end of the year, the national development and Reform Commission in order to prevent overheated investment , New 《 Regulations on investment management of automobile industry 》, It's clear that , If you want to build a new pure electric vehicle investment project in a province , The investment projects of the existing new independent pure electric vehicle enterprises of the same product category shall have been completed and the annual output shall reach the construction scale .

“ At that time, it was certain that Shanghai would introduce Tesla , Plus Weilai car in 2019 In, it fell into a development dilemma , Wei Lai can't afford to wait . Finally, Wei Lai was almost driven out by Shanghai .” A senior executive of Weilai automobile at that time told the Economic Observer .2019 year 3 month 6 Japan , Weilai announced the cancellation of the plant construction plan in Shanghai .

Then came the news of Wei Lai's contact with Beijing Yizhuang , The two 2019 year 5 The investment agreement was signed in June , Yizhuang promises to invest 10 billion yuan in Weilai . But for various reasons , Finally, the cooperation between Weilai and Yizhuang failed to reach , The original reason has not been publicly released so far . The former Weilai senior management disclosed to the economic observer that , At that time, BAIC blue valley also needed financing , Beijing's investment in Weilai has been stranded .

under these circumstances , Hefei finally became the “ Lucky dog ”. After receiving the offer in a short time , The latter sales 、 The market value has increased dozens of times , This was once ridiculed as the largest county in China 、“ Economic depression ” Hefei , Take a leap to get “ The best investor ” The title of . later , Hefei has invested in another new car manufacturing enterprise —— Zero car .

Hefei's successful investment in Weilai has undoubtedly formed a great temptation to other second tier cities . under these circumstances , Some experts pointed out that , These second tier cities may come up with more than Beijing 、 Shanghai and other first tier cities have higher policy chips , To attract the introduction of Xiaomi car making and other projects . And that could make Beijing 、 Shanghai does not have an advantage in competing for auto projects .

at present , wuhan 、 Chengdu and other second tier cities have indeed made sustained efforts in attracting investment for new energy vehicles . such as 7 month 31 Japan , Xiaopeng auto announces , Its Wuhan project was officially launched in Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone . There are also reports that , Xiaopeng's fourth factory is suspected to have landed in Chengdu . The new car map is expected to be redrawn .

however , First tier cities are also quietly making efforts in new energy vehicles , If there is a message , The Great Wall salon Zhixing project may be located in Yizhuang, Beijing , In addition, it has been proved that ideal will take over a factory in Beijing Hyundai .

Compared with second tier cities , First tier cities also have some advantages that cannot be copied , For example, Shanghai and Beijing have gathered a large number of cutting-edge scientific and technological talents of automatic driving , The overall innovation environment is good, etc , In an age when talent is considered the most important asset , The importance of this advantage is highlighted . However, who can finally win Xiaomi , We still need to play games with comprehensive conditions everywhere .

It's worth noting that , This time, Xiaomi seems to have set off a new round of local investment boom , This gives local governments the opportunity to develop at the same time , But it also brings many risks . There are many lessons to be learned , So before Rugao introduced sailin automobile , The latter went bankrupt and left hundreds of millions of yuan in debt ; Ordos introduced Huatai Automobile with a large amount of money , Finally, there is a chicken feather left . These all need the government “ The bottom line ”. Therefore, if you are careless in attracting investment , Projects that seem attractive may also have a great impact on local finance .

under these circumstances , Some localities have actively sounded the early warning of new energy vehicle investment , For example, Jiangsu pointed out in a document released at the beginning of this year , It is strictly prohibited to provide tax for automobile investment projects in violation of regulations 、 Money 、 Land and other preferential conditions , Strictly prevent the risk of financial capital loss .

Some experts pointed out that , The competition of local governments for Xiaomi car making project , It has a certain blindness , Because the mode of Xiaomi's car making is not very clear yet .“‘ Grab territory ’ still ‘ Quantitative development ’ Thinking mode and impulsive inertia .” Li Wanli, former deputy inspector of the industrial policy department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, pointed out to the reporter of the Economic Observer .

But Li Wanli also understood the upsurge .“ For places , There are not many opportunities ,‘ rob ’ Maybe it's possible , Whether it will succeed or not is the next thing , Maybe it's someone else's business . So it can also be understood .”

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