Yadi's listing will aggravate the Matthew effect of the electric vehicle industry

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yadi listing aggravate matthew effect
Let me just say something


5 month 19 Japan , Yadi was officially listed on the main board of the Hong Kong stock exchange , Become the first stock in the domestic electric vehicle industry . stay 5 month 9 Yadi issued an announcement on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on the th , Proposed public offering 750,000,000 stocks , The selling price range is... Per share 1.72 HKD to 2.48 Between Hong Kong dollars . At the final offer price per share 1.72 In Hong Kong dollars , The net proceeds from the global offering are expected to reach 11.2 Million Hong Kong dollars .


The listing of the first shares of electric bicycles , On the one hand, it shows capital's recognition of this market , On the other hand, it also reflects the huge development potential of this market . The number of electric vehicles in China is 2 About 100 million , These cars are faced with intelligence 、 Upgrading of lithium electrification and other products . meanwhile ,“ the Belt and Road ” Along the strategy 60 Many countries with large gap in industrial level will bring great opportunities to China's electric vehicle enterprises .


Yadi listed , Will aggravate the Matthew effect of the electric vehicle industry


Who can get enough capital to improve products and expand scale in this critical period , Will determine its future 5-10 Industry scale and position in . obviously , Yadi took the lead . And its priority is to break the game , It will also bring greater Matthew effect to the electric vehicle industry .


generally speaking , Matthew effect corresponds to 28 effect , It is to make a strict subdivision between the oligarchs in the industry and the enterprises behind . But in the current electric vehicle industry , Matthew effect is more beneficial to consumers . why ? See below .


Matthew effect of design and development : Let consumers feel more scientific and technological charm


Yadi's prospectus shows , Of the proceeds 10% Used to develop products 、 Improve R & D facilities and hire R & D personnel , It means more than 1 HK $billion will be spent on technology research and development . At the same time, we can see that traditional enterprises attach importance to scientific and technological research and development , It can be seen that manufacturing enterprises are not too traditional as Internet companies say . This aspect , stay IT The industry has Huawei , Its R & D cost has far exceeded that of apple .


Yadi was formerly a motorcycle enterprise , Have certain technical accumulation in locomotive , after 97 In, he entered the field of electric two wheeled vehicles . As the scale expands , Also began to take the international route and integrate global resources , He has worked with Italian designer Giovanni 、 German automobile grade paint, BASF, etc . In the prospectus , We even see that it has taken a stake in the United States Lightning company , This is an enterprise focusing on R & D and production of electric motorcycles , 100 km acceleration beyond Lamborghini . It should be before taking a stake in the company , The two sides have cooperation in R & D .


For Yadi electric vehicle APP Controlled remote control motor one button start system 、 Location tracking application 、 Built in mechanical problem detection and reporting system and lost vehicle recovery application 、 Car locking function 、 Multi lamp color customization and other functions , Should benefit from this . Including equipment 2 Hourly fast charging 、 life 120 Kilometers of Panasonic power lithium battery , Use military grade explosion-proof tires 、 Motorcycle racing shock absorber , And automotive paint baking process design , It should also come from the company's design suggestions .


in fact , use APP Connecting with electric vehicles is not the patent of Internet electric vehicle brands , This connection technology integrating intelligence into electric vehicles has become the standard configuration of major electric vehicle manufacturers .1 More than HK $100 million of R & D investment , It is bound to make its scientific and technological content higher , It is not ruled out that some key monopoly patented technologies will be born , This will lead to the Matthew effect of Yadi in design and R & D . Of course , Matthew effect has no effect on consumers , On the contrary, it can make it spend less money to enjoy more scientific and technological charm of products .


Matthew effect of after-sales service terminal : Users enjoy better service


According to Yadi's prospectus , Proceeds 50% It will be mainly used to improve distribution and sales and marketing ,30% For business development . This means that the funds raised this time 80% That is to say 8-9 HK $billion will be used for marketing network construction and brand promotion . In terms of brand , Electric vehicle giant signed Hu Ge 、 Huang Xiaoming and other stars make endorsements , And advertising on CCTV has become commonplace , I believe the giants will spare no effort to do this .


And in the 2015 Yadi digital display put forward “ Zhimei terminal ” After this concept , Many enterprises follow this idea again , Upgrade their sales stores . Under the influence of Internet thinking , The terminal store has changed from a simple retail trading place to a cycling life and culture experience place , Break the inherent impression of the electric vehicle industry to the outside world . Actually , This is an upgrade of the brand image . however , This simple change , Or will it “ Showdown terminal ”、“ The terminal is king ” And other concepts have been brought into the field of electric vehicles and have a great impact . In addition to constantly adding weight to their products , Terminal layout has also become its main task . The front-end immediately announced that it would invest 100 million yuan in store image construction . And the green source is 2016 In, a first-class offline experience store will also be established at the terminal .


Yadi has a large volume , Only in China 1,700 Multiple distributors . Yadi called the country 8622 After sales service outlets ( Zhimei terminal ) Layout completed , Users can enjoy 4S Store level after-sales service experience . However, it still has... In terms of international distribution channels 66 A country , These are faced with terminal upgrades . obviously , This time, 8 With more than 100 million funds, Yadi will “ Zhimei terminal ” Make a new coverage and upgrade , The Matthew effect of after-sales service terminal may be formed in the second half of this year . In this regard , Whether it's Yadi's Matthew effect in the camp of electric vehicle giants , Or the overall Matthew effect in the field of electric vehicles , Obviously, the ultimate benefit is consumers , Of each electric vehicle “ hyper terminal ” It will enable more users to enjoy better services .


Exacerbate the Matthew effect of the industry : Polarization may be superimposed


2015 year , Subject to macro-control 、 The impact of Internet brand and other factors , The overall sales of the electric vehicle industry showed a decline , Continued delisting of small enterprises , Yadi bucked the trend and grew .2015 The annual sales volume of Yadi is 332 Ten thousand units , Than 2014 An increase of 31 Ten thousand units , Its Tianjin factory has been in 2014 Trial production at the end of the year ; Emma is also 2015 At the beginning of the year, Fujida electric vehicle business was reorganized . from 2015 Year begins ,700 About electric bicycle enterprises are delisting or transformation , Only the electric car giant is trying to expand , Matthew effect is more and more obvious .


Yadi was listed and raised more than 11 HK $billion , It is bound to accelerate the expansion of its scale , It is bound to have a certain impact on the previous market pattern . The Matthew effect of the industry has caused the phenomenon of two-level differentiation , The sudden acceleration of Yadi may create Matthew effect again in the camp of giants . The top ten giants are also likely to have mild two-level differentiation again , The top three will have a larger market share , Become a real industry giant , And Yadi will be the leader .


2015 year , The revenue of Yadi electric two wheeled vehicle has a market share of about in China 10.5%, The share of its net profit in the overall market is 24.0%, Ranking first in the industry . If its market share can reach 15% above , The profit share may exceed 30%. At present, traditional electric vehicle manufacturers are interested in “ Internet +” My understanding is getting deeper and deeper , Internet thinking is becoming more and more perfect . It is likely to appear in the future “ Hardware free ” Or how to play the sharing economy , Then consumers will get more subsidies and benefits , This Matthew effect is beneficial to the market and consumers .


Yadi's listing , To some extent, it exacerbates the Matthew effect of the electric vehicle industry . Although the Matthew effect will create a more polarized electric bicycle industry , However, further upgrading on the whole will force the development of the whole industry . It will make the industry a real giant , It will also accelerate the progress of the whole industry . The result is naturally that industry standards are rewritten , product quality 、 performance 、 Technology content and after-sales service will also be greatly improved , Finally, realize the complete upgrading and transformation of the whole industry , This is also “ Internet +” The ultimate goal of .


Throughout the development of Matthew effect , Consumers will enjoy constantly updated products and services with the competition in the industry . China will have 2 Million and more users , Benefit from , This is a very great number .




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