Spy photo of domestic Benz EQA with dual motor 4WD system

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spy photo domestic benz eqa

[ Car home Domestic spy photos ]  recently , We got a group of domestic Mercedes Benz EQA Real car photos . The new car is positioned as a compact pure electric vehicle SUV, Equipped with dual motor 4WD system , It will be produced by Beijing Benz . Domestic Benz EQA This year 4 At the Shanghai auto show in June , The exposure of real car pictures indicates that it should not be far from the time when the new car goes on the market .

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EQA The appearance of the continues GLA Design style of , And more motorized elements , Such as closed network 、 Open corner headlights and other design elements to highlight its identity as a new energy vehicle . The air vents on both sides of the front surround enhance the sportiness of the new car to a certain extent . The horizontal lines of the lower air intake grille further enhance the visual width of the front face . Body size , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4463/1834/1624mm, The wheelbase is 2729mm.

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EQA The rear of the car adopts a through tail lamp design , High visual recognition at night , A large number of smooth curves are used to outline the interior of the lamp cavity , Presents a good sense of elegance and hierarchy . motivation , The new car will use the front and rear dual motors as the power source , The maximum power of the front motor reaches 150kW, The maximum power of the rear motor is 70kW. New cars will carry 70.5kWh Ternary lithium ion battery pack , stay CLTC(China Light-duty vehicle Test Cycle, China Light Vehicle test cycle ) The next range is expected to exceed 500km. In case of fast charging , The new car is powered by 10% Charge to 80% Time consuming to 45 minute .( writing / Car home Chang Qinglin )

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