Daily review: 2021 New York International Auto Show cancelled due to delta epidemic

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daily review new york international

Launched by rod and Schwartz 4D Vehicle radar target simulator

European test and measurement equipment manufacturers rod and Schwartz recently launched a set of 4D Automotive radar test system , The test system includes an automotive radar simulator and a front-end RF antenna array , It is a target simulator that can generate dynamic radar echo , Can be used from R & D 、 calibration 、 Test to be installed in the vehicle ADAS/AD Hardware in the loop of system function , And all stages of vehicle radar sensor test including vehicle in the loop test . Besides , It can also connect the tested equipment through the air interface of wireless communication , Simulation from simple AEB Automatic emergency braking scene to complex traffic scene including multiple radar sensors , By adopting the test scheme of this simulator , Can be completed for 4D Millimeter wave radar from parts to vehicles , From R & D 、 Complete testing from production to certification , Guaranteed adoption 4D Millimeter wave radar's automatic driving system is safe and reliable. .

Yicai comments : Automatic driving is the mainstream direction of the future development of the automotive industry , To achieve this goal, various autopilot components, including radar sensors, need to coordinate with each other .2020 year , Continental Germany, which ranks first in the market share of automotive millimeter wave radar, launched the first in the world 4D Millimeter wave radar , Because its cost is lower than that of lidar , At present, China includes SAIC Huayu 、 Huawei and other manufacturers have released their 4D Millimeter wave radar products , Agency forecast , In the future, with the improvement of automobile intelligence level , about 4D The demand for new automotive sensors, including millimeter wave radar, will also further increase .

The background gave birth to a comprehensive test demand for new types of sensors for automatic driving vehicles. , This time, rod and Schwartz released a new 4D Vehicle radar target simulator , It is aimed at this growing market segment , When more and more sensors are carried on cars , The test time and cost of intelligent vehicles before mass production and listing are further increased . But the conflict is , With OTA The involvement of technology and new Internet companies , The speed of new car launch and iteration in the whole industry is getting faster and faster , Time is getting shorter and shorter , This requires the further improvement of the comprehensive test efficiency of the system , Especially in the field of autonomous driving , At present, the field test alone can not completely cover all automatic driving scenes , Vehicle radar simulator is used to simulate various complex road conditions and scenes , It can not only enrich the scenes of automatic driving test , It can also meet the requirements of vehicle enterprises for improving test efficiency and cost . according to the understanding of , At present, rod and Schwartz have cooperated with Bosch 、 saic 、 faw 、 BMW And other parts and vehicle manufacturers have cooperated in the above testing fields , In the future, it will provide more customized intelligent connected vehicle services and solutions for Chinese customers .

The red flag was announced as a gift to the Chinese Olympic champion H9 Sedan

faw The red flag Publish microblog announcement , FAW red flag will be given to all at this summer Olympic Games in Tokyo , The Chinese Olympic athletes who won the gold medal presented one as a gift The red flag H9 Parameters picture ); Get a silver medal 、 The bronze medalist will win The red flag H9 Right to use the product ; If an athlete gets more than one card , One time according to the highest level of the medal .

Yicai comments : As of press time , Chinese athletes won gold medals in the Tokyo Olympic Games 34 gold , Silver medal 24 gold , Bronze Medal 16 gold . According to the red flag H9 Average per vehicle 40 ten thousand element Rough calculation of selling price , The amount of free vehicles alone is up to 1200 More than ten thousand yuan , The lease cost and residual value loss cost corresponding to the product use right have not been calculated . However, if the red flag makes full use of the Olympic resources for long-term marketing , The advertising effect may exceed that of conventional means .

2021 New York International Auto Show cancelled

Affected by COVID-19's Delta mutation , The New York International Auto Show will cancel the original plan 8 Exhibition held in June . before , The original plan is this year 4 Monthly 2021 The New York International Auto Show has been postponed to 8 month . Mark, President of New York International Auto Show · Sinber local time 8 month 4 Japan said in a statement , The epidemic has changed in the past few weeks , COVID-19's attack has made it difficult to organize high standards activities. , Therefore, it was decided to cancel the exhibition . He expects 2022 year 4 The New York International Auto Show will be held as usual . Johns of America · According to the latest statistics from Hopkins University , Novel coronavirus pneumonia is the most common case in the United States and the most common case of death. , Cumulative confirmed cases 3533 ten thousand 1683 example , Cumulative death 61 ten thousand 4797 example .

Confirmed cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia continue to increase , Mayor of New York City local time 8 month 3 Announced Wednesday , Will be taken from 9 month 13 Effective from “ New York City pass key ” policy , Ask people to enter the gym 、 The restaurant 、 Indoor business places such as gymnasium , A new crown vaccination certificate must be presented .

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