What's the difference between the free ride and didi

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difference free ride didi
Let me just say something






Jiyidao's car is in 5 month 21 After the free ride day was launched , Didi is also fast 5 month 22 Didi express press conference was held on the th , Obviously , Didi express is a competitive product for easy to get free ride . The free ride made didi follow up and release a similar product in such a hurry , This shows the importance it attaches to this product , It also shows its sensitivity to free riding .


Although the two businesses launched similar free ride products one day apart , Just from the reaction of friends and netizens around to the use experience of Yidao free ride and didi express , There are obvious differences between the two products . The key words that friends give the most free ride are “ Good car 、 Excellent service 、 It's free ”, The comment on didi express is “ It's like a special car 、 Free time is too short 、 There are too few coupons ” Other keywords . From the user's attitude towards the two products , Basically, we can see the obvious differences in the services behind the two products .



It's also a free ride Easy to be different from didi


Maybe most people claim subsidies to didi 10 It's a little surprising that Yi is only free one day a week , At the same time, it will also be surprised that there is no subsidy for small accessible vehicles, but it can be free for unlimited time . What exactly is a free ride ? What's the difference between a free ride and an express ? What impact does the emergence of free riding have on the industry ?



It's also a free car What's the difference between the two


This easy to first launch didi rapid follow-up “ Free ride ” competition , Both sides have also changed the way people travel . The two are different in mode , If didi quickly changed the way of taking a taxi , Easy access has changed the way of life , This is from easy to car 5.21 Proposed by the national free ride day “ A ride should be free ” The slogan can be seen . The introduction of the concept of free ride , Guide drivers and users' cognition of public welfare vehicles , It can reflect the in-depth study of the car market and the grasp of the future trend .

These two market positioning and different free ride modes for user groups , Viagra thinks there are the following differences .


  • First , Easy to do is different from carpooling , It's a ride . There is an essential difference between hitchhiking and carpooling , Hitchhiking is to complete a journey free of charge with the consent of the owner , Carpooling is the people involved in carpooling AA Make and pay taxi payment , The cost sharing is reduced .

  • secondly , In mode , What is easy to do and what is called for in North America Carpool Free ride mode . It's a model that can travel around the country by car , So that hitchhikers don't have to stop on the road , This is closer to public welfare . Didi's fast is more like a limited time free car .

  • Third , In a free way . Easy to reach users do not need coupons , As long as through the “ Free ride ” Successfully booked a trip , You can enjoy free bus service . Didi's fast ride is based on “ Express Business ”, Users can only enjoy the service every Monday , Each passenger 、 Only twice a day 15 A single free opportunity of yuan .

  • Fourth , On the model . Easy to “ Free ride ” The service is applicable to all models , Like Volvo S60L、 audi A6L、 tesla 、 BMW, Mercedes Benz, etc , It will be open to the whole people all day .


Competing to launch free rides Several impacts on the industry


For didi fast , On the second day after easy to get a free taxi on the line, the free express came on the line , This is the same as when the special car was launched at that time . Obviously , As long as the industry has a model , Didi will soon involve , be plenty of “ Follow the path of others , Let others have no way ” The style of . And its crazy smash 10 The promotion of 100 million yuan vehicle subsidy is also quite barbaric and violent , It's really hard to say without strong capital support , The original didi and Kuai led the way to burn money and grab the market , Now even foreign monks Uber Also fell into this strange circle . The countervailing mode of easy to get a free ride is an inspiration to the industry , A good business model should be able to promote the upgrading and development of the whole industry , Instead of burning money and resources with an increasingly fierce price war , This is also one of the reasons for the easy anti price war .


Easy to take the lead in launching free rides , It will have a certain impact on the industry , This is mainly manifested in the following aspects .


  1. Easy to realize free ride , Didi fast follow-up free car , The two major enterprises in the industry do free , So China rent a car 、Uber、PP Will car rental follow up and offer free ? If you follow up , It is easy to “ A ride should be free ” The ideal of . At the same time, the whole industry realizes free ride , It can also improve the effect of energy conservation and emission reduction and the quality of life of citizens .

  2. If easy enough to successfully lead the whole industry to take a free ride , At present, the price war in the industry to burn money and grab market share by relying on capital will not be so fierce . This also provides businesses with a completely different way of development : In the future, the acquisition of users depends entirely on technology and innovation ability , Instead of relying on financial resources , This is beneficial to the further upgrading of the whole industry .

  3. Even if didi dares to smash wildly 10 Billion , But there are not enough high-quality vehicles like easy to reach vehicles , Even most of its free express trains are special cars to work part-time . Easy to use vehicles are well prepared and have resources , From its free strength 、 The business model and its promotion mode can reflect . This also proves the feasibility that the industry can make a single breakthrough by virtue of its resource advantages , Other businesses should follow suit .

  4. If more businesses implement such a pure free mode , At the same time, it will also accelerate didi express to give up the free way of the current time limit . So as to force the real free of charge of the whole industry , Then the free era of the car industry will really come .


From the product structure, it is easy to see Different from other modes


Didi fast's current products include taxis 、 Special car 、 Free ride and free express just launched , It includes all the current online taxi products , It can be said to be a taxi integrated travel service platform . Yidao's current products only have special cars and free rides , From its products and cooperation channels , In the future, it is likely to develop into a special collection car 、 Hitchhiking 、 Substitute driving 、 Business ecology of self driving and test driving .


Easy to get special bus needless to say , It is currently recognized as a high-quality special vehicle platform ; Free ride first on the line , We have to let didi express launch similar products to compete with didi express ; Before , Easy to access “ Micro driving ”, Yes, except for “e Substitute driving ” The largest Valet product outside ; It has developed... In Beijing “ Easy to get to the bus ”, It's an attempt to commute ; meanwhile , Yi Dao is developing a product called “ your esteemed presence ” Of App, Specifically provide test drive experience for seed users who buy cars . besides , Yi Dao also intervened in the field of car making , With Chery 、 Botai joint venture R & D and production of new energy vehicles ; Even entered the field of automotive financial services , Established in cooperation with Haier Industrial Finance “ Haiyi travel ”, This is also seen as its layout in the automotive aftermarket .


Whether it's a special bus 、 Free ride , Or a taxi for a taxi , These products represent business models that can change the way of human life . Although the model is innovative , The business promotion method of throwing money and burning money has never changed , China's market always has heroes who burn money and shed blood , But what happens when the money burns out ? Under the overall situation of crazy capital crushing , Easy to use vehicles that never participate in the price war took the lead in launching an innovative free ride mode , This is the result of its long-term attention to users and Research on the industry , It is a well deserved leader in the free ride mode .


From taxi 、 Special car 、 Take the express to the free ride , In terms of business model and user experience , Free ride is the best product at present , It is also the ultimate model of the industry advocated by Yi Dao . The core meaning of this ultimate model is , It's not just changing the way people travel , Changed people's way of life .


I hope that the era of free ride in the whole industry led by easy to use vehicles , Can come quickly .






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