On the 27th, LETV's "2" press conference was full of ecological mobile phones, the largest TV and automobile ecology

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27th th letv press conference

10 month 27 Japan , LETV held in Beijing Wukesong Gymnasium with the theme of “ Non chemical reaction Not ecological ” Large product launches , Face the world 1700 Media reporters and 5000 More than fans released two new blockbusters : The world's first all metal mirror fingerprint fast charging flagship machine , Super killer LETV super mobile music 1s; The world's first 3D、4K Internet smart TV uMax120.




Besides , Also released an upgraded version EUI5.5 The ecological system , And announced the latest development of super cars , It is announced that LETV supercar has completed the industrial chain layout of Internet electric vehicles , And built a complete Internet electric vehicle ecological closed loop , Manage the whole life cycle .


Happy 1s: The fingerprint performance of all metal music mirror explodes, and a new generation of running points


Happy 1s Equipped with a new ecological EUI5.5 operating system , Integrate LETV ecology and content services , It's not just a cell phone , But a whole set of mobile Internet Ecosystem . Happy 1s Inherited the classic gene of LETV super mobile phone family , no border ID、 All metal process 、 Two way forward and backward Type-C Interface . In order to make the ecological service experience more extreme , Happy 1s Realize the top flagship chip true eight core MTK Helio X10 Turbo processor ,3G Memory +32G Storage configuration , Thin and bright inCell screen ,“type-c+ Quick charge ” Happy flash ,0.09 Second speed precise phase focusing , The world's first mirror fingerprint, Le mirror fingerprint, is a capture artifact .


Happy 1s The price is 1099 element , The spot 30 Ten thousand units 11 month 3 The morning of 10 Point is jointly launched in LETV mall and Jingdong Mall , After the stock is sold out, it will be directly transferred to the pre-sale mode , In the pre-sale mode, pay first, get first , Meet all pre-sale orders and supply from stock again . Happy 1 s Initiate pricing below cost , Once again subvert the pricing model based on mass production cost created by LETV . And launch a new CP2C 3.0 Patterns and O2O 2.0 Pattern , Direct the whole value chain and whole process to users , Leading the flagship mobile phone into the era of ecological service , Lead the flagship mobile phone into the era of hardware negative profit .


In the industry believe that , Happy 1 s The release of shows LETV's determination and confidence in trying to subvert the smartphone market again . Now? , Happy 1s Ecological subsidy hardware , Lower than pricing at mass production cost , Lead the flagship aircraft into the era of hardware negative profit . He will subvert the TV industry like super TV , Restructuring the mobile phone industry , Lead the mobile phone industry into an open ecological era of vertical integration .


The king of television uMax120: Just for the winner of life


conference , LETV officially launched the world's largest 3D、4K TV ——120 The king of inch TV uMax120, pricing 49.99 Ten thousand yuan .uMax120 Equipped with the world's only tenth generation line sharp SDP Provided 120 Inch 4K panel , Support 3D, And adopt the most powerful performance in the industry 4K Smart TV chip Mstar 6A928,4 nucleus 1.4GHz as well as 4 nucleus Mali T760 Top flagship GPU,3GB Large running memory +32GB High speed flash memory , Support 60 frame H.265/HEVC Format 4K Video hard solution .uMax120 Uphold “ Extreme Technology 、 Complete ecology 、 Subversion price ” Idea , Made by world-class quality Foxconn , Lead the TV industry into the era of super large screen .


Jia Yueting, founder of LETV, said , The king of television uMax120 And advance point screening will completely subvert the cinema , Users can enjoy private cinema life without leaving home , Completely establish the first position of LETV ecological TV in the whole TV industry . Eco TV , Not a TV , But a set of open and closed-loop large screen Internet Ecosystem created through vertical integration of industrial chain and reconstruction of cross industrial value chain . Through cross-border innovation , Ecological operation , Continuously create unique product experience and higher user value .


The ecological opening of super cars has achieved phased results And Aston · Martin will cooperate deeply


Announce “SEE plan ” Nearly a year later , Jia Yueting also announced LETV super car at the press conference “ school report ”: The open ecological closed loop of LETV super car has been preliminarily completed , And ushered in a substantive landing .


“ LETV's ecological model is not to take shortcuts , Completely independent research and development , Break industrial boundaries , Realize cross-border anti-terrorism . After two years of project approval and one year of accelerated promotion , At present, the open ecological closed loop of LETV super car has initially taken shape , The layout of the whole ecological automobile industry chain has been completed ,” Jia Yueting announced at the press conference that day .


In addition to further confirmation and Aston • Outside Martin's Partnership , Co founder of LETV super car 、 Vice president of the world 、 China and Asia Pacific CEO Ding Lei introduced the latest development of LETV super car at the press conference , And announced the specific details of product R & D for the first time . Ding Lei revealed , The first car of LETV super car Mule Car The experiment was completed in the United States , This indicates that the trial production of the first round of LETV super car has been completed . The car will be unveiled at next year's Beijing auto show according to the original plan .


With the acceleration of product research and development , LETV's global R & D team is also growing , At present, it has exceeded 700 people , Among them, North America 400 More than one . meanwhile , LETV supercar is actively laying out every link of the automotive ecological closed loop , Following the announcement of investment in electric piles 、 Holding the company of e-Car , With Aston • Martin's cooperation is also getting better . LETV, as the first Internet enterprise to announce the manufacture of cars , It not only responds to the doubts of the outside world about LETV's car making with facts , It also proves LETV's strength as a revolutionary with the speed of subverting the traditional automobile manufacturing industry .


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