Changan Automobile senior management personnel intensive changes after 70 to the core posts

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changan automobile senior management personnel

Chongqing changan Automobile Co., Ltd (000625.SZ, Hereinafter referred to as “ Changan automobile ”) Recently, there have been frequent changes in senior personnel .

At the level of the board of directors and the board of supervisors , Chang'an Automobile announced that Zhou Zhiping would no longer serve as a director , Yan Ming is no longer a supervisor of the company 、 Board of supervisors chairman position . The board of directors nominated Zhou Kaiquan as the candidate for the 8th board of directors of the company , Yang Xinmin is nominated as the candidate for independent director of the 8th board of directors of the company , The board of supervisors elected Lian Jian as the supervisor of the 8th board of supervisors of the company .

According to the announcement , Zhou Kaiquan was born in 1973 year , He is now the chairman of China Chang'an Automobile Group Co., Ltd 、 President 、 Secretary of the party committee .

Before that , Chang'an Automobile also adjusted the senior executives of its business segments . Former Chongqing Changan New Energy General manager of Automotive Technology Co., Ltd 、 Party secretary Yang Dayong , Former general manager of strategic planning department of Chang'an automobile 、 Party Branch Secretary Yu Chenglong , Former general manager of Chang'an Automobile passenger vehicle marketing division 、 Peng Tao, Secretary of the Party committee, was appointed Vice President of the company . Liu Bo, the former executive vice president of the company, no longer holds the post of executive vice president of the company due to job change ,  And no longer hold any position in the company .

“ The main reason for this adjustment is the age of senior executives such as Liu Bo ‘ point-to-point ’, Metabolism within the tissue , Select and hire a group ‘70 after ’ Executives at .” Changan Automobile insiders told reporters , Yang Dayong 、 Yu Chenglong and Peng Tao Open Auditions through Chang'an automobile 、 Exam defense , After several rounds of screening, the selected executives , And are “70 after ”.

In terms of operating performance , In the first half of this year, the car sales volume of Chang'an automobile was 120.08 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 44.5%. With SAIC 、 faw The group is different from large state-owned automobile groups such as Dongfeng Motor , In the sales structure of Chang'an Automobile, independent brands dominate , In the first half of the year, the sales volume of Changan brand cars reached 96.56 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 53.5%. The increase of Chang'an new energy is more prominent , In the first half of the year 3.73 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 321.4%. Key financial indicators , Changan Automobile expects the net profit after deducting non-profit in the first half of this year to be 6 One hundred million yuan ~9 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 122.93%-134.39%.

However, in terms of market value and stock price , Changan Automobile and BYD with smaller sales volume 、 There is a big gap compared with Great Wall Motors . The sales volume of Great Wall Motor in the first half of this year was 61.8 Thousands of cars , Only half of Chang'an automobile . As at closing today , The share price of Great Wall Motors has reached 62.52 element / stocks , Total market value of 5754 One hundred million yuan . The closing price of Chang'an Automobile today is 19.39 element / stocks , The total market value 1477 One hundred million yuan .

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