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[ Car home information ]  recently , We learned from the Internet , Jinhua lingpao new energy auto parts Technology Co., Ltd. was established , The company is established by Zhejiang lingpao Technology Co., Ltd 100% holding .

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Display according to relevant enterprise information , The legal representative of Jinhua lingpao new energy auto parts Technology Co., Ltd. is Zhu Jiangming , The registered capital 2 RMB 100 million , The scope of business includes : Battery manufacturing 、 Battery sales 、 Motor manufacturing 、 Research and development of motor and its control system and integration of intelligent control system .

 Zero car Zero run C11 2021 paragraph Performance Edition

As a new force in recent years, electric vehicle enterprises , Does the establishment of parts technology company mean that Zero run will make full efforts ?2020 end of the year , Zhu Jiangming, chairman of Zero run automobile, issued an internal letter , Summed up the Zero run car in the past 5 Achievements in , And put forward a new “5 Annual plan ”. He said : Zero running car 2023 In, he entered a new force TOP 3,2025 To obtain the domestic new energy vehicle market 10% Market share of .

And in the 2021 year 7 month , Zero run shares the future with suppliers 3 year (2022-2024 year ) Product planning , Including cars 、SUV、MPV Wait for many models , The launch speed is... Per year 2-3 Rhythm of style . at present , Zero run car has zero run S01、 Zero run T03、 Zero run C11 Three models are on sale , Just past 7 month , Zero run reaped 6540 Order quantity of units .( writing / Car home Ma Aijun )

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