Behind the first Internet car: Google miscalculated and yunos seized the opportunity

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2011 year , Before the concept of Internet of vehicles broke out , SAIC has a Roewe 350 Do experiments , It's based on iVoka technology inkaNet Internet of vehicles system . Although the car has won many awards , But because inkaNet The limitations of , After the rise of other Internet of vehicles technologies, it gradually lost its edge .2013 year , Zhang Xinquan has traveled to all domestic enterprises related to the Internet of vehicles , Also with Tencent 、 Baidu and other Internet companies have contacted many times , All in vain .


2014 year 2 month , Zhang Xinquan, chief architect of information strategy and system of SAIC Group, led a delegation to the United States 20 God , stay 20 Within days, I visited, including apple 、Google And chip giants NVIDIA More than a dozen companies, including . There is still no result , On the one hand, we can't find the ideal Internet car concept , On the other hand Google Companies including don't want to play with domestic auto companies . Before going to America , Zhang once got together with Wang Jian , Wang talked freely about how the operating system would combine cars with the Internet .


Behind the first Internet car : Google miscalculated 、YunOS Seize the moment



After returning without success again , Zhang found Wang Jian again , This meeting , Wang Jian drew a sketch of the Internet car Architecture , Make it clear that cloud computing 、YunOS The relationship with cars . meanwhile , We basically reached a consensus : Only the operating system enters the car , It is possible to produce different products .


2014 year 7 month 23 Japan , Alibaba and SAIC officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement , The Internet car project was officially launched .2 After year ,2016 year 7 month 6 Japan , The two sides jointly released the Internet car in Yunqi Town, West Lake District, Hangzhou (OS’Car) roewe RX5, The world's first car carrying YunOS At the same time, it is also the birth of a real Internet car . From formal cooperation to automobile release , It took only two years . Two years , Beyond AndroidAuto And lead AndroidN Become a real Internet car system ; In the past two years , Ali and SAIC let go YunOS The Internet car has become a new IOT Milepost , And opened a new and revolutionary chapter in the history of automobile and Internet .


Deep in the interest game , Google AndroidN Delayed launch


stay 2014 year 1 Of the month CES On ,Google Announce with Audi 、 Universal 、 Honda 、 Modern and NVIDIA Jointly formed “ Open car alliance ”(OpenAutomotiveAlliance), abbreviation OAA, It is planned to launch Android The car model of the system . Zhang Xinquan once visited... Through relations Google be responsible for OAA Project Director , But the first sentence of the other party is text “ Where are our interests ?” according to “ The Tao is different and does not conspire ” Principles ,OAA Will not accept SAIC , SAIC no longer wants to join this circle , You know later , In fact, this indirectly promoted the cooperation between SAIC and Ali .


Google stay 2014 year 6 Month issued AndroidAuto, But it's not really a car operating system . The mobile phone system is used to connect the mapping car machine , Just simply move the mobile phone function and experience into the car , And apple in 2013 Launched in 2013 CarPlay agree without prior without previous consultation . This simple on-board application is called “ Vehicle mounted system ”, But in OAA So far, no substantive results have been achieved , It can even be called “ Chicken ribs ”.


4 month , According to a source AndroidAuto Already logged in 18 A country , Why “ Chicken ribs ” The Internet of vehicles solution will be widely promoted and applied ? At apple, CarPlay In front of our business model , Under the pressure of competition and market share , Google had to launch a AndroidAuto, This product also delays Google's plan to really develop car systems at the bottom . because AndroidAuto By OAA The amount of simultaneous installation accepted by members is acceptable , The important thing is that it can bring considerable profits to Google alliance members . so to speak , Google was founded OAA The reason why the alliance has not launched Internet cars , It is precisely because of the game of interests from outside and inside . It also means that ,AndroidN Although it may become the underlying system of the car , But it will still take quite some time .AndroidN The application of means to subvert the previous AndroidAuto, This is changing your life , This is really a little difficult .


A bet on YunOS, Internet cars are new IOT Milepost


Internet companies and traditional car companies are two completely different species , I don't know how difficult it is for traditional enterprises to do Internet enterprises . In the product concept 、 Organizational structure 、 Personnel management and many other aspects are very different . Traditional enterprises emphasize pyramids , Internet companies pursue short, flat and fast , Over the years, we have witnessed too many cases of failed cooperation between Internet enterprises and traditional enterprises . Alibaba and SAIC have never had comprehensive cooperation at the bottom , And be wary of each other . Even many traditional car companies think that Internet companies hold high “ subversion ” Banner 、 Coveted at the door of the automotive industry “ barbarian ”, Some Internet companies are deeply helpless about the rigid conservatism of traditional car enterprises .


The reason why Alibaba and SAIC can achieve rapid cooperation , In fact, the two meetings and conversations between Wang Jian and Zhang Xinquan played a decisive role , Directly contributed to the two sides in 2014 A strategic cooperation agreement was signed in . The premise is that the two sides have reached a consensus before :“ Only the operating system enters the car , It is possible to produce different products .” This product concept , Build Rongwei for both sides RX5 the “ A car running on the Internet ”, Laid the foundation , At the same time, it has also become a link connecting the two sides , So that the two sides with completely different corporate cultures can do the Internet car around this common theme .


Rather than having a common will , It's better to say that they are betting on each other . SAIC is betting on the transformation of the Internet YunOS On this immature system at that time , If you can succeed, you will become popular and realize it completely “ Internet +”; and YunOS It also regards the Internet car as a transformation IoT The milestone of , Only the Internet of big things like cars can be regarded as real “ All things connected ” Coming of age . so to speak , The cooperation between SAIC and Ali is a game of life for both sides , Both sides didn't even think about what would happen if they failed , Because this project is aimed at success . therefore , Wang Jian made a bold decision at that time : Adopt a new product under development 4.0 Architecture as the basis for product development . In his opinion , be based on Web Architecture, not Android App framework , yes YunOS What I wanted to do at first ,App You can't grow a great company , and Web Sure .


Internet car , Open a new chapter of automobile reform


In Roewe RX5 Press conference site , I once wrote a sentence in my notebook : The release of this car , It made me feel for the first time that a car is no longer a car . This sentence seems contradictory , In fact, it reflects the value of Internet cars . As Wang Jian said :“ If our two companies cooperate , Just made a car and came out , It was a failure .” In the eyes of Ali and SAIC , The value of Internet cars lies in , For cars , The Internet has finally become its infrastructure , And for the Internet , Is to add a new member . And this among them , The most valuable sentence is :“ When everyone is staring at the car itself , Ignoring the problem of roads , If there is no road , Cars are worthless .” Internet , That is, the road of Internet cars .


The Internet is an infrastructure , Again , The Internet is also the infrastructure of the car . There will be no Internet in the future , Cars are also worthless , Like the road . carrying YunOS The glory of RX5, Not just a car running on the road , It's also a car running on the Internet , Just like the mobile phones people hold now , In fact, the Internet is on the mobile phone , For cars , No Internetinthecar, yes Carontheinternet. such , Internet cars can become a platform , An ecology , Intelligent hardware can be connected to this platform . Cars as platforms , It is possible to produce all kinds of cutting-edge products .“ I feel like , Really let AR、VR Become mainstream , Maybe it's not a game , It's a car , The front windshield of the car may become the largest VR.” Wang Jian said . this sentence , It has inserted more ideal wings for Internet cars , And the Internet car , It has also opened a new chapter in automobile reform .


Xu Dongsheng, managing director of feiyada, believes that :YunOS Now it is the third operating system in the world , And it's open enough , It's really hard to estimate the synergy between this huge ecology and feiyada . The chairman of Duowei Mobile said :YunOS Can provide them with “ Individualization ” service , This is something Android can't provide .


In Wang Jian's opinion , Internet car as a platform , The space is huge , Will surpass the mobile phone . In terms of positioning , Internet car will become the largest platform after mobile phone , It also really opens the chapter of steam transformation innovation . some time , With OS'car The products represented by will become the mainstream of the Internet world , This will be a change no less than the new industrial revolution .


And more stories , Still waiting YunOS To continue writing .


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