The prevention and control work requires that the 2021 Chengdu auto show be postponed

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prevention control work requires chengdu

On August 6, the Organizing Committee of Chengdu International Auto Show announced that in response to the government's requirements for the prevention and control of the current epidemic, the "24th Chengdu International Auto Show" originally scheduled to be held in the Western China International Expo City from August 27 to September 5, 2021 will be postponed, and the specific date will be notified separately

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Chengdu auto show is one of the four major auto shows in China, which is characterized by high transaction volume. According to the organizer's data, in 2020, the trading volume of Chengdu auto show was 38907 cars, with a turnover of more than 6.806 billion < a title = "Yuan" > yuan < / a >

reporter noted that this is the last time since the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, second auto exhibitions in Beijing have been postponed. In 2020, the " auto show were postponed from September to September. However, compared with foreign large-scale auto exhibitions, China's large-scale auto exhibitions have only been postponed and have not been cancelled so far. Since the beginning of last year, Geneva auto show, Detroit auto show and Frankfurt auto show have been cancelled. Just two days ago, the organizers of the New York auto show also issued a statement saying that the New York International Auto Show had to be cancelled because of the new local prevention and control measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic, which was the second year in a row. The organizers predict that the New York Auto Show will return in April 2022. This also means that this year's Shanghai auto show may be the only normal global top auto show in the world

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