Train package startles 2013 soybean milk

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train package startles soybean milk

It was originally 18 Tickets on the , After retreating, he robbed another with Zhixing 932 Tickets for . Sleeping berth , the second day 7 Arrive in Shanghai at .

After getting on the bus, I found it was from Zhanjiang , Some sleeper people got off . If a friend buys it , It's best to start from Shenzhen .

In the morning, someone in the lower berth asked the conductor , Why is this soybean milk 2013 Year of ? The conductor was stunned ( I guess everyone thinks it's impossible ), Look at the , Took a picture , Reflect above . Take it away after a meeting .

The boundless universe , Wide world out there . The package offered by this train , It's all mass machine distribution , Of course, soybean milk is also transported in a whole box to be disassembled for use . So the possibility of problems ?

There's something wrong with the program , Should have printed 2018 It's like 2013.

An error occurred while printing , The box position results in only half printing , Or the needle of the print head is wrong .

When it was delivered, it came in and disappeared . But the manufacturer also makes mass production , It's very unlikely to sneak in ( Like a corner , I don't know why I rolled over this time ).

Recycling . It's useless. It's always used , Then there was a magical life 5 More years ... What luck it is !

Is there any other possibility ?

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