New energy vehicles lag behind China and Europe, and Biden government formulates policies to catch up

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new energy vehicles lag china

The U.S. government is trying to formulate a radical new energy vehicle sales plan , To speed up catching up with China and Europe .

White House official website 8 month 5 A public notice was issued on , Measures will be taken to promote the leadership of the United States in cleaning cars and trucks , The goal is to 2030 year , Half of all new cars sold in the United States are zero emission vehicles , Including pure electric vehicles 、 Plug in hybrid electric vehicle or fuel cell electric vehicle . It is proposed that the average fuel consumption of fuel vehicles should be within 2026 By the current per gallon of gasoline 43.3 Miles up to 52 miles .

 New energy vehicles lag behind China and Europe The Biden administration made policies to catch up with

Released by the Biden Administration 2030 After the sales target of new energy vehicles in , UAW and ford 、 General motors and Stellantis Jointly issued a joint statement saying , Expressed support for Biden's new energy vehicle plan . BMW 、 ford 、 Honda The public and Volvo Also issued a joint statement , Said it would support the government to achieve the future goal of electric vehicles , And affirm Biden's role in reducing emissions and investing in key infrastructure to achieve these emissions reductions .

The Biden administration has not announced specific policies to support clean cars . however , As early as this year 3 month , The White House has issued a supportive policy .2021 year 3 month 31 Japan , The United States 《 Infrastructure plan 》 Release , Propose to invest in 1740 Billion dollars to support the development of American electric vehicle market , The content involves improving the domestic industrial chain 、 Sales discounts and tax incentives 、 To 2030 Built in 50 Ten thousand charging posts 、 School bus, bus and federal fleet electrification .

Besides , The U.S. Senate Finance Committee also 2021 year 5 month 26 Passed on the th 《 American Clean Energy Act 》 The proposal ( Hereinafter referred to as the proposal ), The stimulus to new energy vehicles in the proposal exceeded market expectations . The proposal plans to provide 316 $billion electric vehicle consumption tax credit , Increase the tax credit limit to... For eligible vehicles 1.25 Thousands of dollars / vehicle ; meanwhile , Relax the tax exemption for automobile manufacturers 20 Ten thousand vehicles , And will provide 1000 $billion purchase subsidy ; When the permeability reaches 50% after , The tax credit will decline within three years .

The above measures are intended to further enhance the global position of the U.S. auto industry , Ray, President of the United Auto Workers Union · Kuri said , The global auto industry is on the eve of great changes , At present, the United States lags behind China and Europe in the field of new energy , Automobile manufacturers in these two countries and regions have invested billions of dollars to develop the market and expand manufacturing .

 New energy vehicles lag behind China and Europe The Biden administration made policies to catch up with

Before that, several major American automobile manufacturers have formulated grand plans for the development of electric vehicles . Ge promises to 2025 To be launched in 30 A new electric car ( New products in the U.S. market exceed 20 paragraph ), Ford plan 2030 In, the proportion of sales of pure electric vehicles was increased to 40%.Stellantis The group has also previously promised , Plan in 2025 Years ago , Invest at least... In the segment of electric vehicles 300 Billion Euros according to the company's vision , To 2025 year ,Stellantis The group is in the European and North American markets 98% All models will launch electrification options . But so far , There is a huge gap between the penetration rate of electric vehicles in the U.S. market and that in China and even Europe . According to the data of China Automobile Industry Association , First half of this year , China's electric vehicle market penetration has reached 12% about ,6 In January, the market penetration rate of new energy vehicles in eight European countries has reached 19.7%, But the United States is only 3.8%. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA) Statistics , In the current global 1020 Of the 10000 electric vehicles , The United States has only 17% Share , China's share reached 44%, Europe occupies 31% Right and left share .

however , What you can see is , stay 3 After the U.S. government's support policy was introduced in June , The sales volume of new energy vehicles in the US market increased rapidly in the first half of the year , This year, 1-6 In June, the cumulative number of new energy vehicles in the United States increased significantly year-on-year 116%, Outperform passenger cars 88% Increase of .

CICC mentioned in a previous research report , The US overweight electric vehicle stimulus policy will strengthen the global top-down logical verification of electric vehicles , The market of catalytic tram has been fully started , Leaders in all links of the industrial chain are expected to enter the channel of collective innovation , The company will 2025 Years and 2030 In, the penetration rate of new energy vehicles in the United States was increased to 20% and 40%. Besides , CICC also believes that , The opening of this round of electric vehicle market will accelerate the opportunity for China's local supply chain to go to sea , In the future, the development of global supply chains such as power batteries and four key material fields will continue to be good .

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