Can yunos define a real Internet car?

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yunos define real internet car
Let me just say something


Before the rise of the Internet , The automobile industry is a powerful force in science and Technology , Its scientific and technological level represents a business's R & D and innovation ability . After the Internet transformed several industries , How to settle the volume of automobile and Internet has become a common research topic of the two industries .


The concept of the Internet of vehicles after the rise of the Internet of things , Let the car come into intimate contact with the Internet for the first time , So there comes internet in the car, Then there is the screen projection intelligent vehicle system , Today, we welcome the world's first Internet car Roewe RX5.


The dispute over models ,YunOS Can you define a real Internet car ?



7 month 6 Japan , Ali and SAIC to “ land • Explore ” The press conference with the theme was held in Hangzhou , The world's first car carrying YunOS Internet car debut . The idea of the press conference is that this release is not just a car , It's also “ Internet car ” The bearer of this new category . conference , Wang Jian talked about the core competence of Internet cars , It also shows the changes that Internet cars will bring to the industry .


however , After attending the press conference, I still have some questions : Why are there many different modes of Internet cars ? Why didn't previous businesses fundamentally define Internet cars ? What kind of car is the real Internet car ? this paper , By comparing the three car networking modes , Discuss with you what is the real Internet car .


Car merchants don't understand the Internet , It's hard for Internet businesses to understand cars


After the outbreak of the concept of the Internet of things , The Internet of vehicles was pushed out by the automotive industry earlier , How to connect cars to the Internet has become a research topic for many businesses . Joining the camp of this research are automobile manufacturers , There are also Internet companies , Superficial article is to explore new cars in the Internet era , The key point is that they all want to take a share in the automobile stock market with the help of the concept of Internet of vehicles . However, this topic mainly discusses how to connect vehicles in the stock market , At the same time, in the initial stage, it will be used as a water test exploration of the Internet of vehicles and intelligent vehicles , This is also a model with the lowest input cost and the lowest risk . therefore , The networking of vehicles through auxiliary programs and software will become the focus of this model in the future .


The common practice of this mode is to realize simple networking through its own on-board system , Tesla's version System , And SAIC's early exploration incarnet All belong to this kind of mode . It is a pity , In terms of function, it only realizes listening to music 、 conversation 、 Use simple entertainment and surfing functions such as browser , This pattern is called “internet in the car”, The Internet just entered the car , But cars are not fully networked . In the last few years , Traditional automobile manufacturers and Internet enterprises have tried to make Internet cars in this mode , But the former lacks the most understanding of the Internet , All you can do is internet in the car; The latter is due to lack of understanding of the car , Most of the time just hype the concept , I haven't seen a real mass-produced or listed car . This model can be called Internet car 1.0, The main characteristic is that auto merchants don't understand the Internet , It's hard for Internet businesses to understand cars .


Apple and Google have dug a hole in the Internet car


stay internet in the car outside , The second Internet car model was also born , That is, projection mode , This mode is the current mainstream mode . Apple launched CarPlay, Google launched Android auto, And domestic Baidu 、 Letv 、 Tencent has similar products . With Android auto and Carplay Come on , The two on-board intelligent systems are respectively attached to Android And iOS Two systems , Its essence is still a APP Or third-party software , Just project the networking capability of the mobile phone onto the central control screen , It also means that , This model is not a real car networking .


Even this kind of on-board system can realize more functions and make the car very intelligent , This mode of networking through media transfer consumes a lot of resources and manufacturers' design energy , More importantly, you can't use the car system without a mobile phone .


Another angle , Similar to domestic businesses , Although Google and apple focus on the concept of Internet car , Its essence is still to cut into the automotive field through the operating system , For better business opportunities : One side , The increased sales of cars equipped with its on-board system can drive the sales of mobile phones and other hardware , On the other hand , Mobile phone users of apple and Android can also buy corresponding cars because of this function . This is more like cooperation in business channels , Each brings traffic to each other to achieve win-win business .


in fact , The projection mode still has great limitations , Even its degree of intelligence can not support the essence of Internet cars . This business model is the dominant Internet fit concept , Still not a car defined by the Internet , Even this model will skew the concept of Internet cars . so to speak , Apple and Google's screen mode not only did not really promote the progress of Internet cars , Instead, I dug a hole for it , And let subsequent businesses jump in one after another .


What kind of car is the real Internet car ?


at present , There are three main ways to connect cars around the world : In addition to the traditional businesses mentioned above internet in the car, And apple 、 Google 、 Baidu 、 The mobile phone projection mode that LETV and others are doing , What is the third mode ? you 're right , It is the Internet car model cooperated by SAIC and Ali YunOS for Car. The idea of this model is through YunOS The system enables the vehicle to realize its own networking , Let the car become a member of the Internet , Is a typical car on the internet, It is also a real model that can build Internet cars .


Wang Jian, chairman of the technical committee of Alibaba group, once defined this model in one sentence : Products “ De functionalization ”、 On Industry “ De utilitarian ”. therefore , In Wang Jian's heart , Internet car should be the following PC、 The important Internet after mobile phone “ New blood ”, Will be like PC Change as deeply as mobile phones and affect people's work and life , A car with an operating system has a second engine , The power of this engine is data . This idea , To the car factory 、 Car owners and the whole society are of great significance . In the future , Automobile is expected to become an important platform for Internet service and intelligent hardware innovation , The world will really usher in the Internet age of all things . This product concept , It should be the most consistent with the concept of Internet car at present . And the first product born of this concept , It's Roewe RX5.


Of course , It is also because Zhang Xinquan, head of SAIC Ali Internet automobile project, agrees with this concept , The cooperation between the two sides . SAIC and Ali are in 2014 year 7 The strategic cooperation agreement was signed in June , On 2015 year 3 The month officially begins “ Internet car ” My landing plan , Today, we saw the world's first in-depth equipped Ali YunOS Internet car Roewe RX5. Ali has only cooperated with SAIC for two years , But behind it is Ali 17 Internet genes and 6 Annual operating system accumulation and SAIC 30 Years of passenger car experience . therefore ,YunOS for Car Once applied, it has attracted the attention of global automobile and Internet manufacturers , This model represents the future development direction , Even Google has begun to think seriously about Internet cars , Is developing Android N Vehicle mounted system .


Internet car has developed to the present , Traditional manufacturers pack as many functions of various software as possible into cars through their own systems , To quickly cut into car users , But I never seem to think about the future of the Internet of vehicles ; But Google 、 Apple will try its best to include cars 、 Everything, including the home, is connected to the mobile phone or system , But the heart of the business model is still the mobile phone , This determines that it is difficult to make great achievements in the future ; Really consider cars from the bottom of the Internet , Or think of the car as a smart device like a mobile phone , At present, only Ali and SAIC YunOS for Car The model .


Viagra believes , Define Internet car by function , All you can do is simply connect to the Internet and please users ; Define cars with mobile extensions , It can only be regarded as opportunistic business win-win ; Defined by the Internet “ Cars running on the Internet ”, Such a product can really become a new member of the Internet , Is really intelligent hardware , Is the real Internet car .


Ali and SAIC , Did it .




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