From "Internet plus travel" to online car use

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Let me just say something

Uber I can't stop , Even if more and more people around the world stand Uber Opposite , Still can't stop it from moving forward . Essentially ,Uber、 sound of dripping water 、 Easy to 、 China and other car Software , All belong to “ Internet + Travel ” Project . However , By taxi 、 Special car 、 Can the internetlization of free ride and Valet driving business finally realize the internetlization of travel market ?


obviously , There are more gimmicks , Or it's a great wish of the taxi and carpool market . Because of the Internet + The ultimate solution to travel is the problem of urban transportation and human living environment , Online car use has really changed people's living habits , But it can't fundamentally solve the traffic congestion , It's not as good as Shanghai and other cities “ Back to the era of regular bus points ” The car reform policy is really .



From the Internet + Travel to online car



“ Internet + Travel “ Medium “+”, It's prediction 、 management 、 Connection and control , This is far from being changed by a few online cars that change the business model . The change in business model is trading 、 Changes in behavior such as payment , Cars or those cars , Still burn that amount of gasoline to recover oil and produce enough tail gas , There will still be PM2.5 Discharge and accumulation of , When it's time to get stuck in a traffic jam . No big data 、 The Internet of things 、 Intelligent driving 、 Technologies such as new energy vehicles , Basically, it is impossible to realize the real Internet + Travel , To realize this great ideal, the government must 、 merchants 、 Regulators and other parties work together to promote and develop . It's just , Now people see more special cars being fined , as well as Uber They are frequently caught in the news of fishing law enforcement .




from “ Internet + Travel ” To “ Internet + traffic ”( Several layers of connotation )



Introducing “ Internet + Travel ” Before , Let's talk first “ Internet + traffic ”. traffic , It is also the focus of the Internet “+” Agriculture 、 Government affairs and people's livelihood 、 education 、 traffic 、 Medical care 、 Restaurant 、 Life service 、 The real estate 、 One of the nine key areas such as finance .“ Internet + traffic ” That is, the Internet operation of traffic management , Is to use the Internet of things 、 big data 、 Cloud computing and other technologies to achieve transportation security 、 Forecasting and management .“ Internet + traffic ” It can improve transportation efficiency 、 Reduce logistics cost 、 Share transportation resources 、 Optimize the resource allocation of transportation, etc , For example, solve the problem of road congestion with big data . This model , It can revitalize the existing public resources , Build a new business model , Shaping a new ecosystem , And create new jobs , At the same time, it is more convenient for people to travel .


In this way , In terms of definition and problems to be solved ,“ Internet + traffic ” At least in terms of content “ Internet + Travel ”,“ Internet + automobile ” And the energy Internet . Energy Internet studies the development of new energy 、 Application and interconnection , It mainly solves the current energy waste 、 Energy conservation, pollution prevention and new energy utilization , This is closely related to the implementation of electric energy vehicles , Because cars are “ Internet + traffic ” Main content .“ Internet + automobile ” It can be understood as the combination of the Internet of vehicles and the automotive aftermarket , The automotive aftermarket can be regarded as the primary stage of the Internet of vehicles . as for “ Internet + Travel ”, That is, the smart travel talked about by local governments , Is part of the smart city , It's also “ Internet +” Specific performance in urban transportation .


Different cities are right “ Internet + Travel ” Their understanding is also different , But in general, smart travel is built on a digital transportation system 、 Efficient adaptation of big data analysis platform and mobile Internet . People and all kinds of transportation 、 Connect information sources together , A comprehensive solution to achieve efficient matching and humanized services , System category except aviation 、 Outside the railway , Including taxis 、 Business car rental 、 A comprehensive system integrating business cars and public transport . For example, Tianjin has built “ Two systems 、 Two platforms ” To achieve smart travel , Qingdao is pushing smart bus , Based on historical operational data 、 Passenger flow data and real-time road conditions , Optimize the departure scheme through big data analysis , It can effectively improve the punctuality rate of buses .


Under the “ Internet + Travel ” The current situation of online vehicles under the banner


At present, the media basically think that online car use is “ Internet + Travel ” Form of expression , It's really a little one-sided , Online car use can only be regarded as “ Internet + Travel ” A small part of , Is to realize the Internet of taxi and car Hailing , In essence, it has not changed the current situation of the industry , It also grabbed a share of the taxi and car rental market , It has had a great impact on the original market pattern . At present, the online car market is not perfect , Third party regulation is not involved , Although it has developed for a long time , But it's still in its infancy , The pattern and market share will still change greatly in the future . So far, , At ease 、 Dripping fast 、 Shenzhou renting a car 、UberPP Car rental 、E Agency driving and other more vertical online vehicle enterprises , The strategy of some companies is still to spend money on the market . a certain extent , Some businesses spend money on subsidies in exchange for a temporary market share , It is sad uber The foreign monk is also reading Chinese scriptures .


For some situations existing in the current market , Here are some simple examples . as follows :


  • Trapped in the strange circle of car mending , Whose money was burned ? Throwing money for bullet train compensation has become the main promotion means of online taxi , How long can money burn ? Can the market share without burning be guaranteed ? How to promote ?

  • The driver complained frequently , The subsidy given is to change to the driver's subsidy . The author has communicated with the special car driver for many times , They all think that the starting price given by the taxi software is what they deserve , It's equivalent to taking out the driver's income to supply users .

  • Malignant brushing is serious , Some of the subsidies are “ play ” no . A long time ago , Some people specialize in how to brush bills , Many drivers take advantage of loopholes to earn money for bills , This is not a good phenomenon , Some subsidies for some software have been brushed away by the driver .

  • More and more special cars , The traffic pressure is not reduced . More drivers are pouring into the market , Some even buy cars or more cars to do this business , It didn't slow down the traffic pressure as envisaged by the taxi and special bus Software .

  • Moved the cheese in the taxi market , All forces play a game . Recently, there was an incident in Luoyang, Henan province that a taxi blocked a taxi software company , It well illustrates the conflict between online vehicles and taxi companies , This is actually an online car 、 Taxi company 、 A game process of government and related parts , There will certainly be greater changes in the pattern of online car use in the future .


Is the free ride mode more suitable for smart travel


The above describes the current situation of smart travel and online vehicles , It has to be said that software such as taxi and special bus has changed people's way of life and travel , As for the changes of traffic conditions and human living environment, it takes a long time for all parties to change . in fact , Viagra wrote this article more to explore the relationship between online car use and smart travel , How can the two better develop harmoniously , To promote the overall progress of the industry and society . If online car use is the transformation and upgrading form of taxi and special car industry , How to use “ Internet +” Integrate the taxi industry and upgrade to the form of online car , It needs to be studied .


In the smart car and various online car modes , I have to mention the free ride , It is not exempt to mention easy to reach . By free ride , Users can carpool to work 、 Carpooling , This is to advocate environmental travel 、 One of the most economical sharing methods to save resources , This is also the content of smart city and smart travel being promoted in China . As the largest special vehicle travel platform in China , Easy to take the lead in all the software to launch a free ride , It is easy to realize the long-term research on online car use and the determination to promote shared hitchhiking , You know, other software is still crazy in the process of throwing money into car subsidies .


It should be said , Online car use is a very good business model to change human life style , But in China's brutal operation mode of crazy spending money and promotion , This market is particularly bloody . It's just , Chinese businesses, especially Internet businesses, like to play with concepts ,“ Internet + Travel ” This concept has become the crown word in the field of online vehicles .


“ Internet + Travel ” The content of is not expressed in the field of online car use , And online cars don't mean “ Internet + Travel ”.










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