Car experience zero distance Pico leads the new ecology of "Car + VR"

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car experience zero distance pico
Let me just say something


2015 year ,VR Both inside and outside the industry have focused on VR Content , Whether it's an adult VR Or terror VR, Represented by video and games VR Content becomes VR The focus of the industry .


Of course , More of this is the attention of the media , More people don't know that we are keen to discuss VR At the same time ,VR It has landed in many industrial fields , Relevant businesses have already started to apply VR To do something specific , This includes the automotive field .


Car experience zero distance Pico lead “ automobile +VR” New ecology



7 month 28 Japan , Faw Toyota RAV4 Rongfang's listing press conference Pico, For the first time, the press conference and VR Perfect combination , adopt Pico Neo VR The all-in-one machine makes the live media feel new RAV4 Rongfang's realistic driving experience . so to speak , With VR The maturity of technology and the improvement of consumers' demand for personalized experience ,“ automobile +VR” It has become the development trend of the automobile industry , Car manufacturers agree VR Value and enjoy working with VR Enterprises cooperate to create immersive experience for design, production and users .


In this general trend ,Pico Who can take the lead in holding a press conference with FAW Toyota VR Experience cooperation , On the one hand, it shows that domestic auto businesses begin to pay attention to VR field , On the other hand, it also means Pico New development strategy , That is to lead “ automobile +VR” The arrival of new ecology .


Four hundred people VR Watch simultaneously , Field driving RAV4 What kind of experience ?



At FAW Toyota RAV4 Press conference site ,450 People wear Pico Neo VR Integrated machine , Watch the new RAV4 Rong Fang 《 Find out . Freshmen 》 Product experience video .Pico Neo The fierce dragon of 820 processor 、3.81 Inch AMOLED Screen and up to 1200x1080 The resolution of the 90Hz Refresh rate configuration , Its rich visual effects and higher audio definition , Bring users a deeper immersive experience .VR The realistic driving experience perfectly demonstrates the performance of the car , Once set off a small climax of the press conference .


VR It is a new technology glowing with the breakthrough of hardware and technology in recent two years , It represents a trend in the era of science and Technology , A trend of future scientific and Technological Development , At the same time, it is also a representative of young fashion and scientific life , This is different from the new RAV4 Rongfang is fashionable and young 、 The image of intelligent technology is highly consistent with . At the press conference VR Experience link , This is a new experience and a new attempt , It is also an automobile business and VR Businesses explore new progress in cooperation .


Of course , Viagra thinks this is just the beginning of cooperation , The car companies behind take advantage of VR Cooperation in automobile design is the main topic , At that time, it will bring more in-depth product experience to users of both sides .


Why did FAW Toyota choose Pico As a press conference VR Partner ?



FAW Toyota is also the leader of domestic cars , Many of its cars have a good reputation and audience .2016 The cumulative sales volume in the first half of the year reached 32.32 Thousands of cars , An increase of 21.5%, Squeezed into half a year's sales 10. As a heavyweight auto dealer , Why choose Pico As a press conference VR Partner ? Simply speaking , There are two reasons :


1、VR Integrated machine Pico Neo Only heavy 350 g , Get rid of PC The bondage of , And greatly improve the user's wearing comfort , It's a typical mobile VR Solution , Mobility and portability are very suitable for various exhibition scenes .


2、pico There are mature industry application solutions , It has been established close to 20 The Department of human industry solutions , Can give all kinds of TO B The user provides “ End to end ” Industry solutions . So-called “ End to end ”, It can provide a complete set of industrial application solutions , From content planning , Make , To the commissioning of the whole equipment , Construction of software system , The last play , Hardware product support, etc , It is convenient for major industries to introduce VR application , And can provide personalized solutions according to users' needs .


besides ,Pico It's also the first one VR technology 、 product 、 production 、 A company with a complete supply chain , And has built a complete VR The ecological system . Product diversification , Optical and image algorithms ensure multi-dimensional immersion technology , Industrial design is more exquisite , It can realize an end-to-end comprehensive virtual reality experience . Based on these points ,Pico It's not difficult to be the of FAW Toyota's press conference VR Partner .


Pico Is expected to lead “ automobile +VR” New ecology



in fact ,VR Has gone deep into the automotive industry , In production 、 Research and development 、 Sales and other links are applied . from 2000 Year begins , Ford used virtual reality technology in the automobile design process , At Ford Immersion

Lab In the lab , Designers can design in a virtual way under a variety of different conditions . BMW also joined forces this year HTC Vive Open the VR Car building plan , adopt VR Technology with the help of illusory engine (UE) stay VR Build a digital product model in the environment , Realize the visualization inside and outside the car to help designers quickly repair the design draft . Ford and Audi VR Partners , Then chose. Oculus, adopt VR Interior leather has been realized 、 Color 、 Personalized design of car entertainment system, etc . As domestic and foreign auto manufacturers wade into the water VR,“ automobile +VR” Patterns will be more and more widely used .


“ automobile +VR” A large number of applications of patterns , It is bound to give rise to a “ automobile +VR” New ecology . The outside of this ecosystem is traditional automobile manufacturers , Inside, through VR Connect production 、 R & D, sales and other links , And can connect users ,VR It will also become a new entrance for cars to connect to the Internet , Will maximize participation in the whole process of automobile production, sales and even after-sales service , This is a very big subversion and reconstruction for the automotive industry .


meanwhile ,“ automobile +VR” New ecology is rooted in cars and VR The whole industrial chain , The integration of the two industrial chains will produce thousands of value chains , There will be more ecological added value .Pico With complete mobile VR Industry solutions and VR ecology , This can be regarded as an advantage , In the next integration with the automotive industry, there will be great prospects , Very promising to lead “ automobile +VR” The new ecology of .


some time , Internet based automotive products are no longer a single means of transportation , But a platform to provide people with a more diversified car life style , It can even surpass mobile phones to become the largest Internet portal . On this platform , Whether it's a drone 、 robot 、 Artificial intelligence 、VR Other technology , Will have the opportunity to show their skills . therefore ,VR What is more promising is , Be able to occupy a place on the Internet car platform ,“ automobile +VR” The new ecology will shine .


In this sense , First step led “ automobile +VR” New ecological Pico, A long way to go .




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