Talk about the "pre intelligent era" of bicycles. Are bicycles intelligent or intelligent bicycles?

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talk pre intelligent era bicycles.
Let me just say something



I met Lao Liu of rookie technology last year , Recently, Lao Liu's bicycle intelligent hardware “ bird egg ” Projects are frequently reported , Beijing activities meet again , This paper discusses its new project and its views on riding Ecology .


At the beginning of the project , Lao Liu invited many senior riders to participate in the closed beta , Constant iteration and optimization , Welcome JD crowdfunding with the participation and suggestions of riders . To be honest , I'm a real “ Like sports but lazy in action ” Sports enthusiasts , Travel basically depends on the subway and legs , The only bike has been in my hometown for many years . But when Lao Liu mentioned that his products can intelligentize all models of bicycles , I'm still a little excited , I have the desire to buy another bike . Of course, it's not buying a smart bike with speculation concept , But buy giante 、 Permanent and other brands of ordinary variable speed bicycles .




Talk about bicycles “ Pre intelligent era ” Intelligent bicycle or intelligent bicycle ?




Have to say , In recent years , The city is flooded with cars 、 Traffic jam , Plus environmental pollution , More and more people choose the convenience of cycling 、 Low carbon 、 A healthy way to travel . In outdoor sports , Bicycles have always been a great choice for cyclists . Cycling has long broken through the traditional meaning , Become environmentally friendly 、 green 、 A healthy lifestyle , This can be felt from the online bicycle route navigation on Baidu map . A better lifestyle requires industrial upgrading , In the current trend that all kinds of hardware and equipment may be intelligent , The intellectualization of bicycles is also imminent .


However , Is smart bike just conceptual hype ? Which is more suitable for intelligent bicycle or intelligent bicycle ? These problems are worth discussing . Viagra's thinking is still more inclined to the intelligence of bicycle , If there is a real era of smart bicycles , We might as well call this stage the of bicycles “ Pre intelligent era ”.



n Intelligent bicycle or intelligent bicycle ?


Should it be intelligent bicycle or intelligent bicycle ? This is a question worth discussing . What do you buy a bike for ? Why buy a bike ? Actually , Many smart bikes that look awesome have a lot of functions , In fact, many functions are not used , Or many anti-human functions that bicycle users don't want to use . Or say , The most awesome bicycle is also a bicycle , Still can't compare with a car , It is unrealistic to increase the speed to the same speed as a car , Wind and rain still suffer from bad weather .


therefore , Bicycle in intelligent function selection , You can use that sentence “ You are the only one for me in this multifarious world ” To express . Design only takes the most commonly used functions , Users only access the required functions , It's just OK 了 . Too many functions will even make the bicycle lose its essence , Riding naturally becomes boring . Bicycle 、 Electric cars 、 The motorcycle 、 Cars have their own functions , Business can cross borders , Product cross-border doesn't make much sense , Will eventually become four different . The product only needs to find its own user group , Make a positioning for your users , Meet the needs of these users , Or solve the existing user pain points .



n Should users buy smart bicycles or bike hardware ?


If the smart bike you buy can't meet your needs , Or you don't want to spend a lot of money to buy a smart bike that you don't know whether the experience is good or not , Why not buy a smart bike hardware to fit your bike ? Intelligent bicycle is not easy to do , Even Apple's ibike Up to now, mass production has not been realized .


however Through the adaptation of intelligent hardware , Networking bicycles and data collection , It can be done . Under this logic , Products like riding encounter intelligent riding system of rookie technology were born , It is from “ bird egg ” Smart riding companion and “ Riding encounter ”APP Together, . It is said that , This product can adapt to all models on the market , And can accurately record the user's riding data , Data can be stored in cloud , It can be quickly transmitted to riding experience anytime, anywhere APP On , You can also share with each other . such , Riders don't need to change cars , Just hang up this little hardware , Can achieve intelligence . Intelligent riding should be like this to make riding more convenient 、 More interesting , Instead of damaging the user's riding experience , Just for the sake of intelligence .



n The benefits of intelligent and digital bicycle



One might ask what are the benefits of bicycle networking and digitization ? This naturally involves the upgrading of the whole bicycle industry . After the intelligent bicycle , First, a large amount of riding data can be formed , This data contains the user's health data , Therefore, riding data can exist as a user's health index .


Industry insiders believe that the upgrading of the bicycle industry lies in the popularity of intelligent bicycles , But the popularity of smart bicycles will take a long time . From the current situation of the industry , On the one hand, the intelligent bicycle vehicle of the Internet company has not produced any products , On the other hand, it seems very impractical , Not to mention the quality , The functions of the whole vehicle are basically no different from those of ordinary bicycles after installing intelligent hardware , In this case, is it necessary to sell smart bicycles ? in addition , You can't let a cyclist with a bike , Give up your car and buy a brand new bike that you don't know what experience , It is also impossible to replace all existing bicycles with smart bicycles in a short time , This will also be a great waste of resources . At a very low price, bicycles of thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan can become intelligent bicycles that can be connected to the Internet , This is what most riders need .



n What kind of smart bike do Chinese people need


With the enhancement of people's health awareness , Cycling is being accepted by more and more people . Compared with the past , The bicycle market is getting bigger and bigger , At the same time, there are more and more kinds of bicycles , With intelligence 、 There are more and more bicycles with the concepts of anti-theft and new materials , Naturally, the price is getting higher and higher . But do people really need bicycles with so many concepts and functions ? Combined with the current travel mode of people and various riding Ecology , Intelligent bicycle is obviously the demand of more cyclists . therefore , Choose a suitable bike intelligent hardware , Make your bike intelligent , It can also be regarded as the just need of this crowd .


From bicycle intelligent hardware “ bird egg ” And matching APP“ Riding encounter ” Look at , A good riding hardware should have the following characteristics :


  • Accurate data collection . It has the function of automatically recording riding data , It can record the speed in real time 、 The mileage 、 Time 、 Calories and other data , And can digitally display .

  • Convenient real-time interaction . All data can be completely stored and quickly transmitted to app, Finally, no traffic can pass through Bluetooth ble4.0 transmission . It would be better if it could intelligently help riders make exercise plans .

  • Super long endurance . The lower the power consumption, the better , The longer the endurance, the better , Where there is no need to consume electricity, there is no need to design a circuit structure . bluetooth BLE Technology is the best choice , It can make its battery life up to half a year .

  • Innovative hardware networking . Intelligent hardware can be connected to each other and have social functions , The user information in the same area can be displayed in the riding intelligent riding system ; meanwhile , Users can publish and join activities , Team up with riders ; On the ride , Voice intercom anytime, anywhere .

  • Timely safety warning . Chip and sensor shall be built in the product , It can sense the distance between the user and the bicycle , And can automatically lock 、 Unlock , Monitoring all the time . Once the bike is stolen , Alerts can be sent immediately to the user . The user accidentally fell and hurt during riding , It can automatically contact its preset contact number to send SOS.


“ bird egg ” Smart riding companion 7 month 7 Jingdong crowdfunding was opened on the th , The crowdfunding price is only 49 element , Riders who try smart cycling can experience .


We say technology changes life , The current era of mobile Internet , It is intelligent hardware that changes the state of the industry . although “ bird egg ” Very small . But what it brings is “ Riding ” Internet based activities , This small hardware will play an important role in people's life . Rookie Technology “ Cycling Ecology ” Will also be for bicycles 、 traffic 、 Security and other industries make greater contributions .








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