Where is the future of maverick Electric's smart electric vehicle with a sales volume of more than 40000 for three times?

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future maverick electric smart electric
Let me just say something


From the birth of the first electric bicycle to the intellectualization of electric vehicles , This time is about twenty years . In the past 20 years, electric vehicles have experienced experimental production 、 Mass production 、“ Blowout ” There are three stages of production , Each stage is accompanied by changes in relevant policies and the cognition of large and medium-sized enterprises to products . At present, it is still in the blowout stage of the industry , This product has been almost unchanged for more than 20 years , Until the intelligent products of electric vehicles appear .




Calf electric 3 The sales volume of the first purchase exceeded 4 ten thousand Where is the future of intelligent electric vehicles ?


We should know that the first intelligent product in the field of electric bicycle is the calf electric vehicle of Niudian Technology N1, that , What is the difference between intelligent products and ordinary electric vehicles ? The biggest difference is that intelligent products solve more pain points of users , Better understand what users need . This can be seen from its sales . since 6 month 1 It's released to 10 month 20 Japan , Mavericks' sales exceeded 4 Ten thousand units , And only 3 Secondary online open purchase , It can be called the miracle of selling cars online . Of course , For Niudian, it is far more than just selling miracles .


Break through the bottleneck of online sales of electric vehicles The integration ability of large logistics is the key


If it is the first open purchase, it is a test of the supply chain , Then the test of three consecutive open purchases is the logistics capacity of e-commerce , Especially for big goods such as electric cars . The product quality of calf electric vehicle has been recognized by JD , At the same time, Jingdong Logistics also cares about the challenging large logistics such as electric vehicles . If you can do cow electricity , Naturally, there is no problem with other similar products of electric vehicles , Even later, you can get on the goods with larger objects such as cars . This is not a dream , Xiaomi and LETV's intelligent electric vehicles are likely to be on the market next year .


How to ensure that products are delivered to users on time ? If it is self built Logistics , The test is the ability of logistics management and distribution ; If it is cooperative Logistics , In addition to the logistics control ability of the partner , More lies in the connection and communication between the two sides , Especially the ability to deal with emergencies in time . Niudian passed the test with three open purchases , As an e-commerce sales, it has taken the first successful step .



3 The first open purchase realizes 4 10000 sales Prove that intelligent electric vehicles are a strong demand


about 3 The sales volume of the first open purchase exceeded 4 Wan's data here , More or less . But for big deals like electric cars , The realized sales revenue has exceeded 2 RMB , This figure is still some amazing . And for Niudian , this 4 The sales volume of million witnessed the recognition of products and the success of marketing , And the user's unabated enthusiasm for the product . It also indirectly shows , These two intelligent electric vehicles are really the strong demand products of users , It can also touch the pain points of users .


Hardware intelligence brought by makers , Entrepreneurs in various industries have sprouted the idea of intelligentizing various products . After putting it into practice , There are current industries around “ Food and clothing live line ” All kinds of intelligent hardware products . Intelligent electric vehicles are not simply intelligent electric vehicles , It is 5-20KM Light travel solutions , Comparable to public transport and four wheeled vehicles ; The small size and easy operation make it portable enough ; most important of all , It can appropriately relieve the traffic pressure of the city ; As for cost performance , Viagra doesn't go into detail here , Everyone can feel .


The direct response of intelligent electric vehicles is to make travel safer , Make electric cars safer , Let users use it more intimate . Security lies in intelligence, which can easily realize anti-theft , This is really a big pain point for users , Electric cars are lost in almost every residential area . The sweet thing is , Connected to electric vehicles APP Have GPS Positioning function , Users who are not familiar with the road conditions can navigate anywhere . Actually , Intelligent products are based on the original products , Added more details and more functions in it , Think more about products from the perspective of users , This is also the product that real users need . Of course , User needs and needs vary from region to region , Because the electric bicycle designed for Chinese people , Therefore, we will certainly use Chinese people for research and development . It's up to , Mavericks electric cars can't be like Germany's Feddz Electric bikes are so cool , But the appearance that can be customized and changed freely is more suitable for Chinese people , More personal .



Future development What will smart electric vehicles do in the future ?


From the essence of the product , Intelligent electric vehicle is still an electric vehicle , It is used to meet the travel needs of users . As a means of transportation , Electric cars are an upgraded version of bicycles , It can make it easier for people to travel a short distance . Intelligent electric vehicles , There are additional features , for example , It produces a large amount of data that can reflect user behavior, which can be uploaded to the cloud , This is conducive to analyzing users' living habits and even physiological characteristics ; If you add social functions , Smart electric vehicles have become a social tool for every user . In fact, it is more important to drive safely , This is what everyone wants , Of course, you can achieve more advanced security performance in the future .


As a green and pollution-free intelligent electric vehicle , In the next period of time , The main thing to do may be to integrate into intelligent transportation . Achieve unified traffic scheduling through the Internet of things , In this way, both safety and solving urban traffic pressure will have a better table present . If the endurance problem of electric vehicles can be solved in the future , The charging base station can cover enough , It is not impossible for electric vehicles to ride hundreds of kilometers . Enough intelligent electric vehicles form a unique social network and intelligent transportation network , In fact, this is already a kind of smart car Ecology , This ecology, whether for the development of the industry or the use of users , It's of great significance .


Actually , The Mavericks' electric sales breakthrough is mentioned above 4 When the meaning of ten thousand , There's another important point I didn't say , That is the impact of this performance on the capital market . At present, the first upsurge of intelligent hardware has passed, leading to various media 、 Technology 、 When all capital is not optimistic about this industry , This number effectively counterattacks the saying that intelligent hardware has no way out . that , The saying of capital winter may not exist .


perhaps , Investors only see a large influx of smart hardware entrepreneurs . however , They forget people and the product itself . here , When sales break 4 Ten thousand likes , I don't know. It's an important festival for e-commerce all year round 11 What will the Mavericks achieve ?





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