Giants collectively bet on commercial 'cake' cutting of freight autopilot

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giants collectively bet commercial cake

 Giants collectively bet Freight automatic driving commercial cake cutting

Automatic driving will take the lead in the field of commercial vehicles, especially logistics , This is the consensus in the industry . Again , In the field of capital , Recognition of this trend is turning into investment in autonomous commercial vehicle technology .

8 month 3 Japan , Yingche technology, an autonomous truck technology and operation company, announced the completion of 2.7 Billion beauty element B Round of equity financing . This round of financing is provided by JD logistics 、 Meituan 、 Taimeng investment group (PAG) Joint leading investment , Deppon 、 Ningde era 、 Wei to Capital and other follow-up investment .

Public information display , Yingche technology has completed 4 Round of funding , Include 2018 year 4 Angel round financing in June 、2020 year 4 Of the month 1 Billion dollars A Round of funding , as well as 2020 year 11 Of the month 1.2 Billion dollars equity financing . this 2.7 Billion dollars B This round of equity is the largest financing since the establishment of yingche technology .

At yingche Technology B In the investor lineup of the round of financing , Jingdong Logistics 、 Meituan 、 Deppon express is the leading enterprise in the logistics and distribution industry , Both have been involved in the commercial vehicle industry chain and the automatic driving industry chain at the same time .

2019 year 6 month , Deppon express began to cooperate with feibu technology to layout unmanned technology .2020 year 10 month , JD logistics began to cooperate with Changshu Municipal government , Gradually implement unmanned distribution projects . This year, 4 month , Meituan announced that , The company intends to raise funds 100 Billion dollars , It is mainly used for unmanned vehicles 、 R & D and production investment of UAV .

As a member of the automatic driving industry chain , Meituan 、 Jingdong Logistics 、 Deppon express and other logistics giants are not willing to be pure financial investors of yingche technology this time . contrary , They all want to participate in financing , Strengthen substantive cooperation with yingche technology at the business level .

among , Jingdong Logistics CEO Yu Rui said , JD logistics and yingche technology will focus on the medium and long-distance automatic driving freight business under the trunk line scenario 、 Cloud platform cooperates with autopilot Technology . Deppon express senior vice president President Cui Weigang said , Deppon express will cooperate with automatic driving companies with mass production and operation capacity such as yingche , Realize the cost reduction and efficiency increase of trunk transportation .

Zhu Wenqian, vice president of meituan strategy and investment, said , Investing in yingche technology is an opportunity for meituan to participate in the automatic driving track of China's trunk logistics , Meituan hopes to establish and carry out long-term and in-depth cooperation with yingche technology .

Different from passenger cars , Commercial vehicles, especially trucks, are considered to be easier to drive automatically . In this context , Yingche technology is favored by giants 、 success Getting new financing is just a microcosm of the industry . Actually , The whole self driving commercial vehicle track is becoming a gathering place of capital , Various industry giants have entered the bureau to divide up “ The cake ”.

Qixinbao's data shows , First half of this year , Total investment and financing events in domestic automatic driving field 69 rise , The total amount of investment and financing disclosed exceeds 652 One hundred million yuan .

4 month , Tucson, a self driving truck technology company, is listed on NASDAQ .6 End of month , The mine automatic driving company completed tens of millions of dollars of easy control intelligent driving B1 Round of funding .7 month , Wenyuan Zhixing announced the wholly-owned acquisition of muyue technology, an automatic driving freight enterprise . In recent days, , Mengzhi technology, an automatic driving company focusing on mine scenes, announced that it had won tens of millions of yuan Pre-A Round of funding .

The speed of mass production affects the favor of capital

according to the understanding of , Winning technology will use this round of financing to develop its fully automated truck driving system. “ Xuanyuan ” Further increase investment , At the same time, accelerate the layout in the field of electrification .“ Yingche technology will continue to focus on China's trillion level trunk logistics market , Put into full stack self-study of core technology guided by vehicle specification level mass production , Promote the large-scale implementation of automatic driving freight system .” Ma Zhenren, founder and CEO of yingche technology, said .

This year, 3 month , Yingche technology officially released “ Xuanyuan ” Autopilot system . This year, 7 month , Yingche technology shows the difference and dongfeng Two models jointly developed by commercial vehicles and sinotruk L3 Mass production model of class I automatic driving heavy truck , Both cars are equipped with “ Xuanyuan ” Autopilot system .

According to yingche technology , Two of its research and development L3 The first-class automatic driving heavy truck will be mass produced and put off the production line by the end of this year , It will be the first self driving heavy truck model to achieve mass production in the world . In the industry view , The mass production schedule of yingche technology is also confirmed , Automatic driving will take the lead in the application of commercial vehicle landing .

The Ministry of industry and information technology this year 3 Released on 《 Automobile driving automation classification 》 Recommended national standards , Divide driving automation into 0-5 level , among 1 level 、2 Level can only be referred to as driving assistance ,3 Level and above can be called automatic driving .

Held a few days ago WAIC Smart Travel Forum , Winning technology CTO Yang Ruigang said ,L3 The right to drive a car is a machine , Not people , This sum L2 Make a big difference .L3 Your car and L4、L5 The car , Whether it's software architecture 、 Sensor configuration or design domain , It's all very close , From a hardware and data perspective , There is no essential difference between them .

in fact , The reason why some investors choose to participate in yingche Technology B Round of equity financing , Because I like the speed of its landing autonomous commercial vehicle .

Zhu Wenqian, vice president of meituan strategy and investment, said , Meituan's investment in unmanned distribution has continued to increase in recent years , The process of large-scale landing was further accelerated ,“ Meituan is very optimistic about it ( Winning technology ) Product and commercialization landing capability , We look forward to the mass production of self driving trucks off the production line by the end of the year ”.

When the speed of business affects the favor of capital , Except for yingche Technology , Other self driving commercial vehicle companies have also shown their mass production schedules . among , Tucson estimates 2024 Annual production , Ma Zhixing's self driving truck business plan is 2023-2024 Realize mass production of front loading in SOP.

Logistics industry becomes an important strategic place for automatic driving

In the eyes of the industry , Yingche technology and other self driving commercial vehicle companies have been favored by capital , In addition to its mass production speed , There are also two industrial reasons : In terms of demand , The demand for cost reduction and efficiency increase in the logistics industry is extremely strong ; In terms of technical landing difficulty , Compared with passenger cars , Autonomous trucks face fewer constraints , The prospect of commercialization is good .

China Federation of logistics and procurement this year 7 The report released in June pointed out that , The operating costs of enterprises in the logistics industry continued to rise , Corporate profitability has not improved significantly , This year's first 、 The cost of key enterprises increased respectively in the second quarter 22.3% and 30%, And the revenue profit margin is less than 5%, Significantly lower than industrial enterprises 8% The level of .

It means , Solving the problem of high cost is the urgent need of a large number of logistics enterprises , Automatic driving is considered to help the logistics industry reduce costs and increase efficiency , The logistics enterprises that are facing cost pressures are being regarded as potential customers of the automatic driving system. .

according to the understanding of , Freight vehicles TCO( Total cost of ownership ) The composition is generally “33211” The proportion of , namely 30% Fuel cost ,30% Cost of road and Bridge ,20% Driver's salary ( A heavy truck is generally required 2 Driver ),10% A car cost ,10% Maintenance and other services .

According to the calculation of Yunlian think tank, a third-party consulting company , Compared with traditional cargo transportation ,L3 The automatic driving system reduces fuel costs by achieving the best fuel economy. , And reduce labor costs by reducing drivers , It is expected to comprehensively reduce the cost of logistics fleet 15% about .

In terms of technical landing difficulty , In recent years , With the acceleration of the automotive industry to intelligence 、 Networking , The self driving track is becoming more and more popular . however , The progress of automatic driving in the field of passenger cars has been relatively slow , By law 、 ethic 、 Capital and other factors .

Yan Jinghui, an auto industry analyst, told the economic observer , From environmental complexity , Technology maturity 、 Laws and regulations , It's easier to carry goods on autopilot than people , Factory logistics 、 Intercity Logistics 、 Unmanned distribution and other fields are good commercial landing directions .

In terms of market size , Yushi technology CEO Wu Gansha was in WAIC Smart Travel Forum said , When unmanned enterprises choose the layout direction , An important dimension to consider is “ Is the market big enough ”.

The freight logistics industry is a large enough market . China Federation of logistics and purchasing data display , First half of this year , The total revenue of China's logistics industry has reached 5.7 Trillion yuan , Year-on-year growth 22.8%, The transportation industry is the main support , E-commerce express logistics revenue leads to the growth of total revenue of animal logistics industry 2 percentage .

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