Chuan Wei came to consider making 30000 yuan micro electric vehicle benchmarking or Baojun kiwi

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chuan wei came consider making

 Chuan Wei came to consider doing 3 ten thousand <a href= Yuan micro electric vehicle Benchmarking or Baojun KiWi" src="//" style="margin: 0px auto; display: block;" />

In recent days, , Wei Lai automobile Rumors of a sub brand will be launched again , The reason is that some media quoted the source's interview as saying , front WeWork Big The Chinese AI Tiecheng, general manager of the District, has joined Weilai , Served as vice president of strategic new business President . The new business that AI Tiecheng is responsible for in Weilai is the sub brand .

For the above information , The reporter of Economic Observer network is 8 month 5 Interview with insiders of Weilai automobile , obtain “ Declined to comment ” Reply to .

Based on the news that Weilai automobile has launched a sub brand for a long time , What deserves more attention in this report is the details about the sub brand . The report said , The estimated selling price of Weilai sub brand is 15 Ten thousand yuan -25 Ten thousand yuan market , And “ Li Binjiang Wuling Agatsuma MINIEV Parameters picture )( The price is 3 Ten thousand yuan or so ) Taking into account the positioning of ”.

Positioning high-end Weilai automobile, consider doing 3 A low-cost electric vehicle of about 10000 yuan ? This news has aroused great concern in the industry .

“ Declined to comment , We don't know where it came from .”8 month 5 Japan , An insider of Weilai automobile said in an interview with the reporter of Economic Observer network .

The data shows , Wuling macro light MINIEV It is the sales king of the current electric vehicle market , From last year 7 It has sold more than... In the year from its listing in January to now 30 Thousands of cars , It has become a phenomenal product .

But Li Bin does seem to be paying attention to SAIC GM Wuling products .“ All I know is that he ( Li Bin ) I think Baojun's KiWi Good ”, The above insiders told the Economic Observer reporter .

baojun KiWi It's a new car exhibited by xinbaojun at this year's Shanghai Auto Show , In Chinese, “ an adventure ”. And Hongguang MINIEV equally , baojun KiWi It's also a mini electric car , But the positioning is relatively more high-end . Relative to what is called “ Beggar electric car ” Hongguang MINIEV, baojun KiWi Provide reversing radar and reversing image functions , In addition to the auxiliary driving function of the advanced model , There is even an automatic parking system . The range of the car 305km, It is reported that the price range may be in 7-9 Ten thousand yuan between .

“ He ( Li Bin ) Think KiWi great , Maybe it's a sense of design .” The insiders told the economic observer that . It is worth noting that , baojun KiWi The appearance design is obviously different from the micro electric vehicles on the market , It adopts a unique two-color design technique and geometric design concept . But for such a design style , Netizens' comments are also somewhat polarized .

According to the current Reply of Weilai automobile , It is not certain that it is considering making 3 The possibility of 10000 yuan micro electric vehicle . However, people in the industry have expressed their views , Think “ It's impossible ”. On the one hand, it is based on the current high-end brand tone of Weilai , Second, it is expected that it is difficult to achieve such a significant reduction in cost .

“( Wei Lai 3 Ten thousand yuan car ) It's impossible , Weilai's supply chain cost has always been high in the industry , Let it drop to tens of thousands of yuan to make a relatively intelligent car , To be sure, this is impossible .” An insider close to Weilai automobile told the Economic Observer network reporter .

The news that Weilai automobile will launch a sub brand has been rumored for a long time . In a previous Weilai conference call , Li Bin said , Weilai automobile may enter the mass market , But not through Weilai brand , But by new brands to expand . This is equivalent to officially acknowledging that Weilai has a plan to launch a sub brand .

It is considered necessary for Weilai to launch a lower price sub brand . One side , In the current new car manufacturing enterprises , The sales price of Weilai automobile is the highest . According to official figures , As of this year 4 End of month , The average selling price of Weilai car reaches 43.47 Ten thousand yuan , Higher than BMW 、 The average selling price of Audi . But the high price increases the brand value at the same time , But it also blocked some consumers out of the door , Push to other brands , It may cause the subsequent growth rate to slow down .

The latest sales figures show , In this year 7 month , Weilai automobile has been on the market for three years , In the publicly disclosed monthly sales ranking for the first time , Lost champion seat , It was surpassed by Xiaopeng automobile and ideal automobile for the first time . Although Wei Lai responded that this was mainly due to capacity constraints , However, the industry believes that there may be other reasons beyond the production capacity .

On the other hand , Tesla's constant price reduction also brings great challenges to the electric vehicle market where Weilai is located . According to the statistics , Weilai automobile, which has always adhered to its own pricing logic and does not reduce prices , It has been more than 100000 higher than the average selling price of Tesla . and Agatsuma MINI EV The hot sale also proves that low-cost electric vehicles have considerable market space .

under these circumstances , The launch of sub brands , It is considered that Weilai hopes to use another relatively low-end brand to extend the market space downward . data display , In the car market , Whether it's a car 、SUV, Or a fuel truck 、 Electric cars ,15-25 Ten thousand yuan is basically the main budget distribution range for consumers to buy cars . If you enter this market , It is expected to bring new sales growth pole to Weilai .

This year, 6 month , It is said that Weilai automobile is planning to launch a new brand , Positioning is lower than Weilai , Insiders call it a sub brand , However, insiders of Weilai said “ At present, there is no information to share ”. In addition, there is news that , Weilai will launch a new product next year Gemini, However, Weilai said that this new product will be placed under the Weilai brand , It has nothing to do with the new sub brand . For the name and details of the new sub brand , Weilai insiders also did not respond .

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