Internet plus parking car park ecology

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internet parking car park ecology
Let me just say something


Parking lot is also a small but large market , I don't know how high the parking fees are in the parking lots of first tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen . Some parking fees can even be as high as more than ten yuan an hour , Parking alone costs... Every day 100 above . Even two 、 The fee for toll parking in third tier cities , Also have to reach tens of dollars a day .


After the implementation of the contract system in commercial parking lots , Chinese people basically have no place for free parking . There is no way , Because big cities are places with many people and few resources , in these parts , Time and place have become consumer resources . The purpose of commercialization of parking lot is to improve the service and management level of the whole industry , But once an industry is commercialized , With the emergence of various additional and value-added services , The cost will be higher and higher . The main contradiction reflected by parking places is that parking is inconvenient and parking fees are too high , Therefore, this industry also needs Internet , Also need to work with “ Internet +” Fusion .




Internet + Parking e Dai Bo's “ Parking lot ecology ”


Are there any parking products combined with the Internet ? The answer is yes . More active recently e Dai Po is such a project , First of all 2 month A Round of financing succeeded ; Also in 4 In January, the valet parking service brand was officially released “e Dai Bo ” And synchronized on-line independent APP“e Dai Bo ”; Then he cooperated with Ping An insurance to develop new types of insurance “ Agency risk ”. This project starts from 2014 year 4 From January to this year 2 The month is less than 10 Two rounds of financing were completed in three months , What makes it so popular with investment institutions ?



“ Internet + Parking ” It is necessary for the development of the industry



e Agent park can be regarded as a “ Internet + The parking lot ” Project , The Internet of parking lot is in line with the development direction of smart city and smart transportation . From the perspective of industrial transformation and upgrading , At present, the of parking lots in China is still in a relatively primitive state ,e The emergence of projects such as valet parking has solved the problem of Internet parking . What are the benefits of the Internet industry ? Internet means data and interface , In the future, these parking lots can be connected to intelligent transportation and other platforms through Internet or Internet of things technology , Implement data sharing . For the time being , The conditional large parking lot has realized the intellectualization and monitoring on the entrance and exit placket 、 Digitization of payment , Security monitoring has also been networked . However, more small and medium-sized parking lots can not realize the Internet , You need to join e Park this kind of parking platform or cooperate with it .


Another meaning is ,“ Internet + The parking lot ” Project , It is a direction of upgrading and transformation of the more traditional parking lot industry . A large number of parking lots need to be Internet , In order to better connect with the whole smart transportation and even the smart city . In the future, unmanned driving in a more perfect network of vehicles , Data based 、 Intelligent 、 An interactive parking platform is required .e The emergence of platforms such as daibo is “ Internet +” The development of integration industry is inevitable , There will be more such platforms in the future , In order to further complete the task of the Internet of the whole industry .


“ Internet + Parking ” The essence is “ Parking lot ecology ”


The commercialization of parking lot has improved its overall management level , The Internet of parking lot improves the service level .e The emergence of Dai Bo solves the problem of users driving to the hospital 、 The demand for finding parking lots in shopping malls and other places . in other words , After the user drives the car to the designated place , Everything about the car can be left alone , Just give it to e Just the staff of the parking agent . therefore , In business model ,e Dai Po will do a lot in the future , In the period after the user calls them the car , You can wash the car and take the car for maintenance .e Valet occupies the chassis of the parking lot , That is to say, it has occupied the post market of automobile maintenance 、 maintenance 、 Wash the car 、 Main places for beauty and other services .


In the future, whether e Daibo still cooperates to do these services through channels , It's all right . There is another important point , adopt e Car owners and cars can leave a lot of data , These data include data on car owners and cars , By studying these data, we can analyze some of the owner's behavior . Of course ,e In addition to providing parking services, valet parking can also cooperate with all surrounding businesses , Can recommend and advise car owners to go to some commercial places for consumption , This is the behavior of shopping guide .


After buying a car, all about car maintenance 、 The big market for maintenance and other services is the automotive aftermarket , Then the consumer behavior of car owners and car owners after parking is the market after parking . This market mainly studies all the economic behaviors associated with car owners after parking , For example, eating 、 entertainment 、 Business communication and other behaviors will constitute a certain economic consumption . The solution is for car owners to get rid of “ That's ok ” Outside the clothes 、 food 、 The problem of living , Restaurant 、 accommodation 、 entertainment 、 Business and other industries can connect with this market , To form a “ Parking lot ecology ”.



e The parking lot of daibo is ecological What pain points have been solved ?


As “ Internet + Parking ” The first product in the industry ,e First of all, it solves the problem that users can't find a parking lot , This is different from the recommended parking lot for map products , The map just gives car owners the choice of multiple parking lots ,e Agent parking is to find the nearby parking lot and place an order directly , When the owner arrives at the parking lot, he just gives the car to the staff and doesn't care about anything . The former solves the problem of finding a parking lot , The latter solves the problem of how to park after finding the parking lot .


Essentially , Such projects solve the problem of human time waste . As we all know, this is an era of time fragmentation , The cost of time wasted by everyone is very huge . It's not a big deal to find a parking lot and a parking space , Sometimes it takes a lot of time , Make an appointment in advance and park on behalf of the staff , You can save this part of time to do other things . Parking can realize automatic parking in the future , At present, it can not be realized technically , But it can be achieved through a business model . meanwhile ,e This mode of substitute parking also increases the parking safety factor of cars to a certain extent , amount to e Parking for car owners .


say concretely ,e The user and social significance brought by agency parking can be reflected in the following aspects :


  • Save users' time management cost .e The biggest problem to be solved is the high cost of parking time for urban users , at present , Its intervention scenario has expanded from the initial third class hospital to business activities 、 Important meetings 、 Banquets and other scenes , It can greatly solve the pain point of not finding parking spaces in these scenes , Solve the user's time cost .

  • Expand the activity space of car owners . Many travelers are worried about the cost of parking and the lack of parking space , There are usually obvious “ Fixed point travel consumption ” Tendency .“e Dai Bo ” Appearance , Greatly improve the comfort and security of users traveling in unfamiliar cities , Every business center near the parking lot will become a place for these car owners to patronize .

  • Improve the utilization of private cars . Many user groups who are sensitive to the convenience of travel and parking , In a particular scenario , Will give up the use of private cars , Some car owners will choose valet service .“e Dai Bo ” Such a parking service can Improve the utilization rate of private cars of these customers , So as to improve the car purchase efficiency of these customers , It will also promote the overall social demand for vehicle purchase .

  • Car butler service . In China, , There are more services that can be covered in the scope of car housekeeper . One “ Car steward ” A service provider , Through the collection of comprehensive data , In combination with the big data provided or accumulated by users . For travel destination 、 Nature of travel 、 Route , Provide the best travel scheme and service in the shortest time . Such as Dai bo — Add oil — Wash the car — On the return trip — Charging and other services , This will be e The final business model of agency parking .


I believe the above is right e Industry analysis of agency parking , You know why it's in 10 The reason for being continuously invested in the past three months .e Valet parking does more than just change users' travel , In the future, a huge parking lot ecology will be formed , This will have to let the investment institutions led by China Ping An Group focus on .1600 Ten thousand A There are not many rounds of financing , It's enough e Dai Po went to lay out its ecology .


Last month, ,e The agency has cooperated with Ping An insurance to launch “ Agency risk ”, It means ,e Agency parking has become an internet financial window . The future development , It's limitless .

expect ,e Agent parking will improve the ecology of its parking lot as soon as possible , It will be more convenient for people to travel .







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