If necessary, the mall will enlarge the recruitment and jointly launch the first online customized product with Geely Automobile

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necessary mall enlarge recruitment jointly


11 month 5 On the afternoon of Sunday , The necessary mall will be held in Beijing “ subversion · Return to ” press conference . Necessary shopping mall CEO Bi Sheng said at the press conference , If necessary, the mall will enter the automobile industry , And cooperate with Geely Group, the largest automobile enterprise in China , Sell customized Geely panda cool and interesting cars online . according to the understanding of , It is the first time in China to sell customized cars online .




If necessary, we can sell customized panda cars


Afternoon 2 spot 30 branch , Bi Sheng and Yang Xueliang, public relations director of Geely Group, were at the press conference , Jointly launch the opening ceremony of Geely panda cool fun car . this , The Geely panda cool and interesting car sold online in the mall , The price is 41999 Yuan Qi , front 66 Payers can enjoy 2000 Yuan discount , Then deduct 3000 Yuan state subsidy , just 36999 You can get it for yuan . In order to meet the personalized customization needs of consumers , Consumers can customize the body appearance and interior configuration , The appearance has 11 Color options , Include 8 Monochrome and 3 A two-color body with film , You can choose your own configuration 、 Automatic models , retrofitting 10 " pad Big screen, etc .


Yang Xueliang said , This is only the first step of cooperation between Geely and the necessary Mall , I hope to follow the cost-effective model in the future , Connect the car to the Internet + Breakthrough creation continues to deepen , In providing high quality 、 On the basis of high cost performance , Let the personalized needs of users be continuously met , For example, the lights can be set to the owner's name, etc .


Geely's first water test C2M Pattern


Bi Sheng told a story at the press conference “ And the story that Chairman Li Shufu had to tell ”.


Bi Sheng said , This year, 6 One day of the month , A headhunting company in Shanghai called him ,“ At first I thought I was helping Geely dig people , I said I didn't look for a job , Unexpectedly, the other party said that Li Shufu wanted to see me , Because you have to do well .” later , When Li Shufu came to Beijing on business , The two began to talk about cooperation , Geely decided to test the water necessary for the mall C2M Pattern , Let users directly connect to the car production line through the Internet , Self help determines the configuration of the car 、 Color and many other factors , The production line is completed in less than a month according to the needs of users , Then hand it over to the user .


After many negotiations , Both sides have positioned the on-line car in “ Young people's first car , The second family car ” Of A00 Class panda car , This car is Chinese A00 The only car with five-star safety collision standard in class a car , And multiple parts can be defined by users .


Subvert the traditional e-commerce model and do “ Short circuit economy ”


Bi Sheng said , As the world's first C2M Electronic business platform , It is subverting the traditional e-commerce model , The necessary mall is not a single e-commerce trading platform , But through C2M Of “ Short circuit economy ” Pattern , One end is connected to the manufacturer , One end is connected to the consumer , Short out the inventory 、 logistics 、 Total sales 、 Distribution and other links that can be short circuited , Cut all unnecessary costs .


The necessary mall will continue to uphold an idea , That is to return to the product quality itself , Each type of product needs to be produced by luxury goods or world-class manufacturers , Product quality must be best guaranteed , The price of the product is determined by “ Short circuit economy ” Return to cost price consumption , The manufacturer must accept the pricing system of the necessary Mall , As long as high profits are not cooperative .


After the car , If necessary, what else can the mall sell ? What exactly does the mall want to sell ? Bi Sheng said , All cost-effective products are in the necessary eyes , Since the necessary mall went online , Have been in contact with NIKE、PRADA、ARMANI、MAXMARA Cooperate with many luxury manufacturers , Launched men's shoes 、 Women's Shoes 、 glasses 、 Luggage and bags 、 Athletic Wear 、 Women's wear and other commodities ,“ As long as the product manufacturer can meet my three conditions , Everything can be brought ”.


The three conditions are : One 、 Must be a luxury manufacturer , Have their own flexible production chain ( The cost of flexible production chain transformation of each manufacturer is at least 5000 All the above ); Two 、 Must accept the necessary pricing system ( The price increase on the basis of manufacturing cost shall not exceed 20 element ); 3、 ... and 、 Must cooperate with the world's top design institutions .


Bi Sheng firmly believes that , Every industry can use the necessary “ Short circuit economy ” To transform , Let users live a dream of high-quality life , It will come soon .


According to the data released by the necessary mall yesterday , As of the end of last month , If the product pricing of the necessary mall is compared according to the existing market pricing , The necessary mall has saved the majority of consumers 2 One hundred million yuan .


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